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All abstracts by Birger Rasmussen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Rare Earth Element and Yttrium (REY) Geochemistry of 3.46-2.40 Ga Greenalite-Bearing Banded Iron Formations: New Insights into Iron Deposition and Ancient Ocean Chemistry
Muhling JR, Gilbert S & Rasmussen B

(2023) Hydrothermal Hydrocarbon Generation in 3.5 Ga Basalt-Hosted Seafloor Vent Systems, North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Australia
Rasmussen B & Muhling JR

(2021) Oceanic Nutrient Rise and the Late Miocene Inception of Pacific Oxygen-Deficient Zones
Wang XT, Wang Y, Auderset A, Sigman DM, Ren HA, Martinez-Garcia A, Haug GH, Su Z, Zhang Y, Rasmussen B, Sessions A & Fischer W

(2020) Dating Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions by Monazite in Hornfels: The Kabanga Instrusions in the Eastern African Nickel Belt
Zi J-W, Rasmussen B, Muhling J, Maier W & Fletcher IR

(2020) Oil Fossilization of Silicified Microbes in Black Chert from the 340 Ma Red Dog Zn-Pb Deposit, Alaska: Implications for Ancient Microfossils
Rasmussen B & Muhling J

(2018) FeCO3 Nucleation Kinetics and the Late Archaean Carbon Cycle
Jiang CZ, Rasmussen B, Muhling J & Tosca N

(2018) Greenalite Nanoparticles in Archean BIFs: Seawater Precipitates or Products of Bacterial Iron Reduction?
Rasmussen B, Muhling J & Fischer W

(2018) Chemical Imaging Approaches to Untangle Depositional and Post-Depositional Processes in Ancient Rocks on Earth and Mars
Fischer W, Lingappa U, Trower E, Magyar J, Slotznick S, Johnson J, Webb S, Ma C, Guan Y, Rasmussen B & Liu Y

(2018) Hydrothermal Vent Fluid-Seawater Mixing and the Origins of Late Archean Iron Formation
Tosca N, Tutolo B, Tostevin R, Rasmussen B & Muhling J

(2017) Earliest Minerals in BIF
Muhling J, Rasmussen B & Krapez B

(2017) Greenalite First: Making BIFs Green Again
Rasmussen B, Muhling J & Krapez B

(2017) Investigating Early Iron Silicate Inclusions in Banded Iron Formations Through Nanoscale Geochemical Characterization and Experimental Constraints
Johnson J, Muhling J, Cosmidis J, Rasmussen B & Templeton A

(2017) Using U-Th-Pb Monazite Geochronology to Constrain Emplacement Ages and Melt Production Rates of Leucocratic Granites
Piechocka A, Gregory C, Zi J-W, Sheppard S, Wingate M & Rasmussen B

(2017) What if Oxygenic Photosynthesis Isn’t that Old?
Fischer W, Hemp J, Hugenholtz P, Johnson J, Parks D, Shih P, Soo R, Rasmussen B, Webb S & Ward L

(2016) In situ Th–Pb Dating of Monazite in REE-Rich Carbonatites: Unraveling Magmatic and Mineralising Histories
Zi J-W, Gregory C, Rasmussen B, Sheppard S & Muhling J

(2016) In situ SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of Mafic Dykes in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia and Bunger Hills, East Antarctica
Stark JC, Wang X-C, Li Z-X, Rasmussen B, Zi J-W, Clark C & Hand M

(2016) Hematite Dust in Banded Iron Formations: Paleoenvironmental Proxy or Red Herring?
Rasmussen B, Muhling J, Suvorova A & Krapez B

(2015) Iron-Silicate Nanoparticles in Archean Chert: Proxies for Ferruginous, Silica-Enriched Oceans
Rasmussen B, Krapez B, Muhling J & Suvorova A

(2014) Six Chronometers in One Rock: Dating Mafic Intrusive Rocks by in situ SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology
Rasmussen B, Fletcher I, Gregory C & Muhling J

(2014) Hematite Growth in 2.5 Ga Banded Iron Formation Linked to Post-Depositional Oxidation
Rasmussen B, Krapez B & Meier D

(2014) Chevkinite and Perrierite: Significant Hosts of LREE in Tholeiitic Intrusive Rocks
Muhling J, Suvorova A & Rasmussen B

(2014) Archean ‘Whiffs of Oxygen’ Tied to Post-Depositional Processes
Fischer W, Slotznick S, Johnson J, Webb S, Rasmussen B, Raub T & Kirschvink J

(2013) Deposition of the Precursor Sediments of Banded Iron Formations
Rasmussen B, Krapez B, Muhling J & Meier D

(2013) Dating Deposition and Low-Grade Metamorphism by in situ U-Pb Geochronology of Titanite
Muhling J, Rasmussen B & Fletcher I

(2012) Great Oxidation Event: How Quickly did it Come and go?
Bekker A, Planavsky N, Scott C, Partin C & Rasmussen B

(2011) Secondary Origin for “Primary” Mineral Inclusions in Detrital Zircons from Jack Hills, Western Australia
Rasmussen B, Fletcher I, Muhling J, Gregory C & Wilde S

(2011) Monazite Dating of Base-Metal Mineralization, Earaheedy Basin, Western Australia
Muhling J, Fletcher I & Rasmussen B

(2010) Multiple Isotope Geochronology of the Permo-Triassic Araguainha Impact Crater and Implications for the Carbon Isotope Record
Tohver E, Lana C, Cawood P, Fletcher I, Sherlock S, Jourdan F, Rasmussen B, Estrada B, Trindade R, Souza Filho C & Marangoni Y

(2010) What Controls the Composition of Low-Temperature Monazite?
Muhling J, Rasmussen B, Fletcher I & Wilde S

(2006) In situ U-Pb dating and element mapping of very low grade metamorphic monazite
Rasmussen B, Muhling J & Fletcher I

(2006) Timing and duration of deformation and amphibolite-facies metamorphism from U-Pb dating of texturally constrained monazite
Muhling J, Rasmussen B & Fletcher I

(2002) Dating Diagenetic Monazite in Mudrocks: Constraining the Oil Window?
Evans JA, Evans J, Zalasiewicz J, Fletcher I, Rasmussen B & Pearce N

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