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All abstracts by Laura F. Robinson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Ba/Ca of the Last Millennium North Atlantic Deep-Sea Corals as Water Mass Evolution and Ocean Circulation Variability Archive
Shen Y, Robinson LF, Stewart JA, Sun Y-J, de Carvalho Ferreira ML, Wang M, Prokopenko M, Hendry KR, Ng HC & Kershaw J

(2023) Coral Li/Mg Records of Tropical Atlantic Intermediate Water Warming at the End of the Little Ice Age
Liu Q, Robinson LF, Hendy E, Chen S-YS, Stewart JA, Knowles T, Li T & Samperiz A

(2023) Deep-Sea Coral 14C and Li/Mg Records of Ocean Circulation and Temperature in the Southwest Atlantic over the Last 35 Thousand Years
de Carvalho Ferreira ML, Robinson LF, Stewart JA, Kitahara MV, Pires DO & Millo C

(2023) Enhancing School Ocean and Climate Outreach via Deep-Sea Coral Geochemistry
Shen Y, de Carvalho Ferreira ML, Kershaw J, Wang M, Sun Y-J, Robson E, Hildebrandt C, Almond S & Robinson LF

(2023) Boron Isotopes of Cold-Seep Carbonates Reveal Methane Seepage Intensity in the Past
Wang M, Stewart JA, Robinson LF, Feng D, Li T, Zhang X & Chen T

(2023) Controls on Stylasterid Coral δ11B and its Utility as a Seawater pH Proxy
Kershaw J, Stewart JA & Robinson LF

(2021) Cold-Water Corals as Archives of Seawater Zn Isotopes
Little SH, Wilson DJ, Rehkämper M, Adkins J, Robinson LF & van de Flierdt T

(2021) Tracing Anthropogenic Radiocarbon Transfer Through the Tropical North Atlantic Using Deep Sea Bamboo Corals
Liu Q, Robinson LF, Hendy E, Stewart J, Knowles T, Li T & Samperiz A

(2021) Refining Trace Metal Temperature Proxies in Cold-Water Scleractinian and Stylasterid Corals
Stewart J, Robinson LF, Day R, Strawson I, Samperiz A, Burke A, Rae JWB, Spooner P, Etnoyer P, Williams B, Paytan A, Leng M, Haussermann V, Wickes L, Bratt R & Pryer HV

(2021) Ba/Ca Ratios of Stylasterid Coral Skeletons: Implications for Palaeoceanography and Coral Biomineralisation
Kershaw J, Stewart J, Strawson I, Samperiz A & Robinson LF

(2021) Tectonic and Climatic Controls on Riverine Uranium Isotope
Li L, Robinson LF, Pryer HV, Wadham JL, Hendry KR, Ward J & Li G

(2020) Spatial Patterns of Terrigenous Fluxes in the Tropical Atlantic Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Rowland GH, Robinson LF, Hendry KR, Ng HC, McGee D & McManus JF

(2017) Barium Isotope Ratios in Planktic Foraminifera and Seawater
Bates S, Hendry K, Pryer H, Robinson L & Horner T

(2017) New Adventures in Marine Silicon Isotope Studies
Hendry K, Cassarino L, Hatton J, Ward J, Hawkings J, Ng HC, Wadham J, Coath C & Robinson L

(2017) Deep Sea Corals as Archives of Seawater Zn Isotopes
Little S, van De Flierdt T, Rehkämper M, Wilson D, Adkins J & Robinson L

(2017) Ba Isotopes in Cold Water Corals
Hemsing F, Bridgestock L, Hsieh Y-T, Spooner PT, Robinson LF, Frank N & Henderson GM

(2017) Drake Passage Deep-Sea Coral Records of Southern Ocean Ventilation during the Last Deglaciation
Li T, Robinson L, Chen T, Pegrum-Haram A, Burke A, Spooner P, Rowland G, Samperiz A, Rae J, Prokopenko M & Knowles T

(2017) The Radiocarbon Fingerprint of Different Meridional Overturning Circulations
Dentith J, Ivanovic R, Gregoire L, Tindall J & Robinson LF

(2017) CO2 Storage and Release in the Deep Southern Ocean on Millennial to Centennial Timescales
Rae J, Burke A, Robinson L, Adkins J, Chen T, Cole C, Littley E, Nita D, Spooner P & Taylor B

(2017) Deglacial Water Mass Mixing in the Drake Passage on Millennial to Centennial Timescales
Wilson D, Struve T, van de Flierdt T, Chen T, Burke A & Robinson L

(2016) Zinc Isotopes in Deep Sea Corals
Little S, van de Flierdt T, Wilson D, Spooner P, Adkins J & Robinson L

(2016) Barium Isotopes Reveal Role of Ocean Mixing on Ba Cycling in the Atlantic
Hendry K, Bates S, Pryer H, Robinson L & Horner T

(2016) Constraints on Deglacial Southern Ocean Circulation and Carbon Cycling from Deep-Sea Corals
Burke A, Rae J, Cole C, Chen T, Spooner P & Robinson L

(2015) Millennial to Centennial Radiocarbon Variability of the Equatorial Atlantic over the Last 25 ka
Chen T, Robinson L, Burke A, Southon J, Spooner P & Morris P

(2015) Exploring the Controls on Glacial-Interglacial Oceanic (234U/238U) Variation
Beasley M, Robinson L, Chen T, Richards D, Nita D, Smith C, Andersen M, Wadham J & Telling J

(2015) Spatial and Temporal Variations of Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th in the Equatorial Atlantic
Ng HC, Robinson LF, McManus JF, Mohamed Falcon KJ, Jacobel AW & Henry LG

(2015) Exploring Pb Isotopes in Deep-Sea Corals: Measurement by TIMS and Application to the Deglacial Southern Ocean
Wilson D, van de Flierdt T, Bridgestock L, Paul M, Rehkamper M, Robinson L & Adkins J

(2015) The Use of 232Th as a Proxy for Aeolian Dust: A Core Top Study from the Low Latitude Atlantic
Rowland G, Ng HC, Robinson L & McManus J

(2015) Age and Composition of Corals from the Deep Ocean: Response to Ocean Chemistry
Robinson LF, Ciscato ER, Chen T, Spooner P, Cooper A & Lucas S

(2015) Accessing 14C Profiles in Carbonate Records Using Laser Ablation
Welte C, Hattendorf B, Wacker L, Christl M, Koch J, Fohlmeister J, Breitenbach SFM, Robinson L, Andrews AH, Synal H-A & Günther D

(2014) Seawater Th Isotopes in the U. S. North Atlantic GEOTRACES Transect: Sources, Sinks and Cycling
Huang K-F, Robinson LF, Auro ME, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Fleisher MQ, Edwards RL, Cheng H, Lu Y & Moran SB

(2013) Uranium Isotopes as a Novel Tracer of Paleo-Hydrology?
Robinson LF, Swartz JM & Thompson WG

(2013) Constraining the Modern Riverine Sulfur Isotopic Budget
Burke A, Adkins J, Gaillardet J, Holmes M, McClelland J, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Robinson L & Voss B

(2013) Constraining Rates of Trace Element Supply and Removal Using Long-Lived Thorium Isotopes
Anderson R, Hayes C, Fleisher M, Robinson L, Huang K-F, Cheng H, Sha L, Edwards RL, Lu Y & Moran SB

(2013) Water Mass Mixing in the Drake Passage during the Last 40 kyrs
Struve T, van de Flierdt T, Robinson LF, Burke A, Crocket KC, Lambelet M & Auro M

(2012) Silicon Isotopes in Glassy Sponges as a Tracer of Silicic Acid in Seawater
Hendry K & Robinson L

(2012) Dissolved 231Pa/230Th in the U. S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Zonal Transect
Anderson R, Hayes C, Fleisher M, Robinson L, Huang K-F, Edwards RL, Cheng H & Moran SB

(2012) Sources, Sinks and Cycling of Seawater 232Th in the North and South Atlantic Basins
Robinson LF, Huang K-F, Auro ME, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Fleischer MQ, Cheng H, Edwards RL, Moran SB & Saito M

(2012) Modern and Deglacial Radiocarbon Depth Profiles from the Southern Ocean
Burke A & Robinson L

(2012) Reconstructing the Large-Scale Deep and Intermediate Ocean Circulation in the North Atlantic during the LGM and Last Deglaciation
McManus J, Hoffmann S, Roberts N, Henry G, Bradtmiller L, Mohamed K, Jacard S, Yu J, Piotrowski A, Oppo D, Curry W, Praetorius M & Robinson L

(2012) Changes in the Deglacial NW Atlantic from Deep Sea Coral epsilonNd
Crocket KC, van de Flierdt T, Robinson LF & Adkins JF

(2012) Boron Isotopes in Deep-Sea Bamboo Corals
Farmer J, Hoenisch B, Robinson L, Hill T & Lavigne M

(2011) Removal of Seawater 234U Incorporated in Holocene Basaltic Sediments from the Reykjanes Ridge
Mohamed KJ, Robinson LF & McManus JF

(2011) Marine Controls on Atmospheric Radiocarbon: The Glacial and Deglaciation
Robinson LF, Burke A & Adkins JF

(2011) Mixing of Radiocarbon from High Latitude Oceans Through the Atmosphere and Ocean during the Last Deglaciation: Results from Iceland and the Drake Passage
Burke A, Robinson L & White N

(2011) Deglacial NW Atlantic Ventilation from Paired Deep-Water Coral Radiocarbon and Nd Isotopes
Crocket KC, van de Flierdt T, Robinson LF & Adkins JF

(2011) Transfer of Nutrients and Carbon from the Southern Ocean to the Atlantic during the Last 30, 000 Years
Robinson LF, Burke A & Hendry KR

(2011) Zinc and Silicon Isotope Fractionation by Deep-Sea Sponges
Hendry K, Andersen M & Robinson L

(2011) Efficient Analysis of Seawater Thorium and Protactinium
Auro M, Robinson L, Anderson R, Fleisher M & Saito M

(2010) Strontium Isotopes in Chilean Rivers: The Flux of Unradiogenic Continental Sr to Seawater
Fiege K, Miller CA, Robinson L, Figuero R & Peucker-Ehrenbrink B

(2010) Sponge Silicon Isotopes as a Tracer of Southern Ocean Water in the Atlantic
Hendry K & Robinson L

(2010) U-Series Based Sediment Fluxes and Provenance South of Iceland Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Mohamed KJ, Robinson LF & McManus JF

(2010) Southern Ocean Radiocarbon Through the Last Deglaciation as Reconstructed from Deep-Sea Corals
Burke A & Robinson L

(2010) Boron Isotopes in Southern Ocean Deep Sea Corals
Robinson LF, Hoenisch B & Auro ME

(2010) Geochemical, Isotopic, and Physical Evidence for Vigorous Meridional Overturning Circulation at Mid-Depth in the Atlantic Ocean at the LGM
McManus JF, Major C, Mohamed K, Robinson L, Oppo D, Curry W, Yu J, Bradtmiller L & Jaccard S

(2009) Sponge Spicules as Recorders of Deep-Water Silicic Acid
Hendry KR, Georg RB, Rickaby REM, Robinson LF & Halliday AN

(2009) Measurement of 232Th, 230Th and 231Pa in Modern and Fossil Deep-Sea Corals
Robinson LF, McManus JF, Auro ME & van de Flierdt T

(2009) The Distribution of 231Pa and 230Th in Paired Water Column and Surface Sediment Samples
Bradtmiller L, Robinson L, McManus J, Auro M & Bostock H

(2009) Atlantic Ocean Water Mass Distribution over the Past 32, 000 yrs from Nd Isotopes in Deep-Sea Corals
van de Flierdt T, Robinson LF & Adkins JF

(2007) Sedimentary 232Th as a Tracer of Dissolved Detrital Inputs to the Ocean
Robinson L, Noble T & McManus J

(2004) Uranium-Series Dating and Diagenesis in Deep Sea Corals
Robinson L & Adkins J

(2004) 231Pa/230Th as a Tracer of Ocean Circulation in the Indian Ocean?
Thomas A, Henderson G & Robinson L

(2003) Abiotic Transformation of Perchloroethylene by Manganese Oxide
Cheney M, Robinson L & Kukor J

(2002) Weathering Control of River and Ocean (234U/238U)
Henderson G, Robinson LF, Smith A, Matthews I, Barker D & Hall B

(2002) Th, Pa and U Isotopes in Bahamas Seawater by MC-ICP-MS
Robinson LF & Henderson GM

(2000) U-Th Dating of Marine Isotope Stage Seven in Bahaman Slope Sediments
Robinson LF, Henderson GM & Slowey NC

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