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All abstracts by Yohey Suzuki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Microbial Ecology in Deep Subsurface Granites: Insights from Groundwater Meta-Proteomics
Masuda N, Ishikawa A, Suzuki Y & Endo K

(2020) In situ and Laboratory High-Pressure Cultivations of Deep Microbiome at Two Japanese Underground Facilities
Suzuki Y

(2016) Detection of Deep Microbial Life in the Oceanic Crust Aged 13-100 Million Years
Suzuki Y, Kouduka M, Ao Y, Mitsunobu S & Inagaki F

(2016) Co-occurrence and Metabolic Consequences of Candidate Bacterial Phyla and Anaerobic Methane Oxidizing Archaea in the Deep Crustal Biosphere
Ino K, Hernsdorf A, Konno U, Kouduka M, Sunamura M, Hirota A, Togo Y, Ito K, Fukuda A, Iwatsuki T, Mizuno T, Komatsu D, Tsunogai U, Yanagawa K, Ishimura T, Amano Y, Thomas B, Banfield J & Suzuki Y

(2016) Biogeochemical Cycle of Methanol in Anoxic Deep-Sea Sediments of the Eastern Japan Sea
Yanagawa K, Tani A, Yamamoto N, Hachikubo A, Kano A, Matsumoto R & Suzuki Y

(2014) Preservation of Ancient Eukaryotic DNA in Methane Hydrate-Associated Marine Sediments
Kouduka M, Tanabe AS, Yamamoto S, Yamaguchi Y, Yanagawa K, Toju H & Suzuki Y

(2012) Unveiling Key Players in the Geological Disposal Environment
Suzuki Y, Fukuda A, Konnno U, Kouduka M, Hagiwara H, Martin A, Takeno N, Ito K & Mizuno T

(2012) Kinetic Theory of Crystallization from Meta-Stable Phases
Tsukimura K, Suzuki M, Suzuki Y & Murakami T

(2010) Behavior of Colloidal Ferrihydrite as Radionuclide Carrier in the Lake Karachai Area
Tsukimura K, Suzuki M, Suzuki Y & Murakami T

(2008) Nitrate-Dependent Deep Subsurface Biosphere and Nitrite Accumulation in an Inland Fore-Arc Basin, Japan
Suzuki Y, Suko T, Yoshioka H, Takahashi M, Sakata S, Tsunogai U, Takeno N & Ito K

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