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All abstracts by Laurent Remusat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) What Would Martian Biosignatures Look Like if Entombed in Clay-Rich Sediments?
Criouet I, Viennet J-C, Remusat L, Baron F, Buch A, Skouri-Panet F, Balan E & Bernard S

(2023) Determination of Hydrogen Concentrations and Speciation in Terrestrial and Chondritic Olivines by Atom Probe Tomography
Roskosz M, Danoix F, Azevedo-Vannson S, Leroux H, Bolfan-Casanova N, Demouchy S & Remusat L

(2023) Micropyrite: A Promising biosignature?Insights from Modern and Ancient Sediments
Marin-Carbonne J, Decraene M-N, Dupeyron J, Alleon J, Pasquier V, Remusat L, Thomazo C, Olivier N, Benzerara K & Bernard S

(2023) Site Specific D-H Isotope Exchange in Amino Acids during Experimental Hydrothermal Alteration: Application to Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, He Y, Marceau L, Khodorova N, Boulesteix D, Buch A & Bernard S

(2023) Solubility of Carbon in Diamond-Saturated Granite Melt in Subducted Crust: Implications for Carbon Transport to the Deep Mantle
Acosta-Vigil A, Stöckhert B, Hermann J, Cesare B, Yaxley GM & Remusat L

(2021) Hydrogen Content in Chondrules of CM Chondrites: Influence of Aqueous Alteration or Preaccretional Heritage?
Azevedo-Vannson S, Remusat L, Piani L, Pont S & Roskosz M

(2021) Sub-Micrometer Pyrites in Microbialites Record Equilibrium S Isotope Fractionation by Microbial Sulfate Reduction Independently of the Sulfate Concentration of the Water
Marin-Carbonne J, Decraene M-N, Remusat L, Havas R, Thomazo C, Pasquier V, Alleon J, Zeyen N, Bernard S, Escrig S, Vennin E, Meibom A & Benzerara K

(2021) Oxidation of Subducted Organic Matter Buffered by Marine Carbonate Rules the Carbon Isotopic Signature of Arc Emissions
Tumiati S, Remusat L, Tiraboschi C, Sverjensky D, Manning C, Vitale Brovarone A, Poli S & Boutier A

(2021) Tardi-Magmatic Precipitation of Cl-Bearing Fe/Mg Clay Minerals on Mars
Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Sautter V, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Gregoire B, Jambon A, Pont S, Beyssac O, Zanda B, Hewins R & Remusat L

(2020) Dissolution of Subducted Ocean Carbonates and Organic Matter Controls the Carbon Isotopic Signature of the Mantle Wedge
Tumiati S, Recchia S, Remusat L, Tiraboschi C, Sverjensky D & Poli S

(2019) Microscale Characterization of Pyrites from Archean Sediments Brings New Constrains on Past Microbial Metabolisms
Marin Carbonne J, Thomazo C, Busigny V, Decraene M-N, Saitoh M, Alleon J, Remusat L & Bernard S

(2019) S-Isotope Determination of Nano-Pyrites by NanoSIMS Imaging: Application to Biominerals in Precambrian Stromatolites
Remusat L, Marin-Carbonne J, Decraene M-N, Escrig S, Meibom A & Thomazo C

(2019) Insights on Late Accretion from Platinum Metal-Silicate Partitioning
Siebert J, Suer T-A, Remusat L, Borensztajn S, Doisineau B & Fiquet G

(2018) Alteration Mechanisms and Kinetics of Limestone Materials Used in Built Cultural Heritage
Saheb M, Gentaz L, Verney-Carron A, Sessegolo L, Rémusat L, Nuns N, Mertz J-D & Chabas A

(2017) Use of Isotopic Tracers (D, 18O) for the Study of Water Transport within Stained-Glass Windows Alteration Layer
Sessegolo L, Verney-Carron A, Saheb M, Drici A, Remusat L, Gonzales-Cano A, Loisel C & Chabas A

(2017) Investigation of Organo-Mineral Associations at the Micron Scale by NanoSIMS
Remusat L & Derrien D

(2017) Effects of Microstructural Changes Associated with Silicate Dissolution on (Bio)weathering Rates
Wild B, Daval D, Guyot F, Fernandez-Martinez A, Remusat L, Bernard S, Rébiscoul D, Micha J-S, Narteau C, Rozier O & Imfeld G

(2017) The Carbon Source for Lithospheric Diamonds
Bureau H, Remusat L, Esteve I, Pinti D & Cartigny P

(2017) Study of Water and Cultural Heritage Limestone Interaction Using Isotopic Labelling
Drici A, Saheb M, Verney-Carron A, Sessegolo L, Remusat L, Cano-Gonzalez A & Coll P

(2017) Fe Biomineralization in the Meromictic Lake Pavin
Miot J, Duprat E, Remusat L, Benzerara K, Jézéquel D, Cordier L, Viollier E, Skouri-Panet F, Férard C, Poinsot M, Rivas-Lamelo S, Gonzalez A, Pont S & Berg J

(2017) In situ Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of H-Bearing Phases in the Matrix of CM Carbonaceous Chondrites
Piani L, Yurimoto H, Remusat L & Gonzales A

(2016) Diffusion-Driven D/H Fractionation in Silicates during Hydration, Dehydration and Degassing
Roskosz M, Laporte D, Deloule E, Ingrin J, Remusat L, Depecker C & Leroux H

(2016) Isotopic Labeling to Determine the Water Penetration Depth and Reaction Sites in the Limestone Used in Built Cultural Heritage
Saheb M, Verney-Carron A, Drici A, Sessegolo L, Rémusat L, Mertz J-D, Chabas A & Rozenbaum O

(2016) Hydrogen Isotopic Evolution of Water and Organic Compounds on Carbon-Rich Asteroids
Piani L, Remusat L, Robert F & Yurimoto H

(2016) Genealogy of Deuterium in Insoluble Organic Matter in Chondrites
Remusat L, Piani L, Laurent B, Bernard S, Bonnet J-Y, Le Guillou C & Roskosz M

(2016) Light Element Isotopic Composition in Ultra-Carbonaceous Antarctic Micrometeorites
Duprat J, Engrand C, Bardin N, Dartois E, Baklouti D, Benzerara K, Delauche L, Dobrica E, Marie G, Guerquin-Kern J-L, Kakazu Y, Leroux H, Quirico E, Remusat L, Slodzian G & Wu T-D

(2015) Deuteration of Insoluble Organic Matter and Silicates by Ionizing Irradiation in the Solar Nebula
Laurent B, Roskosz M, Remusat L, Robert F, Depecker C & Leroux H

(2015) Organic Matter Evolution on Asteroids: New Clues from Paris
Remusat L, Vinogradoff V, Le Guillou C & Bernard S

(2015) Evidence of Microbial Sulfate Reduction in Nanopyrites Enclosed in 2.7 Billions Year Old Stromatolitic Organic Remains
Marin-Carbonne J, Remusat L, Sforna M, Thomazo C, Cartigny P & Philippot P

(2015) Microstructural Modifications of Dissolving Silicate Minerals: Why Should We Bother?
Daval D, Pollet-Villard M, Ackerer P, Fritz B, Rémusat L, Guyot F, Bernard S, Saldi G & Knauss K

(2014) Tracking Fresh Microbial Products in Forest Soils with the Sharp Probe of the NanoSIMS
Remusat L, Hatton P-J, Brewer E & Derrien D

(2014) Coupled H-Isotopic Signature and Structural Evolution of Experimentally Irradiated Insoluble Organic Matter
Laurent B, Roskosz M, Remusat L, Leroux H, Nuns N, Depecker C, Lefèvre J-M & Robert F

(2014) In situ Study of Chondritic Organics: The Role of Aqueous Alteration
Le Guillou C, Changela H, Bernard S, Remusat L & Brearley A

(2013) Water Contents of Natural Anatectic Melts: Constraints from NanoSIMS Analysis of Remelted Nanogranites and Glassy Inclusions
Bartoli O, Cesare B, Acosta-Vigil A, Remusat L & Poli S

(2013) Lack of Isotopic Exchange between Organics and Clays in Semarkona Chondrite: Submicrometer Scale Heterogeneity of the D/H Ratio
Piani L, Robert F & Remusat L

(2013) Different D-Rich Organic Reservoirs in Unequilibrated Ordinary and Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, Bernard S, Piani L, Bonnet J-Y & Quirico E

(2011) Combining NanoSIMS with STXM/TEM Imaging to Shed New Light on Organic Matter Contained in Micron-Sized Particles
Remusat L, Derrien D, Hatton P-J, Nico P & Rouzaud J-N

(2011) Aqueous Alteration of Organic Matter and Amorphous Silicate in Pristine Chondrites: A Multiscale Study
Le Guillou C, Brearley A, Remusat L & Bernard S

(2009) NanoSIMS Imaging of Insoluble Organic Matter in Ordinary Chondrites; Comparison with Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, Guan Y & Eiler J

(2008) Laboratory Shock-Synthesized Diamond vs. Carbons from a Differentiated Meteorite
Le Guillou C, Rouzaud JN, Bourot-Denise M, Remusat L & Jambon A

(2007) Molecular Identification of the Deuterium-Rich Carrier in Insoluble Organic Matter in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, Robert F, Mostefaoui S, Meibom A, Delpoux O, Gourier D, Binet L & Derenne S

(2005) Compound Specific D/H Isotopic Composition of Orgueil and Murchison Insoluble Organic Matter
Remusat L, Palhol F, Robert F, Derenne S & France-Lanord C

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