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All abstracts by Anastasia Yanchilina in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Characterization of Silicate Minerals in Alfalfa, Maaz Unit of Jezero Crater Floor, Mars
Yanchilina A, Morris RV, Schmidt M, Corpolongo A, Jakubek R, Van Hoesen D, Murphy A, Sharma S, Smith RJ, Steele A, Hollis J, Uckert K, Bleefeld B, Wu MK, Burton A, Lee CH, Lopez-Reyes G, Pedersen DAK, Bhartia R, Minitti ME & Sobron P

(2023) Provenance and Diagenesis of Martian Sedimentary Rocks in the Jezero Crater Delta Front from Microscale Observations by the Mars 2020 PIXL Instrument
Hurowitz J, Tice MM, Allwood A, Cable M, Bosak T, Broz A, Caravaca G, Clark BC, Dehouck E, Fairen AG, Gomez F, Grotzinger JP, Gupta S, Johnson JR, Kah LC, Kalucha H, Labrie J, Li AY, Mandon L, Núñez J, Pedersen DAK, Poulet F, Randazzo N, Scheller EL, Schmidt M, Shuster DL, Siebach K, Siljeström S, Simon JI, Tosca NJ, Treiman A, VanBommel SJ, Wade LA, Williford KH & Yanchilina A

(2020) Reconstructing Cenozoic Sea Surface Temperatures from Biogenic opal-A δ18O
Yanchilina A, Yam R & Shemesh A

(2019) Maturation Pathways of Amorphous Opal in Clay and Carbonate Rich Environments in Deep Sea Sediments Indicated by Silica δ18O
Yanchilina A, Yam R, Kolodny Y & Shemesh A

(2018) Tracing the Evolution of Biogenic Opal to Porcellanite and Chert with δ18O in Deep Sea Sediments
Yanchilina A, Yam R & Shemesh A

(2010) The Role of Abyssal Ocean Circulation in Abrupt Climate Changes in the Past
McManus J, Yan B, Yanchilina A, Major C, Toledo F & Eglinton T

(2009) Geochemical Evidence for the Climatic Impact of Ocean Circulation
McManus J, Yanchilina A, Major C & Eglinton T

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