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All abstracts by John W. Valley in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sapphires and Syenite Skarn: Oxygen Isotope Trends Among Mogok-Area Mines, Myanmar
Turnier RB, Palke AC, Kitajima K & Valley JW

(2023) Analysis of Trace Elements in Zircon at High Mass Resolving Power Using Forward-Geometry Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Blum TB, Kitajima K, Kita N & Valley JW

(2023) U-Nb-Sc-Ce-Yb-Ti in Zircons and H2O in Zircon Melt Inclusions: Insights into the Tectono-Magmatic Origin of 2, 736 Ma Volcanics from the Superior Province
Shimizu K, Almeev R, Blum T, Bonamici C, Davis D, Fournelle JH, Holtz F, Kitajima K, Kita NT, Nachlas WO, Sobolev AV, Spicuzza MJ & Valley JW

(2023) Nb & Sc in 4.4 to 2.7 Ga Zircons: Contrasting Hadean Sources for Jack Hills vs. Barberton
Valley JW, Blum T, Shimizu K, Kitajima K, Spicuzza MJ, Kita NT, Almeev R, Holtz F, Sobolev AV & Cavosie AJ

(2023) Strontium Isotopes Paradox of Archean Komatiites
Vezinet A, Sobolev AV, Chugunov A, Asafov EV, Batanova VG, Danyushevsky L, Sobolev SV, Jain C & Valley JW

(2023) Geodynamic Model Reconciles Apparently Contradictory Geochemical Indications of Subduction for the Hadean and Eo-Archean Earth
Sobolev SV, Jain C, Sobolev AV & Valley JW

(2022) Are Hadean & Archean Zircon δ18O Values Altered?
Valley JW, Cameron EM, Blum T, Cavosie AJ, Kitajima K & Bonamici C

(2022) An Empirical Calibration of the Serpentine-Water Oxygen Isotope Fractionation at T = 20 to 90℃
Scicchitano MR, de Obeso JC, Blum T, Valley JW, Kelemen P, Nachlas WO, Schneider W & Spicuzza MJ

(2022) H2O Contents of Melt Inclusions in Zircons from the Rhyolite of Laguna del Maule
Shimizu K, Hannon J, Blum T, Bonamici C, Fournelle JH, Kita NT, Klug J, Nachlas WO, Singer B, Spicuzza MJ, Wathen B & Valley JW

(2022) Links between Oxygen Isotopes, Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and the Environment Captured in Freshwater Pearl Nacre
Farfan GA, Bullock E, Zhou C, Valley JW & Orland I

(2021) Probing the Ediacaran Shuram Excursion by SIMS: Depositional or Diagenetic? Global or Local?
Cui H, Kitajima K, Orland IJ, Xiao S, Kaufman AJ, Baele J-M, Denny A, Spicuzza MJ, Fournelle JH & Valley JW

(2021) Komatiite Melts Detect Deep Hydrous Reservoirs in the Mantle Transition Zone Implying Active Subduction Since Eoarchean Time
Sobolev AV, Asafov EV, Gurenko AA, Kazzy C, Kerr AC, Chugunov AV, Batanova VG, Portnyagin MV, Sobolev SV & Valley JW

(2021) Destabilization of Long-Lived Hadean Protocrust and Onset of Pervasive Hydrous Melting at 3.8 Ga Recorded in Detrital Zircons of the Green Sandstone Bed, South Africa
Drabon N, Byerly B, Byerly G, Wooden JL, Wiedenbeck M, Valley JW, Kitajima K, Bauer A & Lowe DR

(2018) Fast Pathways of Exchange
Valley J & Blum T

(2018) Trace Element Clustering in Jack Hills Zircons: New Results and Future Directions
Blum T, Peng Z, Stephenson L, Schweinar K, Chanmuang Nasdala C, Cavosie A, Gault B & Valley J

(2018) Zircon Evidence for Eclogite Facies Metamorphism at 3.9 Ga
Cavosie AJ, Spencer C, Evans NJ, McDonald B, Reddy SM, Wilde SA, Talavera C, Cameron EM, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Ushikubo T

(2018) Not-So-Shocking Results from the Jack Hills: An EBSD Survey of 10, 000 Zircon Grains for Shock Deformation
Cox M, Cavosie A, Bland P, Reddy S & Valley J

(2018) Large δ18O and δ13C Zonations in Diagenetic Dolomites of the Bakken Formation, Middle Member
Denny A, Śliwiński M, Orland I & Valley J

(2018) Questioning the Biogenicity of Neoproterozoic Superheavy Pyrite
Cui H, Kitajima K, Spicuzza M, Fournelle J, Denny A, Ishida A, Zhang F & Valley J

(2017) Measuring Seasonal Hydroclimate Dynamics in Speleothems
Orland I, Edwards L, Bar-Matthews M, Kozdon R, Cheng H, Ayalon A & Valley J

(2017) Finding Toba: Traces in a Borneo Stalagmite
Carolin S, Orland I, Cobb K, Adkins J, Valley J, Webb S, Edwards N, Pyle D, Mosselmans F & Geraki T

(2017) Isotope Microanalyses of 2.72 Ga Organic Matter: Metabolism Versus Diagenesis Versus Matrix Effects
Lepot K, Williford K, Philippot P, Thomazo C, Ushikubo T, Kitajima K & Valley JW

(2016) Detrital Jack Hills Zircon-Quartz δ18O Analysis Tests Alteration of Zircon and Zircon Inclusions
Cameron E, Valley J, Ortiz-Cordero D, Kitajima K & Cavosie A

(2016) Improved Matrix Correction of δ18O Analysis by SIMS for Pyralspite and Cr-pyrope Garnets
Kitajima K, Strickland A, Spicuzza MJ, Tenner TJ & Valley JW

(2016) Hf-O Isotope Signature for Zircons in the Taitao Granite: Geochemical Constraints on Slab-Melting
Suzuki K, Iizuka T, Kitajima K, Valley JW, Sawaki Y, Hattori K, Hirata T & Anma R

(2016) Micron-Scale Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Metabasalt Zircon: A Robust History of Crustal Fluid Flow during Crustal Growth
Bowman J, Hilber M, Moser D, Valley J, Mazdab F & Wooden J

(2016) Sensativity and Uncertainty in Nanoscale Geochronology by Atom Probe Tomography
Blum T, Reinhard D, Chen Y, Prosa T, Larson D & Valley J

(2016) Radiation Damage, APT and Pb Mobility in Zircon: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Valley J, Blum T, Reinhard D, Larson D, Prosa T & Kelly T

(2015) Light δ18O Zircon Xenocrysts from the Deep Crust of the Great Basin, North American Cordillera
Gottlieb ES, Miller EL, Valley JW & Kitajima K

(2015) Consistent Occurrence of Moderately Elevated δ18O Magmas in Acasta Gneiss Complex from 4.0 to 3.5 Ga
Ushikubo T, Iizuka T, Spicuzza MJ & Valley JW

(2015) Oxygen Isotope Ratio of Zircons from the Taitao Granite: Implications for Slab-Melting
Suzuki K, Kitajima K, Valley JW, Sawaki Y, Hattori K, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2015) Natural High-Temperature Metamorphic Calcite as Compositionally Homogenous Microanalytical Standard?
Muller W, Valley JW, Warter V, Kozdon R, Evans D & Orland IJ

(2015) Maturity of Archean Sandstones & Ancient Detrial Zircons
Valley J, Spicuzza M, Cammack J, Kitajima K, Kita N & Van Kranendonk M

(2014) Lunar Zircons
Valley J, Spicuzza M & Ushikubo T

(2014) Burial Temperatures and δ18O-zoning in Diagenetic Cements of the Eau Claire Fm., Illinois Basin (U.S.A.)
Sliwinski M, Kitajima K, Kozdon R, Hyodo A & Valley J

(2014) δ18O of Mid-Miocene Rhyolites Associated with Steens Flood Basalts
Mallis J, Mahood G & Valley J

(2014) Oxygen Isotope Thermometry of Quartz Inclusions in Garnet
Quinn R, Kitajima K, Nakashima D, Spicuzza M & Valley J

(2014) What is the Source of Sulfur in Arc Magmas? Ion Microprobe Sulfur Isotopic Data on Anhydrite from Yanacocha and Pinatubo
Dilles J, Chambefort I, Valley J, Kozdon R & Rye R

(2014) High δ18O Oceanic Crust-Derived Diorites in the High-K Quartz Monzonite Tavares Batholith, Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira V, Valley J, Sial A, Pessoa R & Spicuzza M

(2014) Early Earth
Valley J

(2013) B and O Isotopes as Tracers of Serpentinization along Fossil Oceanic Detachments, Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Elisha B, Katzir Y, Abelson M, Agostini S, Valley J & Spikuzza M

(2013) Tomography at Single-Atom Scale of 207Pb and 206Pb in a 4374 Ma Zircon
Valley J, Ushikubo T, Cavosie A, Reinhard D, Lawrence D, Martin I, Larson D, Clifton P, Kelly T, Wilde S, Moser D & Spicuzza M

(2013) Formation of the IIE Non Magmatic Iron Meteorites
Van Roosbroek N, Debaille V, Goderis S, Valley J, Spicuzza M & Claeys P

(2013) Coupled Isotopic and Textural Evidence for the Biogenicity of 3.4 Gyrs Old Cell-Like Structures
Lepot K, Williford KH, Ushikubo T, Sugitani K, Mimura K, Spicuzza MJ & Valley JW

(2013) Oxygen Isotope Exchange (Dis)equilibrium at the Grain-Size Scale in Metamorphic Rocks
Ferry J, Kitajima K & Valley J

(2012) SIMS Carbon Isotope Analysis of Proterozoic Microfossils
Williford K, Ushikubo T, Schopf JW, Lepot K, Kitajima K & Valley J

(2012) Micron-Scale Intrashell S18O Variation in Cultured Planktic Foraminifers
Vetter L, Kozdon R, Mora C, Eggins S, Valley J, Hoenisch B & Spero H

(2012) Reconstructing Impact Basins from ex situ Shocked Zircon
Cavosie AJ, Radovan HA, Moser DE, Barker I, Wooden J, Kitajima K & Valley JW

(2012) Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Zircon
Valley J

(2012) U-Pb Age Zoning in Titanite by SIMS: New Criteria for Preservation
Bonamici C, Kozdon R, Fanning M & Valley J

(2011) Lunar Zircon: Primitive δ18O of Dry Evolved and Mafic Magmas
Valley J, Spicuzza M & Ushikubo T

(2011) Transitional Oxygenation Recorded in the Paleoproterozoic Turee Creek Group, Western Australia
Williford K, Van Kranendonk M, Ushikubo T, Kozdon R & Valley J

(2011) In situ δ18O and Mg/Ca Analyses of Diagenetic and Foraminiferal Calcite: Implications for Paleoceanographic Proxy Records
Kozdon R, Kelly C, Kitajima K, Strickland A & Valley J

(2011) Isotopically-Zoned Zircons: Records of Fluid/Melt Flow in the Lower Crust, Kapuskasing Uplift
Bowman J, Moser D, Valley J, Wooden J, Kita N & Mazdab F

(2011) In situ O & Si Isotopic Microanalysis of Diagenetic Cements: Basin Brines vs. Weathering, Low vs. High T
Pollington A, Kozdon R, Kitajima K, Strickland A & Valley J

(2011) δ18O Zoning in Eclogite Garnet
Russell A, Kitajima K, Strickland A, Medaris Jr. LG, Spicuzza M & Valley J

(2011) The Origin of Naxos Migmatites: SIMS U-Pb and O Isotope Analysis of Zircon
Katzir Y, Be'eri-Shlevin Y, Wooden J, Valley J, Kitajima K & Grimes C

(2010) Sr Isotopes in Banded Iron Formation Carbonates: Disequilibrium with Ancient Seawater
Ludois J, Heimann A, Johnson C, Beard B, Valley J, Roden E, Spicuzza M & Beukes N

(2010) Oxygen and Strontium Isotope Zonation in Shear Zone Garnet: Evidence for Open System Exchange
Andrews M, Baxter E, Pollington A, Spicuzza M & Valley J

(2010) Cryptic Metasomatism during Exhumation of Franciscan Eclogite and Hornblendite Revealed by in situ δ18O Analysis of Garnets
Page FZ, Essene EJ, Kita NT & Valley JW

(2010) Evolving Conditions of Quartz Cementation: In situ Microanalysis of δ18O Across Single Overgrowths
Pollington A, Kozdon R, Kita N & Valley J

(2010) Preservation vs. Alteration of Zircon Pb, O Isotope and Trace Elements Following 80 Ma of Lower Crustal Metamorphism, Kapuskasing Uplift
Bowman J, Moser D, Wooden J, Valley J & Kita N

(2010) Magmatic Zircons: Evolution of δ18O Through Time – Revisited in situ
Valley J

(2010) Silician Magnetite from the Dales Gorge Banded Iron Formation
Huberty J, Konishi H, Fournelle J, Heck P, Valley J & Xu H

(2010) Geochemical Evidence for Crustal Assimilation at Mid-Ocean Ridges
Wanless D, Perfit M, Ridley WI, Klein E, Wallace P, Valley J & Grimes C

(2010) Ion Microprobe Analysis of δ18O in Speleothems as a Source of Sub-Annual-Resolution Climate Records
Orland I, Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Kita N & Valley J

(2010) Recent Progress of Small Spot Oxygen Isotope Analysis at WiscSIMS
Ushikubo T, Kita NT & Valley JW

(2010) Oxygen Isotope Ratios in Mantle Xenoliths (Mt. Carmel, Israel): Implications for Thermometry and Sources of Alkaline Mafic Magmas
Kaminchik J, Katzir Y, Spicuzza MJ, Valley JW & Segev A

(2010) Improvement of SIMS Oxygen Isotope Analyses on Magnetite
Kita NT, Huberty JM & Valley JW

(2010) Eel Larvae may Hatch in the Surface Layer Near the West Mariana Ridge: Ion Microprobe δ18O Analysis with 7 μm Spatial Resolution in Glass Eel Otoliths
Shirai K, Otake T, Kuroki M, Ushikubo T, Kita N, Amano Y, Tsukamoto K & Valley J

(2010) Analysis of Nano-Porosity in the St. Peter Sandstone Using (Ultra) Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Anovitz L, Cole D, Rother G, Valley J & Jackson A

(2010) Low δ18O(Zrc) in Plagiogranites at Oman: Evidence for Remelting
Grimes CB, Ushikubo T & Valley JW

(2009) Non-Equilibrium Stable Isotope Partitioning in Igneous Processes?
Eiler J, Valley J & Stolper E

(2009) Oxygen Isotopic Exchange at a Contact between the Bushveld Complex and Meta-Sedimentary Rocks of the Phepane Dome
Potter R, Penniston-Dorland S & Valley J

(2009) Tracking Fluid/Melt Flow in the Lower Crust Using Zircon Isotopic (Pb, O) Zoning, Kapuskasing Uplift
Moser DE, Bowman JR, Valley JW, Wooden JL, Kita NT & Mazdab FK

(2009) The “Cool Tropic Paradox”: Reassessing Aberrant δ18O in Foraminifera by SIMS
Kozdon R, Kelly DC, Kita N & Valley J

(2009) A Fossil Oceanic Core Complex in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus: Field and Isotope Evidence
Katzir Y, Nuriel P, Abelson M, Valley JW, Matthews A, Spicuzza MJ & Ayalon A

(2009) Oxygen Isotopic Ratio of Ocean Zircon
Grimes C, Ushikubo T, John B & Valley J

(2009) The Role of Microbial Processes in Banded Iron Formation (BIF) Genesis as Constrained by Fe, C, and O Isotopes in BIF Carbonates
Heimann A, Johnson C, Beard B, Valley J & Spicuzza M

(2009) Crystal Orientation Effects on Bias of δ18O in Magnetite by SIMS
Huberty J, Kita N, Heck P, Kozdon R, Fournelle J, Xu H & Valley J

(2009) Accurate Stable Isotope Analysis by Ion Microprobe
Valley J, Kita N, Ushikubo T, Huberty J, Kozdon R, Page Z, Heck P & Fu B

(2008) Polycrystalline Diamond Inclusions in Jack Hills Zircon: Carbonado?
Konishi H, Xu H, Spicuzza M & Valley J

(2008) Oxygen Isotope Evidence for Diverse Origins of Post Pan-African A-Type Granites in Southern Israel (Arabian Nubian Shield)
Steinitz A, Katzir Y, Valley J & Spicuzza M

(2008) Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence for the Origin of the Boulder Batholith, Montana
Wooden J, Mazdab F, Mueller PA, Aleinikoff J, Lund K, Wiegand B, Kita N & Valley J

(2008) Imagery-Correlated High Precision Stable Isotope Analysis
Valley J, Kita N, Ushikubo T, Orland I & Kozdon R

(2008) Cathodoluminescence (CL), Isotopic (Pb, O) and Trace Element Zoning in Lower Crustal Zircon Documents Growth of Early Continental Lithosphere
Bowman J, Moser D, Wooden J, Valley J, Mazdab F & Kita N

(2008) Petrogenesis of Dacites from the Southern Juan de Fuca Ridge
Perfit M, Schmitt AK, Ridley WI, Rubin K & Valley J

(2008) U-Pb Zircon Geochronology and Ti-in-zircon Thermometry of Large-Volume Low δ18O Magmas of the Miocene Yellowstone Hotspot
Cathey HE, Nash BP, Allen CM, Campbell IH, Valley JW & Kita N

(2008) Seasonal Climate Change as Revealed by Ion Microprobe Analysis of δ18O in Soreq Cave (Israel) Speleothems
Orland I, Bar-Matthews M, Kita N, Ayalon A, Matthews A & Valley J

(2008) Lithium in Jack Hills Zircon: Evidence for Extreme Weathering of Earth’s Crust at 4300 Ma
Ushikubo T, Kita NT, Cavosie AJ, Wilde SA, Rudnick RL & Valley JW

(2008) Intratest Oxygen Isotope Variability in Planktonic Foraminifera: New Insights from in situ Measurements by Ion Microprobe
Kozdon R, Ushikubo T, Kita N & Valley J

(2007) Sub-Micrometer Size High Precision Analysis of δ18O in Zircon by SIMS
Ushikubo T, Page FZ, Kita NT, Riciputi LR & Valley JW

(2007) O Isotope Exchange during the Breakdown of Dolomite: An Experimental Study
Labotka T, DeAngelis M, Cole D, Fayek M, Riciputi L, Ushikubo T, Kita N & Valley J

(2007) Sub-Micron-Scale Variations in Ti Abundance in Zircon
Hofmann AE, Cavosie AJ, Guan Y, Valley JW & Eiler JM

(2007) Fo 99.8 Olivine in Basalts: Assimilation of Meta-Serpentinites or Oxidation of Magmatic Phenocrysts?
Blondes M, Brandon M, Reiners P, Kita N, Page FZ & Valley J

(2007) Evidence of the Earliest Crust on Earth
Valley J

(2006) What have we learned from pre-4 Ga zircons ?
Valley J, Cavosie A & Wilde S

(2006) Co-variations of δ30Si and δ18O during contact metamorphism.
Georg B, Reynolds B, Valley J & Halliday A

(2006) Slow oxygen diffusion in zircon
Page FZ, Deangelis M, Fu B, Kita N, Lancaster P & Valley J

(2006) The Importance of Imaging and Correlated In Situ Analyses: Trace Elements in >4 Ga Detrital Zircons
Cavosie AJ, Valley JW & Wilde SA

(2006) Low-δ18O magmas in the Dabie-Sulu UHP metamorphic terranes (China)
Fu B, Kita NT & Valley JW

(2005) Magmatic Zircon, Titanite, and Garnet: Oxygen Isotope Disequilibrium is Good
Valley J & Lackey JS

(2005) Strontium and Oxygen Isotopic Evidence for Strike/slip Motion along the Continental Margin in the Idaho Batholith
King E, Beard B, Johnson C & Valley J

(2005) Oxygen Isotope Speedometry in the Biwabik Iron-Formation
Valaas E & Valley J

(2005) A Lower Age Limit for the Archean Based on &#948;<+>18<$>O of Detrital Zircons
Cavosie AJ, Wilde SA & Valley JW

(2005) Microanalysis of Oxygen Isotopes
Valley J & Kita N

(2004) Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Zircon
Valley J

(2004) Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of the Sierra Nevada Batholith, CA, USA
Valley J & Lackey J

(2004) Combined O-Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Constraints on the Diverse Origin of Atype Granites in Eastern China
Wei C, Zheng Y, Zhao Z, Valley J & Spicuzza M

(2003) Earliest Archean Magmatic Events: Insights from Detrital Zircon Studies
Cavosie A, Wilde S, Liu D & Valley J

(2002) Oxygen Isotope and U-Pb Insights into Dynamics and Longevity of Large Silicic Magma Systems
Bindeman IN & Valley JW

(2002) Zircon Evidence of the Earliest Archean Crust: 4.0-4.4 Ga
Valley JW, Cavosie A, Graham C, King E, Peck W & Wilde S

(2002) Oxygen Isotopes and Granitoid Series Characterization in the Borborema Province, Northeastern Brazil
Pinto Ferreira V, Valley J, Sial A & Spicuzza M

(2002) Oxygen Isotope Variations in Cycladic Eclogites: Assessing the Significance of Zircon Ages
Katzir Y, Bröcker M, Valley JW & Spicuzza MJ

(2002) Tracking Contamination in Felsic Magma Chambers with d18-O of Magmatic Garnet and Zircon
Lackey JS, Hinke H & Valley J

(2002) Direct U-Pb Dating of the Marcy Anorthosite, Adirondacks, NY, USA
Clechenko C, Valley J, Hamilton M, McLelland J & Bickford M

(2002) The Impact of Last Glaciation on Volcanism in n. Pacific Arcs
Ponomareva V, Bindeman I, Fournelle J & Valley J

(2002) Implications for Sources of Jack Hills Metasediments: Detrital Chromite
Cavosie A, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Wilde SA

(2001) Liquid Water in the Early Archean: Ion Microprobe Evidence from Oxygen Isotopes in 4.01 to 4.40 Ga Detrital Zircons
Peck WH, Valley JW, Wilde SA & Graham CM

(2001) Oxygen Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Two Contrasting Magmatic Epidote-Bearing Granitoids from Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira VP, Valley JW, Sial AN & Spicuzza MJ

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