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All abstracts by Carl I. Steefel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Impacts of Heterogeneities on Fracture Alteration: Investigations Using a Reduced Dimension Reactive Transport Model
Deng H, Steefel C, Molins S & DePaolo D

(2017) Mineral Nucleation and its Role in Governing Permeability/Diffusivity Modification
Steefel C, Yang L & Molins S

(2017) Diffusion in Clays. Continuum and Micro-Continuum Approaches
Tournassat C, Steefel CI & Gaboreau S

(2015) Modeling the DR-A in situ Diffusion Experiment (Opalinus Clay): Ionic Strength Effects on Solute Transport
Soler J, Steefel C, Leupin O & Gimmi T

(2015) Code Interoperability in Reactive Transport Modeling: The Adaptive Mesh Refinement Example
Molins S, Day M, Johnson J & Steefel C

(2015) Multiple Scale (and Multi-Scale) Reactive Transport Modeling of Terrestrial Systems
Steefel C, Trebotich D, Molins S, Maxwell R, Beisman J & Moulton D

(2015) Integrated Surface-Subsurface Reactive Transport Modeling
Beisman J, Maxwell R, Navarre-Sitchler A & Steefel C

(2015) A Model for the Isotope Partitioning of Weathering Reactions in Catchments
Druhan JL, Maher K & Steefel CI

(2015) Impact of Hyporheic Zone on Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon
Dwivedi D, Steefel C, Arora B & Bisht G

(2015) Modeling CO2 and Carbon Isotope Dynamics in a Floodplain Aquifer
Arora B, Conrad M, Spycher N & Steefel C

(2014) The GEWaSC Framework: Multiscale Modeling of Coupled Biogeochemical, Microbiological, and Hydrological Processes
Steefel C, Brodie E, Bouskill N, Molins S, Arora B, Yabusaki S, Karaoz U, Spycher N, Maxwell R, Trebotich D, Navarre-Sitchler A & Beisman J

(2014) Choosing a Model for Isotope Fractionation in Complex Systems
Druhan J, Steefel C & Maher K

(2014) Benchmark for Reactive Transport Codes with Application to Concrete Alteration
Bildstein O, Claret F, Perko J, Jacques D & Steefel C

(2014) Rates and Mechanisms of Uranyl Oxyhydroxide Mineral Dissolution
Reinoso-Maset E, Um W, Chorover J, Steefel C & O'Day P

(2014) Reactive Transport Benchmarks for Multicomponent Diffusion and Electrical Double Layer Transport
Steefel C, Alt-Epping P, Rasouli P, Mayer U, Jenni A, Rolle M, Tournassat C, Navarre-Sitchler A & Beisman J

(2014) Reactive Transport Benchmarks on Heavy Metal Cycling
Arora B, Mayer KU, Steefel CI, Spycher NF, Sengor SS, Jacques D & Alt-Epping P

(2014) Benchmarking the Simulation of Microbial Cr(VI) Reduction and Cr Isotope Fractionation
Wanner C, Molins S, Druhan J, Greskowiak J, Amos R, Mayer U, Alt-Epping P & Steefel C

(2014) Modeling the Biogeochemical Response of a Flood Plain to Hydrologic Forcing
Molins S, Arora B, Spycher N, Johnson J & Steefel C

(2014) Genome-To-Watershed Predictive Understanding of Terrestrial Biogeochemical Functioning: ‘Sustainable Systems 2.0’
Hubbard S, Agarwal D, Banfield J, Beller H, Brodie E, Long P, Nico P, Steefel C, Tokunaga T & Williams K

(2014) Numerical Simulation of Heterogeneous Reactive Subsurface
Beisman J, Maxwell R, Sitchler A, Steefel C & Molins S

(2013) Impact of Calcite Precipitation on Flow Alteration in Porous Media
Noiriel C, Steefel C, Yang L & Bernard D

(2013) Reaction Mechanisms, Pathways, and Transport in Anaerobic Abiotic and Microbial U(IV)-Oxide Dissolution Studies
O'Day P, Asta M, Kanematsu M, Steefel C & Beller H

(2012) Calcium Isotope Fractionation as a Function of Solution Stoichiometry in Groundwater
Druhan J, Steefel C, Williams K, Neilsen L & DePaolo D

(2012) Diffusion Versus Surface Reaction Control of Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution Kinetics at the Pore Scale
Steefel C, Trebotich D, Molins S, Yang L & Shen C

(2012) Measurement of the Reactive Surface Area Relevant to CO2 Mineralization in a Reservoir Sandstone
Landrot G, Ajo-Franklin J, Cabrini S & Steefel C

(2012) Investigation of Coupled Flow and Geochemical Reactions at the Pore Scale by Direct Numerical Simulation
Molins S, Shen C, Silin D, Steefel C & Trebotich D

(2012) Chlorite Dissolution Rates in scCO2- Saturated Saline Water at 100℃ and 100 Bar
Zhang S, Yang L, Depaolo D & Steefel C

(2011) A Multi-Component Reactive Transport Model Assessment of Microbial Processes and Trace Metal Cycling Across a Gradient in Sulfate Reduction Rates along the California Margin
Schneider Mor A, Steefel C & Maher K

(2011) Evaluation of Chromium Reductive Immobilization and Oxidative Re-mobilization in Flow-Through Aquifer Sediment Columns
Varadharajan C, Nico P, Yang L, Marcus M, Han R, Bill M, Larsen J, Molins S, Steefel C, Conrad M, Brodie E & Beller H

(2011) A Meso-Scale Laboratory Study of Stable Isotope Variations during Uranium Bioremediation
Druhan J, Steefel C, Conrad M & DePaolo D

(2011) Modeling of Co-metabolic Cr(VI) Reduction Under Denitrifying Conditions
Yang L, Molins S, Steefel C & Beller H

(2011) Modelling of a Bentonite Column Experiment with CrunchFlow Including New Clay-Specific Transport Features
Fernández R, Mäder U & Steefel C

(2011) Upscaling Pore Scale Carbonate Precipitation Rates to the Continuum Scale
Steefel CI, Noiriel C, Yang L & Ajo-Franklin J

(2011) Direct Pore-Scale Numerical Simulation of Precipitation and Dissolution
Molins S, Silin D, Trebotich D & Steefel C

(2011) Reliance of the Rate of Dissolution of the SON68 Glass on SiO2(aq): New Quantification Using Interferometry
Icenhower J, Steefel C, Luttge A, Ryan J & Pierce E

(2011) Continuum Model for Diffusive Transport in the Electrical Double Layer and Clay Interlamellæ
Galindez JM, Steefel C & Maeder U

(2010) Modeling Mineral Aging in the Critical Zone
Steefel C

(2010) Importance of Porosity in Saprolite Formation on Basalt
Navarre-Sitchler A, Steefel C & Brantley S

(2010) Biogeochemical Reaction Networks Involved in Weathering Processes
Maher K & Steefel C

(2010) Reactive Transport Modeling of Incongruent Basalt Dissolution in the Biosphere 2 Hillslope Experiment
Dontsova K, Steefel C, Desilets S, Thompson A & Chorover J

(2009) Thermodynamic Controls on the Bioreduction of U, V, and Fe
Steefel C, Williams K, Yang L & Li L

(2009) Why Weathering Rates Differ between the Laboratory and the Field
Maher K, Steefel C & White A

(2009) Kinetics of Kaolinite Precipitation at the Laboratory and Field Scale
Yang L, Steefel C, Maher K & White A

(2008) Kinetics of Fe(II)-catalyzed Transformation of Ferrihydrite Under Anaerobic Dynamic Flow Conditions
Yang L, Steefel C, Marcus M & Song X

(2008) Modeling of Thermodynamic and Kinetic Controls on Complex Biogeochemical Reaction Networks
Steefel CI, Williams KH, Li L & Davis JA

(2007) Basalt Weathering Rates on Earth and the Duration of Water on Mars
Hausrath E, Navarre-Sitchler A, Sak P, Steefel C & Brantley S

(2007) Influence of Porosity on Basalt Weathering Rates from the Clast to Watershed Scale
Navarre-Sitchler A, Steefel C, Hausrath E & Brantley S

(2007) Interpreting Reaction Rates at the Field Scale
Steefel C & Li L

(2007) Effects of Rapid Diagenetic Calcite Deposition on Carbonate Associated Sulfate and Calcium Isotopes
Turchyn AV, DePaolo DJ, Steefel CI & Schrag DP

(2007) Control of Chemical Weathering Rates by Secondary Mineral Precipitation: A Reactive Transport Approach for Understanding Soil Genesis
Maher K, Steefel C, Stonestrom D & White A

(2005) Reactive Transport Modeling of Acid Gas Generation and Condensation
Zhang G, Spycher N, Sonnenthal E & Steefel C

(2005) Multiple Approaches to Studying Diffusion Processes in Geological Media
Hu Q, Ewing R, Steefel C, Tomutsa L & Hudson B

(2005) Conversion of Rock to Saprolite: A Study of Weathering Rinds
Navarre A, Steefel C & Brantley S

(2005) Rate Control in Low Porosity Diffusion-Reaction Systems
Steefel C, Brantley S, Navarre A & Hu Q

(2005) Rates of Silicate Dissolution in Deep-Sea Sediments
Maher K, Steefel C & DePaolo D

(2004) Rates of Tc Reduction by Biogenic Fe(II) in Subsurface Sediment
Steefel C, Zachara J & Fredrickson J

(2004) U-234/U-238 Disequilibrium as a Measure of Weathering Rates in Soils and Sediments
Maher K, Steefel C & Depaolo D

(2004) Modeling Depletion Zones in Weathering Profiles and Comparison with Field Data
Brantley S, Lichtner P & Steefel C

(2002) Effect of Fluid-Sediment Reaction on Seafloor Hydrothermal Fluxes of Solutes
Giambalvo ER, Steefel CI, Fisher AT, Rosenberg ND & Wheat CG

(2002) Interpretation of Weathering Profiles from the Paleo-Proterozoic and Present Using Reactive Transport Modeling
Steefel CI, Rye RM, Sak PB & Brantley SL

(2002) Core Infiltration Experiment and Modelling of Reactive Transport of high-Ph Solution in Clay Stone
Mader UK, Adler M, Steefel CI, Waber HN & Traber D

(2001) Evaluation of the Field Exchange Capacity of Hanford Sediments with Implications for 137Cs Migration
Steefel CI, Carroll SA, Yabusaki SB & Lichtner PC

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