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All abstracts by A. Joshua West in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Tracking Organic Carbon Across the Andes-Amazon Transition with Terrestrial Biomarker Isotopes
West AJ, Ponton C, Feakins S & Galy V

(2014) Microbial Acceleration of Fe-Silicate Mineral Dissolution via Siderophore Production
Torres M, West AJ & Nealson K

(2014) Changes in the Earth’s Surface Seen Through the Looking Glass of 60 Million Years of Marine Isotopes?
West AJ, Li G & Torres M

(2013) Insights into Glacial Weathering from a New Hydrochemical Database from 95 Glaciated Catchments
Moosdorf N, Hartmann J & West JA

(2013) Potential Signifigance of Sulfide Mineral Oxidation for the Cenozoic Carbon Cycle
Torres M, West AJ & Li G

(2013) Insights into U-Series Weathering Chronometers from Size Fraction Distribution of U and Th Nuclides in Himalayan Soils and Sediments
West AJ

(2012) Submarine Groundwater Discharge at an Active Margin: NE Taiwan Coast
Gattacceca JC, Hovius N, West AJ, Galy A, Hammond D, Liu JT & Kao S-J

(2012) Variation in Thickness of the Chemical Weathering Zone and Implications for Earth's Global Weathering Thermostat
West AJ

(2012) Erosion of Organic Matter in a Tropical Mountain Catchment: Implications for Carbon Delivery from the Andes to the Amazon River
Clark KE, Hilton RG, West AJ, Malhi Y, Grocke DR, Bryant C, Robles A, Rao Y & New M

(2011) Probing the Silicon Isotope Signature of Supply Limited Chemical Weathering in the Cordillera Central of Costa Rica
West AJ, Opfergelt S, James R, Pogge von Strandmann P & Burton K

(2011) Corals Constrain CaCO3 Chemistry at the Triassic–Jurassic Boundary, a Potential Ocean Acidification Event
Martindale R, Berelson W, Corsetti F, Bottjer D & West AJ

(2010) Impact of Sulfide Oxidation on Continental Chemical Weathering Budgets and Global Carbon Cycle
Calmels D, Gaillardet J, Galy A, France-Lanord C, West AJ, Bickle MJ & Hovius N

(2009) The Miocene Ocean 187Os/188Os Curve: Driven by Continental Weathering
Georg B, West J, Gannoun M, Burton K & Halliday A

(2009) An Empirical Case Study of Contrasting Chemical Depletion of Hillslope Regolith and Eroding Sediment, and Implications for Soil-Derived Catchment Weathering Rates
West AJ, Wang H-C, Selvaraj K, Chen C-TA & Lin T-C

(2009) Erosion and Weathering in Taiwan
Hovius N, Galy A, Calmels D, Meunier P, Hilton R, Bickle M, West J, Chen H & Sparkes R

(2008) Calibrating U-Series Tools for Weathering Rate and Duration on a Soil Sequence of Known Ages
Keech A, Pett-Ridge J, West J & Henderson G

(2000) Re-assessing the Carbonate Contribution to High Himalayan Dissolved Load
West AJ, Bickle MJ, Bunbury JM & Fairchild IJ

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