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All abstracts by Stephen J. Barnes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The Use of Micro-Characterisation Techniques to Link the Genesis of the Noril’sk Giant Ni Ore Deposits and the Earth’s Largest Mass Extinction Event
Le Vaillant M, Barnes SJ, Mungall JE & Mungall EL

(2018) Tracing Early Earth Differentiation with 142Nd
Wainwright AN, Debaille V, Pourkhorsandi H, Zincone SA, Mole DR, Barnes SJ, Maas R & Guice G

(2016) Plume-Lithosphere Interaction Through Time
Weronika G, Mole D & Barnes S

(2016) Investigation of Metal Associations in the Metal- Rich Black Shales of the Niutitang Formation in the Context of the Cambrian Explosion
Pages A, Barnes S, Schmid S, Le Vaillant M, Patterson D, Ryan C, Fan H & Wen H

(2016) Evolution of the Early Continents and Localisation of Ni-Cu-Pge Systems
Mole D, Fiorentini M, Kirkland C, Barnes S, McCuaig C, Cassidy K, Belousova E, Romano S & Doublier M

(2016) Advances in Understanding Ore Deposits in Mafic/Ultramafic Rocks
Prichard H, Mondal S & Barnes S

(2015) Upward Transport of S, Cu and Au in Magmas by Flotation of Sulphide Melt on Vapour Bubbles
Mungall J, Brenan J, Godel B, Barnes S & Gaillard F

(2014) Transfer of S, Cu and Au to Felsic Magmas by Flotation of Sulfide Melt on Vapor Bubbles
Mungall J, Brenan J, Godel B & Barnes S

(2013) Speciation and Thermodynamic Properties of Palladium Chloride and Bisulfide Complexes: Insights from Experiments and ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Mei Y, Seward TM, Brugger J, Barnes SJ & Fiorentini ML

(2013) Microstructural Control on Trace Element Diffusion in Pyrrhotite from Komatiite Hosted Massive Ni Sulphides, Yilgarn Craton
Vukmanovic Z, Reddy S, Godel B, Barnes S, Fiorentini M & Barnes S-J

(2013) Downward Injection of Sulfide Slurries: Their Role in the Formation of Ni Sulfide Deposits
Arndt N, Barnes S, Robertson J, Lesher M & Cruden S

(2013) Evidence of Sulfur Degassing in Komatiite-Hosted Ni-Pge Ores
Caruso S, Moroni M, Isaac C, Fiorentini ML, Barnes SJ, Wing B & Cliff J

(2013) Archean Andesites as Products of Plume/Crust Interaction?
Barnes S, Isaac C & Fiorentini M

(2011) Microprospecting for Platinum Group Minerals by X-Ray Fluorescence Mapping Using the Maia Detector
Barnes S, Godel B & Ryan C

(2011) Chalcophile Elements in Magmas and Magmatic Sulfide Deposits: can We see the Mantle Signals?
Barnes S, Maier W & Fiorentini M

(2010) PGE in Mantle Nodules from the Newer Volcanics, Victoria: Sulfide Control during Mantle Melting
Keays R, Barnes S, Godel B & Ryan C

(2009) Tectonostratigraphic Controls on the Localization of Archaean Komatiite-Hosted Nickel-Sulphide Deposits and Camps in the Yilgarn Craton
Thebaud N, Fiorentini M, McCuaig C, Miller J, Barnes S, Joly A & Doublier M

(2009) Komatiite Magmas and Nickel Sulfide Deposits: A Comparison of Variably Endowed Terranes
Barnes S, Lesher M, Burnham M & Fiorentini M

(2009) In situ Laser Ablation ICP-MS Analysis of Ruthenium in Chromite
Locmelis M, Pearson NJ, Fiorentini ML & Barnes SJ

(2009) Global Variability in the Platinum-Group Element Contents of Komatiites
Fiorentini M, Barnes S, Maier W & Heggie G

(2005) Predicting Phosphate Saturation in Silicate Magmas: An Experimental Study of the Effects of Melt Composition and Temperature
Tollari N, Toplis M & Barnes S

(2005) Transport of Au, Platinum-Group Elements, Ni and Cu in a S-Vapor
Barnes S, Peregoedova A & Baker D

(2005) Insitu Analysis of Os and Pb Isotope Ratios Using Laser Ablation and Collision-Cell Quadrupol ICP-MS
Cox R & Barnes S

(2002) Decoupled Hybrid Boundary Layers at the Base of Komatiite Lava Pathways: Omnipresent Components of Actively Eroding Lava Pathways
Dowling SE, Hill R, Barnes S & Thordarson T

(2002) Emplacement of Komatiite Flow Fields: An Inflationary Model Based on Field Evidence and Modern Mafic Analogues
Hill R, Barnes S, Dowling S, Perring C & Thordarson T

(2002) Bimodal Komatiite-Dacite Volcanism in the Black Swan Area, Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone Belt, Australia
Barnes S, Hill R, Thordarson T, Dowling S & Mattox T

(2000) Platinum-Group Element and Chalcophile Element Distribution in the Merensky Reef, Western Bushveld Complex
Barnes S & Maier WD

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