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(2020) Eruption Run-Up at Mt. Etna Volcano Fixed with Volatile Diffusion in Olivine-Hosted Melt Tubes

Zuccarello F, Schiavi F & Viccaro M


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05i: Room 2, Friday 26th June 00:36 - 00:39

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Submitted by Rebecca deGraffenried on Thursday 25th June 20:47
Really nice study! Do you have a way to determine if the melt inclusions are representative of the melt initially trapped within the embayments? I've done a lot of numerical modeling of diffusion in embayments, and one really important parameter is the starting pressure/starting volatile concentration. Underestimating the initial volatile content can lead to some significant errors in modeled timescales of diffusion - it tends to skew modeled decompression rate to faster than it should be. I'd suggest looking at the Ferguson et al. (2016) Bull. Volc. paper. They take the approach of leaving starting volatile concentration as a free parameter that is included within the minimum RMSD search. For most of their profiles, they found that the minimum RMSD was located at higher starting volatile concentrations than was present in their melt inclusions, though within typical values for Kilauea.

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