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All abstracts by Stefan Weyer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Controls on the Vanadium Isotope Composition (δ51V) of Euxinic Sediments from the Abyssal Plain of the Black Sea
Martin AN, Schuth S, Dellwig O & Weyer S

(2023) Deciphering U Isotope Signatures of Archean Banded Iron Formations
Weyer S, Lazarov M, Martin AN & Viehmann S

(2023) Antimony Release and Isotope Fractionation during Leaching of Stibnite (Sb2S3): An Experimental Study
Kaufmann AB, Lazarov M, Majzlan J & Weyer S

(2023) Tracing the Evolution of Fluids during Batholith and Deposit Formation: In situ and Bulk Rock Mo Isotopes from the Questa Porphyry Mo Deposit
Greber ND, Gaynor SP, Ahmad Q, Künzi P, Horn I & Weyer S

(2023) Trace Element Diffusion Rates in Olivine: Experimental Data and Observations in Natural Rocks
Oeser M, Dohmen R & Weyer S

(2023) Electron Flux Controls Fractionation of U Isotopes during Bacterial Reduction of U(VI)
Brown A, Molinas M, Roebbert Y, Sato A, Abe M, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2023) Fe, Zn and Mg Stable Isotope Records of Early Differentiation and Core Formation of the Ureilite Parent Body
Chernonozhkin SM, Goderis S, Hublet GC, Weyer S, Horn I, Pittarello L, Claeys P, Debaille V & Vanhaecke F

(2022) Sulfide-Rich Crust-Mantle Transition Zone of Balmuccia Orogenic Massif: New Insights from Fe-S Isotope System in Sulfides
Pieterek B, Ciążela J, Tribuzio R, Matusiak-Małek M, Strauss H, Lazarov M, Weyer S, Horn I, Kuhn T & Nowak I

(2022) Experimental Investigation of Diffusion-Driven Metal Stable Isotope Fractionation and Trace Element Diffusion Rates in Olivine
Oeser M, Dohmen R & Weyer S

(2022) Depth Profiling by femtosecond-La-(MC-)ICP-MS for the Investigation of Chemical and Isotopic Diffusion Profiles with High Spatial Resolution
Oeser M, Dohmen R, Horn I & Weyer S

(2022) Are Microbial Carbonates Reliable Archives for the Redox State of the Precambrian Oceans and Atmosphere?
Martin AN & Weyer S

(2022) Biotic Uranium Mobilization of Non-Crystalline U(IV) and Associated U Isotope Fractionation
Roebbert Y, Rosendahl CD, Schippers A & Weyer S

(2021) The Uranium Isotopic Composition of Lacustrine Holocene Stromatolites from the East African Rift System
Martin AN, Markowska M, Junginger A & Weyer S

(2021) Uranium Isotopic Fractionation in Microbial Mats Forming on Marine Sands from the Dutchisland Schiermonnikoog
Unruh CS, Martin AN, Weyer S & Dultz S

(2021) Isotopic Signature of Tetravalent Uranium Mobilization by Complexation or Oxidation
Roebbert Y, Rosendahl CD, Brown A, Schippers A, Bernier-Latmani R & Weyer S

(2021) Reduction of U(VI)-citrate by Whole Microbial Cells and Pure Enzymes: What Controls U Isotope Signatures?
Brown A, Molinas M, Roebbert Y, Sato A, Abe M, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2021) Antimony and Cu Isotope Variations in the Sb-Au Orogenic Deposit Dúbrava (Slovakia)
Kaufmann AB, Lazarov M, Weyer S, Kiefer S & Majzlan J

(2020) Variable Basin Ventilation during Mesozoic OAEs Constrained by Correlated Mo-U Isotope Signatures
Weyer S, Montoya Pino C, van de Schootbrugge B, Pross J & Oschmann W

(2020) In situ Determination of Sb Isotopes by fs-LA-MC-ICP-MS
Kaufmann AB, Lazarov M, Weyer S & Majzlan J

(2020) The Role of Uranium Speciation in its Isotopic Fractionation
Bernier-Latmani R, Brown A, Pan Z, Faisova R, Sato A, Roebbert Y, Vitova T, Mazzanti M, Abe M & Weyer S

(2020) The Trace Element Composition of a Range of Modern and Archean Microbial Carbonates
Martin A, Unruh C, Lazarov M, Markowska M, Junginger A, Bischoff K, Chivas A & Weyer S

(2020) Environmental Stability of U(V) and its Isotopic Signature in Magnetite
Pan Z, Roebbert Y, Beck A, Vitova T, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2020) Tracing the Formation of Polymetallic Deposit Using Fe and Cu Isotopes
Lazarov M, Pačevski A & Weyer S

(2019) Timescales of Degassing in Rhyolitic Magmas Tracked by Li in Plagioclase
Neukampf J, Ellis B, Laurent O, Steinmann L, Dohmen R, Ubide T, Oeser M, Magna T, Weyer S & Bachmann O

(2019) Vanadium Isotopes of the Yangtze River System, China
Schuth S, Brüske A, Hohl S, Jiang S-Y, Gregory D, Viehmann S & Weyer S

(2019) Ni-Fe Isotope Fractionation during Cooling of Sulfide Liquid
Ciazela J, Weyer S, Weyrauch M, Horn I, Dick H & Pieterek B

(2019) Correlation of Li Chemical and Isotope Profiles with Fe-Mg Inter-Diffusion in Volcanic Olivines
Steinmann LK, Oeser M & Weyer S

(2019) Mechanistic Insights into U(VI) Reduction and the Associated Uranium Isotopic Fractionation
Bartova B, Brown A, Molinas M, Pan Z, Lagrange T, Faizova R, Mazzanti M, Schacherl B, Beck A, Vitova T, Kvashnina K, Roebbert Y, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2019) Mobilization of Non-Crystalline U(IV) by Complexation with Organic Ligands Generates U Isotope Fractionation
Roebbert Y, Schippers A, Bernier-Latmani R & Weyer S

(2019) Redox Conditions in the Black Sea during Eemian and Holocene Sapropel Formation
Wegwerth A, Eckert S, Dellwig O, Schnetger B, Severmann S, Weyer S, Brüske A, Kaiser J, Köster J, Arz HW & Brumsack H-J

(2019) Uranium Speciation Impacts Isotope Signatures Arising from Microbial U(VI) Reduction
Brown A, Molinas M, Roebbert Y, Faizova R, Mazzanti M, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2019) Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in Olivine: An Experimental Technique for Fluid-Melt Trace Element Partitioning in Basaltic Systems
Zemlitskaya A, Botcharnikov R, Derrey I, Portnyagin M, Mertz-Kraus R, Buhre S, Weyer S & Holtz F

(2019) Uranium Isotope Fractionation Across the GOE Boundary: Insights from a New Dataset and Changepoint Analyses
Martin A, Brueske A, Lazarov M & Weyer S

(2018) The Onset of Oxidative Weathering Traced by Uranium Isotopes
Brüske A, Albut G, Schuth S, Schoenberg R, Beukes N, Hofmann A, Nägler T & Weyer S

(2017) Implications of Fe and Ni Stable Isotope Ratios for the Formation of the Pallasite Parent Body
Chernonozhkin S, Goderis S, Weyrauch M, Costas-Rodrígues M, Oeser M, Horn I, McKibbin S, Weyer S, Claeys P & Vanhaecke F

(2017) The Relationship of Zoned and Unzoned Metal in CH and CB Chondrites
Weyrauch M, Weyer S & Zipfel J

(2017) New Developments in Li Isotope in situ Analyses with fs-LA-MC-ICP-MS
Steinmann LK, Oeser M, Horn I & Weyer S

(2017) Correlated Mo and U Isotope Signatures in Sediments from the Black Sea and the Cariaco Basin
Weyer S, Brueske A, Neubert N, Schulte V, Zok D, Dellwig O, Planavsky N & Lyons T

(2017) Fe and Cu Isotope Fractionation in Acidic Mine Tailings: Modification and Application of a Sequential Extraction Method
Roebbert Y, Rabe K, Lazarov M, Schippers A, Dold B & Weyer S

(2017) HSE and Stable Fe and V Isotope Systematics of Mafic Lavas from the Solomon Island Arc – A Complex Mantle History
Schuth S, Luguet A, Brügmann G, Ballahus C, Weyer S & Münker C

(2017) Constraints on Metal Mobilization in Archean and Early Proterozoic Marine Sediments from Uranium Isotopes
Brüske A, Schuth S, Albut G, Schoenberg R, Beukes N, Hofmann A, Nägler T & Weyer S

(2017) Timescales of Olivine Re-equilibration by Diffusion in Primitive Basalts from Shatsky Rise (IODP Site U1349)
Oeser M, Almeev R & Weyer S

(2016) 238U/235U Fractionation during U(VI) Reduction by Synthetic Magnetite
Loreggian L, Roebbert Y, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2016) Ore Formation Processes in Porphyry Cu Deposit Revealed by in situ Cu Isotope Analyses
Lazarov M, Pačevski A & Weyer S

(2016) Towards an Improved Understanding of the Mo and U Isotope Proxies Using Correlated Mo-U Isotope Signatures
Weyer S, Brüske A, Montoya Pino C, Xu L, Neubert N, Schuth S, van de Schootbrugge B, Pross J, Oschmann W & Lehmann B

(2015) Mechanism of Uranium Reduction and Immobilization in Desulfovibrio vulgaris Biofilms
Stylo M, Neubert N, Roebbert Y, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2015) Fe-Mg Chemical and Isotopic Zoning in Magmatic Crystals: Shapes, Processes, and Time Scales
Oeser M, Dohmen R, Horn I, Schuth S & Weyer S

(2015) UV-fs-LA-ICP-MS Analyses of Fluid Inclusions: Insights into the Formation of Tin Ore Deposits
Albrecht M, Derrey IT, Horn I, Müller A, Holtz F & Weyer S

(2015) Isotopic Signature of Uranium Bioreduction
Stylo M, Neubert N, Wang Y, Monga N, Romaniello S, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2015) Diversity of CB and CH Chondrite Metal
Weyrauch M, Zipfel J, Weyer S & Oeser M

(2015) Elucidating the Role of Non-Crystalline U(IV) in Uranium Roll-Front Formation
Bhattacharyya A, Campbell K, Roebbert Y, Weyer S, Bernier-Latmani R & Borch T

(2015) Significant Vanadium Isotope Fractionation Revealed in V Minerals by Femtosecond LA-ICP-MS
Schuth S, Horn I, Ciazela J & Weyer S

(2015) In situ Li Isotope Analyses of Silicates by femtosecond-LA-MC-ICP-MS
Weyer S, Oeser M & Horn I

(2015) 238U/235U Fractionation during U(VI) Reduction by Synthetic Magnetite
Loreggian L, Roebbert Y, Bernier-Latmani R & Weyer S

(2015) Vanadium Isotopes – A Potential New Proxy for Paleo-Oceanography
Brüske A, Schuth S, Xu L, Arnold M-C, Pierau N & Weyer S

(2014) Metal Mobility in Granite-Related Hydrothermal Ore Deposits: a Synthetic Fluid Inclusion Study
Derrey IT, Albrecht M, Botcharnikov R, Horn I, Weyer S & Holtz F

(2014) Uranium Isotope Fractionation as a Signature for Biotic Reduction Processes
Stylo M, Neubert N, Wang Y, Weyer S & Bernier-Latmani R

(2014) Fe and Mg Isotope Fractionation in Olivine from the NWA 1068 Shergottite
Collinet M, Charlier B, Namur O, Oeser M, Medard E, Vander Auwera J & Weyer S

(2014) Controls on U(IV) Speciation in Biological and Abiotic Systems
Bernier-Latmani R, Stylo M, Wang Y, Shao P, Bargar J, Neubert N & Weyer S

(2013) In situ Determination of Fe Isotopes in Kamacite-, Taenite- and Troilite-Phases of Ordinary Chondrites
Goldmann A & Weyer S

(2013) Analysis of Fluid Inclusions with fs-LA-ICP-MS
Albrecht M, Derrey IT, Horn I, Schuth S, Melcher F & Weyer S

(2013) Metal Isotope Fractionation during Microbial Processes in the Critical Zone
Rabe K, Schippers A, Weyer S, Schuth S & Lazarov M

(2013) Using Coupled Fe-Mg Chemical and Isotopic Diffusion Profiles to Model Magma Residence Times of Crystals
Oeser M, Weyer S, Dohmen R, Horn I & Schuth S

(2013) The 238U/235U of the Earth and the Solar System
Goldmann A, Brennecka G, Noordmann J, Weyer S & Wadhwa M

(2013) Ca, Mo and U Isotopes Suggest Neoproterozoic-Like Ocean Conditions during the Late Permian Mass Extinction
Silva JC, Payne J, Wignall P, Newton R, Neubert N, Brueske A, Eisenhauer A, Weyer S, Fietzke J & Maher K

(2013) In situ Measurements of Cu Isotopes in Cu Sulphides
Lazarov M, Horn I, Weyer S & Pacevski A

(2013) Metal Mobility in Hydrothermal Fluids: Experimental Investigations
Derrey IT, Botcharnikov RE, Albrecht M, Horn I, Weyer S & Holtz F

(2011) Fractionation of 238U/235U during Weathering and Hydrothermal Alteration
Noordmann J, Weyer S, Sharma M, Georg B, Rausch S & Bach W

(2011) Chemocline Oscillations in the Black Sea Documented by Sedimentary Iron Isotopes and Trace Metal Patterns
Eckert S, Schnetger B, Fröllje H, Severmann S, Montoya-Pino C, Weyer S, Köster J, Arz H & Brumsack H-J

(2011) The Extent of Oceanic Anoxic Events Revealed by Correlated Mo- and U Isotope Records
Weyer S, Montoya Pino C, Gordon G, van de Schootbrugge B, Oschmann W, Pross J & Anbar A

(2011) Reconstruction of the Atlantic Circulation Back to the Last Interglacial by a Combined Proxy Approach
Böhm E, Lippold J, Weyer S, Gutjahr M & Mangini A

(2011) Cu Isotope Fractionation in Primary and Secondary Copper Minerals from the Coka Marin and Bor Mining Areas (East Serbia)
Lazarov M, Weyer S, Pacevski A & Horn I

(2010) Stable Cu and Zn Isotope Ratios as Tracers of Sources and Transport of Cu and Zn in Contaminated Soil
Bigalke M, Weyer S, Kobza J & Wilcke W

(2009) Global Versus Regional Anoxia during the OAE-2 and the T-OAE
Montoya Pino C, Weyer S, van de Schootbrugge B, Anbar A, Arz H, Oschmann W & Pross J

(2009) Isotopic Fractionation of Copper during Soil Genesis
Bigalke M, Weyer S & Wilcke W

(2009) An Experimental Study of Fe Isotope Fractionation between Silicate Melt and Spinel
Doyle P, Berry A, Coggon R & Weyer S

(2009) Variations of the 238U/235U Isotope Composition in Rivers
Noordmann J, Weyer S, Sharma M & Georg B

(2009) U Isotope Variations in CAIs: Implications for the Age of the Solar System
Weyer S, Brennecka G, Zipfel J, Wadhwa M & Anbar A

(2009) The Response of Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th on Particle Flux – Findings from the African Margin
Lippold J, Christl M, Hofmann A, Mollenhauer G, Mulitza S, Weyer S & Mangini A

(2008) Nb/Ta Systematics of Orogenic Eclogites
Schmidt A, Weyer S, John T & Brey GP

(2008) Experiments Demonstrate that Uranium Isotopes Fractionate during Adsorption to Mn-Oxides
Brennecka G, Wasylenki L, Weyer S & Anbar A

(2008) Fractionation of Li and Fe Isotopes at Magmatic Temperatures
Weyer S, Seitz M, Ghobadi M, Muenker C & Brey G

(2008) Fractionation of 238U/235U in Modern and Ancient Anoxic Marine Environments: A Paleoredox Tracer?
Montoya Pino C, Weyer S, van de Schootbrugge B & Oschmann W

(2007) Timing of Mantle Depletion and Enrichment from Single Subcalcic Garnet Grains (Finsch Mine, SA)
Lazarov M, Brey GP, Harris JW & Weyer S

(2007) Wilhelmine Copper Mine, Spessart, Bavaria: A Kupferschiefer-Related, Hydrothermal Mineralization
Okrusch M, Lorenz JA & Weyer S

(2007) Uranium "Stable" Isotope Fractionation in Nature: A Potential Paleo Redox- and Bio- Tracer?
Weyer S, Anbar A, Gerdes A, Arnold G, Gorden G, McManus J & Boyle E

(2007) Lu-Hf Geochronology of Eclogites from the Dabie-Sulu Terrain: Constraints on the Timing of Eclogite-Facies Metamorphism
Schmidt A, Weyer S, Xiao Y, Hoefs J & Brey GP

(2007) Chronological History of UHP Rocks from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling: A Multi-Methodical Approach
Gerdes A, Liu F, Weyer S & Brey G

(2007) Lithium Isotopes of the Early Solar System and Terrestrial Planets
Seitz H-M, Brey GP, Zipfel J, Ott U & Weyer S

(2006) Iron Isotope Fractionation as Indicator of Mantle Processes
Weyer S, Ionov D, Hellebrand E, Woodland A & Brey G

(2006) BSE reservoirs: Insights from Nb/Ta of rutile-bearing eclogites.
Schmidt A, Weyer S & Brey GP

(2006) Episodic versus long term recycling processes within the Archean South African crust
Klama K, Lahaye Y, Weyer S, Gerdes A & Brey G

(2004) Monitoring Depleted Uranium Contamination in the Biosphere of Iraq Using MC-ICP-MS
Gerdes A, Weyer S, Brey G, Durakovic A & Zimmermann I

(2004) Li-Isotopic Signatures of Peridotite Xenoliths and Isotopic Fractionation at High Temperature between Olivine and Pyroxenes
Seitz H, Brey G, Durali S, Weyer S & Lahaye Y

(2004) In situ Sulfur Isotope Ratio Measurements by Laser Ablation High Resolution MC-ICP-MS
Lahaye Y, Bendall C, Brey G, Fiebig J & Weyer S

(2004) Hf-Isotope Measurements at ppt Concentration Levels with Multi Ion Counting ICP-MS
Lazarov M, Weyer S, Bouman C, Schwieters J & Brey G

(2004) Iron Isotope Variations in the Earth’s Mantle and the Terrestrial Planets
Weyer S, Woodland A, Münker C, Arnold G, Chakrabarti R & Anbar A

(2004) The Numerical Age of the Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary Based on U-Pb Ages of Single Zircons
Trapp E, Kaufmann B, Mezger K, Korn D & Weyer D

(2002) Iron Isotopes in an Archean Paleosol
Anbar A, Arnold G, Rye R & Weyer S

(2002) Measurement of 232Th/230Th in Volcanic Rocks by PIMMS, Using the ThermoFinnigan Neptune
Ball L, Sims K, Weyer S & Schwieters J

(2002) Flexible Multiple Ion Counting Detectors for TIMS and ICP Multicollector Mass Spectrometers
Schwieters J, Schwieters JB, Tuttas D, Weyer S, Moll A & Seedorf R

(2002) Advances in Stable Isotope Measurements with High Mass Resolution MC-ICPMS
Weyer S & Schwieters JBS

(2001) MC-ICPMS — High Resolution Isotope Ratio Measurements of Fe and Ca
Weyer S, Schwieters J, Hamester M, Jung G, Pesch R & Rottmann L

(2000) High Precision Nb/Ta, Zr/Hf and Lu/Hf Measurements by MC-ICPMS Using a Mixed Zr-Hf-Ta-Lu Tracer
Münker C, Weyer S, Scherer E & Mezger K

(2000) Unusually Low Zr/Hf and Nb/Ta Ratios in the Depleted Mantle: Precise ID Analysis of Ultra Low Concentrations by MC-ICPMS
Weyer S, Muenker C, Rehkaemper M & Mezger K

(2000) 92Nb-92Zr in the Early Solar System
Münker C, Weyer S, Mezger K, Rehkämper M, Wombacher F & Bischoff A

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