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All abstracts by Laurent Remusat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Dissolution of Subducted Ocean Carbonates and Organic Matter Controls the Carbon Isotopic Signature of the Mantle Wedge
Tumiati S, Recchia S, Remusat L, Tiraboschi C, Sverjensky D & Poli S

(2019) Insights on Late Accretion from Platinum Metal-Silicate Partitioning
Siebert J, Suer T-A, Remusat L, Borensztajn S, Doisineau B & Fiquet G

(2019) Microscale Characterization of Pyrites from Archean Sediments Brings New Constrains on Past Microbial Metabolisms
Marin Carbonne J, Thomazo C, Busigny V, Decraene M-N, Saitoh M, Alleon J, Remusat L & Bernard S

(2019) S-Isotope Determination of Nano-Pyrites by NanoSIMS Imaging: Application to Biominerals in Precambrian Stromatolites
Remusat L, Marin-Carbonne J, Decraene M-N, Escrig S, Meibom A & Thomazo C

(2018) Alteration Mechanisms and Kinetics of Limestone Materials Used in Built Cultural Heritage
Saheb M, Gentaz L, Verney-Carron A, Sessegolo L, Rémusat L, Nuns N, Mertz J-D & Chabas A

(2017) Use of Isotopic Tracers (D, 18O) for the Study of Water Transport within Stained-Glass Windows Alteration Layer
Sessegolo L, Verney-Carron A, Saheb M, Drici A, Remusat L, Gonzales-Cano A, Loisel C & Chabas A

(2017) Investigation of Organo-Mineral Associations at the Micron Scale by NanoSIMS
Remusat L & Derrien D

(2017) Effects of Microstructural Changes Associated with Silicate Dissolution on (Bio)weathering Rates
Wild B, Daval D, Guyot F, Fernandez-Martinez A, Remusat L, Bernard S, Rébiscoul D, Micha J-S, Narteau C, Rozier O & Imfeld G

(2017) The Carbon Source for Lithospheric Diamonds
Bureau H, Remusat L, Esteve I, Pinti D & Cartigny P

(2017) Study of Water and Cultural Heritage Limestone Interaction Using Isotopic Labelling
Drici A, Saheb M, Verney-Carron A, Sessegolo L, Remusat L, Cano-Gonzalez A & Coll P

(2017) Fe Biomineralization in the Meromictic Lake Pavin
Miot J, Duprat E, Remusat L, Benzerara K, Jézéquel D, Cordier L, Viollier E, Skouri-Panet F, Férard C, Poinsot M, Rivas-Lamelo S, Gonzalez A, Pont S & Berg J

(2017) In situ Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of H-Bearing Phases in the Matrix of CM Carbonaceous Chondrites
Piani L, Yurimoto H, Remusat L & Gonzales A

(2016) Diffusion-Driven D/H Fractionation in Silicates during Hydration, Dehydration and Degassing
Roskosz M, Laporte D, Deloule E, Ingrin J, Remusat L, Depecker C & Leroux H

(2016) Isotopic Labeling to Determine the Water Penetration Depth and Reaction Sites in the Limestone Used in Built Cultural Heritage
Saheb M, Verney-Carron A, Drici A, Sessegolo L, Rémusat L, Mertz J-D, Chabas A & Rozenbaum O

(2016) Hydrogen Isotopic Evolution of Water and Organic Compounds on Carbon-Rich Asteroids
Piani L, Remusat L, Robert F & Yurimoto H

(2016) Genealogy of Deuterium in Insoluble Organic Matter in Chondrites
Remusat L, Piani L, Laurent B, Bernard S, Bonnet J-Y, Le Guillou C & Roskosz M

(2016) Light Element Isotopic Composition in Ultra-Carbonaceous Antarctic Micrometeorites
Duprat J, Engrand C, Bardin N, Dartois E, Baklouti D, Benzerara K, Delauche L, Dobrica E, Marie G, Guerquin-Kern J-L, Kakazu Y, Leroux H, Quirico E, Remusat L, Slodzian G & Wu T-D

(2015) Deuteration of Insoluble Organic Matter and Silicates by Ionizing Irradiation in the Solar Nebula
Laurent B, Roskosz M, Remusat L, Robert F, Depecker C & Leroux H

(2015) Organic Matter Evolution on Asteroids: New Clues from Paris
Remusat L, Vinogradoff V, Le Guillou C & Bernard S

(2015) Evidence of Microbial Sulfate Reduction in Nanopyrites Enclosed in 2.7 Billions Year Old Stromatolitic Organic Remains
Marin-Carbonne J, Remusat L, Sforna M, Thomazo C, Cartigny P & Philippot P

(2015) Microstructural Modifications of Dissolving Silicate Minerals: Why Should We Bother?
Daval D, Pollet-Villard M, Ackerer P, Fritz B, Rémusat L, Guyot F, Bernard S, Saldi G & Knauss K

(2014) Tracking Fresh Microbial Products in Forest Soils with the Sharp Probe of the NanoSIMS
Remusat L, Hatton P-J, Brewer E & Derrien D

(2014) Coupled H-Isotopic Signature and Structural Evolution of Experimentally Irradiated Insoluble Organic Matter
Laurent B, Roskosz M, Remusat L, Leroux H, Nuns N, Depecker C, Lefèvre J-M & Robert F

(2014) In situ Study of Chondritic Organics: The Role of Aqueous Alteration
Le Guillou C, Changela H, Bernard S, Remusat L & Brearley A

(2013) Water Contents of Natural Anatectic Melts: Constraints from NanoSIMS Analysis of Remelted Nanogranites and Glassy Inclusions
Bartoli O, Cesare B, Acosta-Vigil A, Remusat L & Poli S

(2013) Lack of Isotopic Exchange between Organics and Clays in Semarkona Chondrite: Submicrometer Scale Heterogeneity of the D/H Ratio
Piani L, Robert F & Remusat L

(2013) Different D-Rich Organic Reservoirs in Unequilibrated Ordinary and Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, Bernard S, Piani L, Bonnet J-Y & Quirico E

(2011) Combining NanoSIMS with STXM/TEM Imaging to Shed New Light on Organic Matter Contained in Micron-Sized Particles
Remusat L, Derrien D, Hatton P-J, Nico P & Rouzaud J-N

(2011) Aqueous Alteration of Organic Matter and Amorphous Silicate in Pristine Chondrites: A Multiscale Study
Le Guillou C, Brearley A, Remusat L & Bernard S

(2009) NanoSIMS Imaging of Insoluble Organic Matter in Ordinary Chondrites; Comparison with Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, Guan Y & Eiler J

(2008) Laboratory Shock-Synthesized Diamond vs. Carbons from a Differentiated Meteorite
Le Guillou C, Rouzaud JN, Bourot-Denise M, Remusat L & Jambon A

(2007) Molecular Identification of the Deuterium-Rich Carrier in Insoluble Organic Matter in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, Robert F, Mostefaoui S, Meibom A, Delpoux O, Gourier D, Binet L & Derenne S

(2005) Compound Specific D/H Isotopic Composition of Orgueil and Murchison Insoluble Organic Matter
Remusat L, Palhol F, Robert F, Derenne S & France-Lanord C

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