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All abstracts by Lisa Pratt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Mass Anomalous Fractionations of Sulfur Isotopes in the Talvivaara Ni Deposit, Finland – Evidence for Hydrothermal Input
Loukola-Ruskeeniemi K, Young S, Pratt L & Johanson B

(2010) PH and Temperature Affects on Sulfur Isotopes of H2S in Seawater: Implications for Soft Tissue Taphonomy and Fossilization
Young S, Pratt L, Raff R, Raff E & Nelson D

(2010) Water, Minerals, and the Fate of Organic Matter on Mars
Johnson A & Pratt L

(2010) Seeking Signs of Martian Life and Caching Samples for Potential Return to Earth
Pratt L

(2008) Sulphate Formation on Mars by Radiolytic Oxidation of Sulphide Minerals
Lefticariu L, Pratt L & Onstott TC

(2008) Iron in Sulfate Brines and Minerals: Roles in Amino Acid Preservation
Johnson A & Pratt L

(2006) Radiolysis of Water as a Source of Bioavailable Chemical Energy
Pratt LM, Lefticariu L, Ripley EM & Onstott TC

(2006) Martian subsurface biomes: how detectable are they?
Onstott T, Pratt L, Clifford S, Sherwood Lollar B & Phelps T

(2006) Multi-stage Ediacaran ocean oxidation and its impact on evolutionary radiation
Fike D, Grotzinger J, Pratt L & Summons R

(2005) Uncoupled C and S Biogeochemical Cycling in the Neoproterozoic from the Huqf Supergroup, Oman
Fike D, Grotzinger J, Summons R, Pratt L, Finkelstein D & Newall M

(2005) Experimental Study of Sulfur Isotope Fractionation Associated with Pyrite Oxidation by H<->2<$>O<->2<$>
Lefticariu L, Pratt L, Ripley E & Bish D

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