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All abstracts by Marco Viccaro in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Rates of Magma Ascent at Mt. Etna Volcano Revealed by Diffusion of Volatiles in Glasses and Crystals
Zuccarello F, Giuffrida M & Viccaro M

(2013) High-Temperature Rheology of a Megacryst-Bearing Mugearitic Magma from Etna (Italy)
Vona A, Di Piazza A, Nicotra E, Romano C & Viccaro M

(2013) Influence of Tectonics on Magma Residence Times at Mt. Etna Volcano
Viccaro M, Barca D, Bohrson W, Giuffrida M, Nicotra E & Pitcher B

(2013) Ageing of the Thetyan Crust Documented by Xenoliths from Hyblaean Diatremes (Sicily): Implication for Crustal Assimilation during Magma Emplacement
Scribano V & Viccaro M

(2013) Evidence for Crustal Contribution to Recent Compositional Changes at Mt. Etna Volcano
Pitcher B, Bohrson W & Viccaro M

(2013) Changes of Magma Geochemistry at Mt. Etna during the Last 45ka due to Sampling of a Variegated Mantle
Nicotra E, Viccaro M, Cristofolini R & Conticelli S

(2010) Hf Isotope Signature of Mt. Etna Magmas (Sicily, Southern Italy)
Viccaro M, Millar IL, Nicotra E & Cristofolini R

(2009) Compositional and Textural Evidence for Magma Mixing Documented in Plagioclase Phenocrysts at Mt. Bidkhan, Iran
Khalili Mobarhan S, Ahmadipour H, Cristofolini R & Viccaro M

(2008) Mixing Dynamics at Mt. Etna (Italy) from Textural and Compositional Features of Phenocrysts
Cristofolini R & Viccaro M

(2008) Xenolith Evidence for Anatexis of Hydrothermally Modified Mafic Crust (Hyblean Area, Italy): Implications for Primary Origin of Some Trachytoid Magmas
Viccaro M, Scribano V, Cristofolini R & Ottolini L

(2008) Differentiation of High-K Calcalkaline Magmas at Mount Bidkhan Volcano (Central Iranian Volcanic Belt)
Khalili Mobarhan S, Viccaro M, Cristofolini R & Ahmadipour H

(2008) A New Perspective on the Geochemical Signature of Mt. Etna Alkaline Magmas
Viccaro M, Giacomoni PP, Ferlito C & Cristofolini R

(2008) Hydrocarbon-Bearing Spilitized Gabbro Xenoliths from Sicily: Evidence for a Fossil Abyssal-Type Hydrothermal System
Ciliberto E, Crisafulli C, Manuella FC, Samperi F, Scir├Ę S, Scribano V, Viccaro M & Viscuso E

(2007) Trace Element Partitioning between Mg-Hastingsite and Alkali Basaltic Melt in Volcanic Environment
Viccaro M, Ferlito C & Cristofolini R

(2007) Geochemical and Isotopic Variation of Mt. Etna Volcanic Rocks: The Role of a Heterogeneously Metasomatized Source Region of Magmas
Cristofolini R & Viccaro M

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