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All abstracts by Gregory Ravizza in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Marine Os Isotope Record during the Eocene Hyperthermals in the Indian Ocean: Implication for Continental Silicate Weathering Feedback
Tanaka E, Yasukawa K, Ohta J, Nakamura K, Ravizza G & Kato Y

(2013) New Constraints on K-Pg Boundary Environmental Changes with Li Isotopes
Vigier N, Ravizza G, Nagashima K, Norris R, Petit S, Beaufort D & Karpoff A-M

(2013) Impacts and LIPs: 187Os/188Os Signatures Across the K-Pg Boundary
Zaiss J, Ravizza G & Schmitz B

(2013) Organic Matter Oxidation and Authigenic Rhenium in Late Eocene Pelagic Sediments
Paquay F & Ravizza G

(2013) Geochemical Evidence for Volcanic Activity Prior to and Enhanced Terrestrial Weathering during the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum
Fantle M, Wieczorek R, Kump L & Ravizza G

(2012) The Osmium Isotope Record of Seawater: 20 Years of Research
Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Ravizza G

(2012) Generation of Moderately to Very Alkalic Young Honolulu Series Lavas from Th-U-Os-Pb-Nd-Sr Isotopes
Rubin K, Pyle D, Russo C, Vonderhaar D, Ravizza G & Clague D

(2011) PGE Perspective on Early Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event: Pacific vs. Tethyan Domains
Tejada ML, Suzuki K, Ishikawa A, Nozaki T, Senda R, Ravizza G & Kimura J-I

(2010) A Rapid Determination Method for Re and Os Isotopic Compositions Using ID-MC-ICP-MS with Sparging Method
Nozaki T, Suzuki K, Ravizza G, Kimura J-I & Chang Q

(2010) Rapid Os Isotope Analyses of Carius Tube Digestions by Sparging
Ravizza G, Paquay F, Pyle D & VonderHaar D

(2010) Variations in the Osmium Isotopes Record during the Azolla Phase (IODP Expedition 302)
Paquay F & Ravizza G

(2010) Reconstructing the Marine Os Record: Lessons from Pelagic Sediments
Ravizza G, Paquay F & VonderHaar D

(2006) Global Weathering Responses To Glaciation: A Multiproxy Approach
Ravizza G, Vonderhaar D & Dalai T

(2006) PGE Abundance Patterns for the Basement Sill and Dufek Intrusion, Ferrar Large Igneous Province, Antarctica
Mukasa S, Ravizza G, B├ędard J, Fleming T, Boudreau A, Marsh B & Choi S-H

(2006) The Potential Of Ir And Os Isotopes As Point Paleoflux Tracers
Dalai T & Ravizza G

(2004) Flood Basalt Volcanism and the Marine Os Isotope Record
Ravizza G, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Abbruzzese T

(2003) Os Isotope Evidence of a Causal Link between Eruption of the Deccan Flood Basalts and Latest Cretaceous Warming
Ravizza G & Peucker-Ehrenbrink B

(2003) The Marine Distribution of Molybdenum
Tuit C & Ravizza G

(2002) The Marine Os Isotope Record of the Eocene-Oligocene Transition
Ravizza G & Peucker-Ehrenbrink B

(2000) Osmium Isotope Evidence of Increased Chemical Weathering Rates during the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum
Ravizza G, Norris R & Blusztajn J

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