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All abstracts by Aldo Shemesh in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Tracing the Evolution of Biogenic Opal to Porcellanite and Chert with δ18O in Deep Sea Sediments
Yanchilina A, Yam R & Shemesh A

(2017) The Stable Isotope Record of Vermetids from the Eastern, Central and Western Mediterranean Basins during the Past Two Millennia
Shemesh A, Yam R, Jacobson Y, López Correa M, Devoti S & Montagna P

(2017) Trace Elements of Mediterranean Vermetid Reefs as Proxies for Natural and Anthropogenic Processes
Jacobson Y, Yam R, Montagna P, López Correa M, Devoti S & Shemesh A

(2017) Kinetic Isotope Effects during Witherite (BaCO3) Formation
Sade Z, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

(2017) The Geologic History of Seawater δ18O from Marine Fe Oxides
Galili N, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

(2016) Experimental Investigation of Kinetic Isotope Effects on Oxygen during CO2 Hydroxylation
Thaler C, Yam R, Shemesh A, Ader M & Halevy I

(2015) The Distributions of Carbon Isotopes and the Carbonate System Variables in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin
Yam R, Sisma-Ventura G, Kress N & Shemesh A

(2014) Kinetic Isotope Effects during Carbonate Mineral Formation
Sade Z, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

(2014) Isotopic Fractionation and Trace Element Partitioning of Green Rust
Schuster E, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

(2011) Diatom Si Isotope Variations from the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean (ODP Site 1093) Record Environmental Changes of the Last 170 ka
Wetzel F, Shemesh A & Reynolds B

(2007) Diatom δ13C, δ15N, and C/N Since the Last Glacial Maximum in the Southern Ocean: Evidence for Regional and Ecological Influences
Jacot Des Combes H, De La Rocha CL, Esper O, Abelmann A, Gersonde R & Shemesh A

(2007) Opal Records of Abrupt Changes in the Southern Ocean over Termination II
Reynolds B, Mantoura S & Shemesh A

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