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All abstracts by Joel A. Baker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Magnesium Isotope Constraints on the Mechanisms and Timing of Global Silicate Differentiation of Vesta
Baker J, Dallas J, Creech J, Bizzarro M & Schiller M

(2015) Fingerprinting the Source of Earth’s Siderophile Elements Using Platinum Stable Isotopes
Creech J, Baker J, Handler M & Bizzarro M

(2013) Platinum Stable Isotope Tracing of Earth’s Accretion and Differentiation
Creech J, Baker J, Handler M, Schiller M & Bizzarro M

(2013) The Potential of Platinum Stable Isotopes of Fe-Mn Nodules and Crusts as a Paleoceanographic Tracer
Corcoran L, Handler M, Baker J, Seward T, Creech J & Bennett V

(2012) Ultra-High Precision Fe Isotope Analysis of Eucrites and Diogenites – Fe Stable Isotope Fractionation during Planetary Differentiation?
Millet M-A, Baker J, Schiller M, Creech J, Dallas J & Bizzarro M

(2012) Stable Isotopes of Platinum: A New Geochemical and Cosmochemical Tracer?
Creech J, Handler M, Baker J, Corcoran L & Bennett V

(2011) Redox- and Diffusion-Controlled Fractionation of Fe Stable Isotopes in Silicate Minerals of Igneous Rocks
Millet M-A, Baker J, Handler M, Payne C & Dallas J

(2011) Horizontial and Vertical Water Mass Tracing of the SW Pacific Ocean during the Last Deglaciation
Marr J, Baker J, Carter L, Allan A, Christiansen K & Bostock H

(2011) Systematic Tapping of Independent Magma Chambers during the 1 Ma Kidnappers Supereruption
Cooper G, Wilson C & Baker J

(2009) A Possible Long-Term Record of Mg Isotopic Composition in Seawater from Ferromanganese Nodules in the South Pacific
Dickinson W, Schiller M, Graham I & Baker J

(2009) Homogeneity of 26Al and Mg Isotopes in the Proto-Planetary Disc in the Young Solar System
Schiller M & Baker J

(2009) Double-Spike Fe Isotope Analyses of Silicate Minerals in Volcanic Rocks
Millet M-A & Baker J

(2009) Ultra-Precise and Accurate Radiogenic and Stable Isotope Ratio Determinations
Baker J

(2009) Mg/Ca Ocean Paleo-Temperatures from New Zealand Foraminifera in the Eocene Greenhouse World
Creech J, Baker J, Hollis C, Morgans H & Crouch E

(2008) Petrogenesis of the Whakamaru Supervolcano, New Zealand, from in situ Micro-Analytical Studies
Saunders K, Wysoczanski R & Baker J

(2008) High Precision Nickel Isotope Measurements of Fe-Ni Metal of Meteorites
Andrews K, Schiller M & Baker J

(2008) High-Precision 26Al-26Mg Dating of Early Planetesimal Magmatism
Schiller M, Baker JA & Bizzarro M

(2008) High-Precision 26Al-26Mg Dating Solid and Planetesimal Formation in the Young Solar System
Baker J

(2008) Stable Mg Isotope Composition of Earth’s Mantle
Handler M, Baker J, Schiller M, Bennett V & Yaxley G

(2008) Mg Isotopic Composition of Ferromanganese Nodules from the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: A Record of Secular Mg Isotope Variation in Seawater?
Dickinson W, Schiller M, Graham I & Baker J

(2007) Refining Step-Leaching Pb-Pb Dating Methods for Meteorites and their Components
Connelly J, Bizzarro M, Baker J, Thrane K, Ulfbeck D & Trinquier A

(2007) Fe Isotope Fractionation Induced by Aqueous Fe-Siderophore Complexes
Dideriksen K, Baker J, Bizzarro M & Stipp S

(2007) High-Precision 26Al-26Mg Dating of Early Solar System Processes
Baker J, Bizzarro M, Schiller M & Trinquier A

(2006) Compositional features of enriched Icelandic mantle components
Peate DW, Breddam K, Baker JA, Kurz M, Grassineau N & Barker AK

(2006) Early Solar System chronometry and the 26Al-26Mg clock
Baker J & Bizzarro M

(2005) Temporal Variations of a Heterogeneous Mantle Plume Source; Santiago, Cape Verde
Barker A, Holm PM, Peate D & Baker J

(2005) HIMU Lithospheric Mantle beneath Northwest Africa
Wittig N, Duggen S, Baker J, Kluegel A & Hoernle K

(2004) Isotopic Systematics of the Southwest Indian Ridge, 30-69ºE
Meyzen C, Ludden J, Humler E, Luais B, Baker J, Storey M, Toplis M & Mevel C

(2004) Interaction of the Rifting East Greenland Margin with a Zoned Ancestral Iceland Plume
Barker A, Peate D & Baker J

(2004) Mantle Melting and Metasomatism in European Lithosphere
Wittig N, Baker J & Downes H

(2004) Coupled Boron and Oxygen Isotope Variations in Subglacial Basaltic Glasses from Northern Iceland
le Roux P, Baker J, Hauri E & Shirey S

(2004) Deep Subduction of the Mantle Wedge and the Origin of OIB
Hieronymus C & Baker J

(2004) Timescales of Chondrule Formation, Accretion and Differentiation – The Tale of Al-26
Haack H, Bizzarro M, Lundgaard K & Baker J

(2004) He, Hf, Nd and Double Spike Pb Isotope Geochemistry of the Canary Islands Archipelago
Mouatt J, Baker J, Harrison D, Peate D & Turner G

(2004) Contemporaneous Formation of Chondrules and CAIs Inferred from the 26Al-26Mg Clock
Bizzarro M, Baker J & Haack H

(2004) Combined Mg-Fe Isotope Analysis of Solar System Materials
Baker J, Bizzarro M, Dideriksen K & Haack H

(2004) Pb Isotope Heterogeneity of the Mantle beneath Iceland
Peate D, Baker J, Breddam K, Waight T, Skovgaard A, Stecher O, Prestvik T & Jonasson K

(2004) Pb-Hf-Nd Isotope Compositions of Tertiary Lower Silesia Basalts (SW Poland)
Ladenberger A, Peate D, Baker J & Michalik M

(2004) Extreme Geochemical Heterogeneity in Indian Ocean Tephra Layers from Afro-Arabian Silicic Flood Volcanism
Ukstins I, Peate D, Kent A & Baker J

(2004) 176Lu-176Hf and Mg Isotope Systematics of the Juvinas Eucrite
Lundgaard K, Bizzarro M, Baker J & Haack H

(2004) Pb Isotopes Established as Tracers of Provenancee for Tektites
Stecher O & Baker J

(2004) Pb-Fe Isotope Variations in North Atlantic Sediments Across the Last Deglaciation
Thrane K, Baker J & Knutz P

(2004) Fe Isotope Fractionation in Calcium Carbonate
Dideriksen K, Baker J, Bizzarro M & Stipp S

(2004) Rare Earth Elements in Natural Calcite
Christensen J, Stipp S, Baker J & Harstad A

(2003) 186Os-187Os Enrichments in the Earth’s Mantle – Core-Mantle Interaction or Recycling of Marine Ferromanganese Crusts and Nodules?
Baker J & Krogh Jensen K

(2003) Mg Isotope Study of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Materials
Bizzarro M, Baker J, Haack H & Rosing M

(2003) Isotopic Variations along the Southwest Indian Ridge, 30.50°E
Meyzen C, Storey M, Baker J, Ludden J & Humler E

(2002) Hf-Nd Isotope Geochemistry of Chondrites
Bizzarro M, Baker JA & Haack H

(2002) New Double Spike Pb-Isotope Results for Primitive Icelandic Lavas
Breddam K, Peate D, Stecher O & Baker J

(2002) Petrogenesis of the Largest Intraplate Volcanic Field on the Arabian Plate (Jordan): Evidence for a Mixed Asthenosphere- Lithosphere Source
Shaw J, Baker J, Menzies M, Thirlwall M & Ibrahim K

(2002) Chemical and Isotopic Investigations of Low-Ti Depleted Continental Flood Basalts in East Greenland
Waight T & Baker J

(2002) New Techniques for Separation and Analysis of Lu-Hf, Sm-Nd and the REE by MC-ICP-MS
Ulfbeck D, Baker J & Bizzaro M

(2002) Comparison of Isotope Dilution and Laser Ablation REE Measurement of Geochemical Standards Reference Materials
Jacobsen B, Baker J, Kent A, Peate D, Bernstein S & Stecher O

(2002) In situ Pb-Isotope Analysis by LA-MC-ICP-MS: Applications to Geochemistry, Geochronology, Palaeoceanography and Archaeology
Kent AJR, Joel B, Tod W, Ingrid U, Julie V & Sophie S

(2002) Organic Contaminants in Lakes: Atmospheric Exchange and Linkage to the Trophic Status of Lakes
Eisenreich S, Dachs J, Baker J & Jeremiason J

(2002) Geochemical Clues on the Origins of Rajahmundry Trap Basalts, India
Knight K, Baker J, Renne P, Halkett A & White N

(2002) Pb Isotope Analysis Using Tl and a 207Pb-204Pb Spike on a Double Focusing MC-ICPMS
Baker J & Waight T

(2000) Nd Isotope and Sm/Nd Ratio Measurements by Multi-Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Baker J, Krogstad E, David P, Waight T & Willigers B

(2000) Rb Isotopic Analyses by MC-ICPMS Using Zr as a Fractionation Monitor: Initial Results and Potential Applications to Improved Rb-Sr Geochronology
Waight T, Baker J & Krogstad E

(2000) Precise and Accurate Pb-Pb Dating of Apatite, Sphene and Monazite in situ by High Mass Resolution LAM-MC-ICPMS
Willigers BJ, Krogstad EJ, Baker J & Peate DW

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