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All abstracts by Carol Ptacek in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Does the Reaction between Se and H2S(g) Produce an Irriversible Precipitate? Find out Using Se Stable Isotopes!
Shrimpton HK, Ptacek C & Blowes D

(2020) Calculation of Selenium Isotope Fractionation Using Density Functional Theory
Shrimpton H, Nooijen M, Ptacek C & Blowes D

(2020) Redox Mapping of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) in Biochar Particles Using Confocal Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging
Liu P, Ptacek C, Blowes D & Finfrock YZ

(2020) Transport of Palladium Nanoparticles in Porous Media of Varying Grain Size with Synchrotron X-Ray Computerized Tomography
Saurette E, Lentz A, Linley S, Gu F, Rivers M, Blowes D & Ptacek C

(2017) Selenium Reduction by Zero Valent Iron with Real Time XANES Measurements and Accompanying Se Stable Isotope Data
Shrimpton H, Jamieson-Hanes J, Blowes D & Ptacek C

(2017) Integration of Synchrotron-Based Spectroscopic Techniques and Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Measurements to Define Reaction Mechanisms Controlling Contaminant Transport
Ptacek C, Jamieson-Hanes J, Shrimpton H, Veeramani H, Elena K, Liu P, Wang A, Amos R & Blowes D

(2016) Sulfate Reduction and Zinc Isotope Fractionation Observed Using a Flow-Through Cell and in situ XAS Analysis
Jamieson-Hanes J, Shrimpton H, Veeramani H, Ptacek C, Lanzirotti A, Newville M & Blowes D

(2015) Interpretation of Zn Isotope Ratio Measurments in a Complex Geochemical System
Blowes D, Lindsay M, Matthies R, Harish V, Kong L, Eagling J & Ptacek C

(2014) Zinc Isotope Partitioning in Organic Substrate-Amended Mine Tailings
Matthies R, Blowes D, Lindsay M & Ptacek C

(2013) Reactive Transport Modeling of Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Cr(VI) Reduction Under Saturated Flow Conditions
Jamieson-Hanes J, Amos R, Gibson B, Ptacek C & Blowes D

(2013) Understanding Biogeochemical Transformation and Mobilization of Hg from River Bank Soils: South River, Virginia
Lazareva O, Sparks DL, Landis RC, Grosso NR, Collins J, Dyer JA, Ptacek C, Hicks S & Montgomery D

(2012) Analysis of Emerging Contaminants in Environmental Systems
Ptacek C, Blowes D, Brown S, Groza L, Moncur M, Robertson W, Scheytt T & Woessner W

(2012) Passive Treatment of Perchlorate, Nitrate, and Sulfate in Contaminated Groundwater Using Zero Valent Iron and Wood Chips
Liu Y, Ptacek C & Blowes D

(2012) Application of X-Ray Spectroscopy to Characterize Metal(loid) Removal in Passive Treatment Systems
Gibson B, Lindsay M, Ptacek C & Blowes D

(2012) Mineralogical and Geochemical Processes Occurring in Sulfide-Rich Tailings after 60 Years of Subaqueous Storage
Moncur M, Ptacek C, Blowes D, Lindsay M & Jambor J

(2012) Biogeochemistry of Permeable Reactive Barriers for Arsenic and Selenium Remediation
Lindsay M, Blowes D & Ptacek C

(2012) Stablization of Mercury in Riverbank Sediments of the South River, Virginia (U.S.A.)
Desrochers K, Ptacek C, Blowes D, Landis R, Dyer J, Berti W & Grosso N

(2012) Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Reduction of Cr(VI) Under Saturated Flow Conditions
Jamieson-Hanes J, Gibson B, Lindsay M, Kim Y, Ptacek C & Blowes D

(2012) Characterization of Various Biochars Used for Mercury Treatment and Assessment of their Potential to Release Soluble Components
Liu P, Ptacek CJ, Blowes DW, Berti WR & Landis RC

(2012) Characterization of Hg Leaching from the Riverbank Sediments of the South River, VA
Paulson K, Desrochers K, Ptacek C, Blowes D, Gibson B, Landis R, Dyer J & Grosso N

(2012) The Characterization and Evaluation of Different Biochars as Reactive Materials for Mercury (II) Stabilization
Wang A, Liu P, Ptacek C, Blowes D, Landis R, Berti W & Dyer J

(2011) Mechanisms Controlling the Release, Transport and Attenuation of Mercury in Riverine Sediments
Ptacek C, Desrochers K, Gibson B, Liu P, Wang O, Tordiff J, Daugherty S, Blowes K, Van de Valk J, Lindsay M & Blowes D

(2011) Amendment of Mill Tailings for in situ Treatment of Mine Drainage
Blowes D, Lindsay M, Hulshof A, Ptacek C & Gould D

(2010) Sulfur Cycling in a High-Sulfide Tailings Impoundment
Moncur M, Ptacek CJ, Mayer B, Blowes DW, Birks SJ & Gibson JJ

(2008) Vadose Zone Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Sulfide-Rich Tailings at the Greens Creek Mine, Alaska, USA
Lindsay M, Condon P, Lear K, Blowes D & Ptacek C

(2008) Humidity Cell Analysis of Waste-Rock from the Diavik Diamond Mine, NWT, Canada
Moore M, Blowes D, Ptacek C, Gould D, Smith L & Sego D

(2008) Sulfide Oxidation and Acid Neutralization Reactions in a High- Sulfide Tailings Impoundment
Moncur M, Ptacek C, Blowes D & Jambor J

(2008) Long-Term Release of Sulfide Oxidation Products from Old Tailings Impoundments
Ptacek C, Blowes D, Jambor J, Moncur M & Gunsinger M

(2008) Integrating Geochemical and Mineralogical Observations in Mine-Waste Investigations
Blowes D, Ptacek C & Jambor J

(2006) Long-term Sulfide Oxidation, Acid Neutralization and Metal Release in Mine Wastes
Ptacek C, Blowes D, Jambor J, Moncur M & Gunsinger M

(2002) Relation between Redox Processes in Groundwater and an Adjacent Lake at an Abandoned Mine Site
Ptacek CJ, Moncur MC, Blowes DW, Jambor JL & Mayer UK

(2001) A Column Study and Reactive Transport Modeling of Reactions Controlling Metal Release in Mine Tailings
Jurjovec J, Ptacek CJ, Mayer KU & Blowes DW

(2001) Geochemical Controls on Metal Concentrations in Mine Tailings that Have Undergone 50 Years of Oxidation
Ptacek CJ, Moncur M, McGregor R & Blowes DW

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