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All abstracts by Martin Zimmer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Fluoride Circulation from Geothermal Fluids to Surface Waters and in Volcanic Rocks of the Aluto Volcanic Complex (Ethiopia)
Regenspurg S, Virchow L, Wilke F, Zimmer M, Joilie E, Hachenberger A, Yirgu G & Filfilu E

(2020) Is it Moving? – The Occurrence and Migration of Gas in Salt Rocks
Strauch B, Zimmer M & Zirkler A

(2016) Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer Analysis of CO2 Reveals Preferential Flow Pathways in Geological Storage Site
Van Geldern R, Nowak M, Zimmer M, Szizybalski A, Myrttinen A, Barth J & Jost H

(2013) Gas Geochemistry of Spring Waters along the Alpine Fault, NZ
Niedermann S, Zimmer M, Erzinger J, Cox SC, Menzies CD & Teagle DA

(2013) Gas Analysis at a Geothermal Facility: On-Line Monitoring Above Ground and Measurements in the Borehole
Feldbusch E, Wiersberg T, Zimmer M, Francke H & Regenspurg S

(2012) Elevated Crustal CO2 Liberation at Merapi Volcano: Linking Rock-, Mineral- and Gas-Geochemistry
Troll V, Deegan F, Jolis E, Hilton D, Chadwick J, Blythe L, Freda C, Schwarzkopf L, Gertisser R & Zimmer M

(2011) Crustal CO2 Liberation at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia: An Earthquake Trigger?
Troll V, Hilton D, Jolis EM, Chadwick J, Schwarz-Kopf L, Zimmer M, Blythe L & Deegan F

(2006) Magma-crust interaction at Merapi volcano, Indonesia: geochemical insights into volcano behaviour
Troll V, Chadwick J, Schwarzkopf L, Zimmer M, Gertisser R & Sulistiyo Y

(2005) Central America Arc Volatiles: along- and Across- Arc Variations
Fischer T, Hilton D, Elkins L, Shaw A, Zimmer M, Takahata N & Sano Y

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