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All abstracts by Emmanuelle Petelet-Giraud in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Investigating Nitrate Heterogeneity in a Basement Aquifer: A NO3 Isotopes, CFCs-Sf6, Microbiological Activity, Geophysics and Hydrogeology Approaches in the Critical Zone
Petelet-Giraud E, Baran N, Vergnaud V, Portal A, Michel C, Joulian C & Lucassou F

(2017) Tracing the Orgin of Guiana Beachsands Through Multi-Elementary Heavy Mineral Finger Printing
Lach P, Negrel P & Petelet-Giraud E

(2017) Isotopic Tracing of Surface Water – Groundwater Interactions in Alluvial Contexts
Petelet-Giraud E & Negrel P

(2017) Life Cycle of a Catchment from Weathering to Human Impact Traced by Lead Isotopes
Negrel P, Petelet-Giraud E, Guerrot C & Millot R

(2014) Chemical and Multi-Isotope Fingerprinting to Constrain Groundwater Salinization of a Coastal Mediterranean Multilayer Aquifer (the Roussillon Basin, France)
Petelet-Giraud E, Négrel P, Aunay B, Ladouche B, Bailly-Comte V, Guerrot C & Dorfliger N

(2014) B-Li Isotope Characterization to Design a Frame of Hydrogeological Functioning of a Wetland System (Massif Central, France)
Négrel P, Guerrot C, Millot R & Petelet-Giraud E

(2014) Dynamic of Groundwater Circulation and Source of Salinity in Large Sedimentary Aquifers (Adour-Garonne District, SW France): Sulfate and Strontium Isotopes Constraints
Petelet-Giraud E, Négrel P, Brenot A, Malcuit E & Millot R

(2014) Water-Rock Interaction and Groundwater Salinity in Large Sedimentary Basins: An Inverse Modeling Approach
Négrel P, Millot R, Petelet-Giraud E, Malcuit E & Brenot A

(2013) How Isotopic Hydrogeochemical Tools can Help Policy Makers to Target Priority Area for Drinking Water Preservation?
Brenot A, Gourcy L, Petelet-Giraud E & Négrel P

(2012) Geochemical Characterization of Mineralized Groundwaters in the Aquitaine Basin (SW France): Lateral and Vertical Variability of the Eocene Formations, Hydrodynamic and Geochemical Processes of Acquisition of the Mineralization
Malcuit E, Negrel P, Petelet-Giraud E, Atteia O, Franchesci M & Dupuy A

(2012) B-Sr-U Isotope Systematics and 14C Dating of Groundwaters from Southwestern France
Innocent C, Malcuit E, Flehoc C, Guerrot C, Kloppmann W, Petelet-Giraud E & Negrel P

(2009) Multi-Isotope Approaches for Identification of Metal Contamination Sources in Environmental Systems
Bullen T, Widory D & Petelet-Giraud E

(2004) Boron Isotopes Behaviour during Weathering of Silicate Rocks
Casanova J, Négrel P, Petelet- Giraud E, Kloppmann W & Millot R

(2002) Rare Earth Elements and Neodymium Isotopic Systematic in the Groundwaters of French Guiana
Negrel P & Petelet-Giraud E

(2002) Constraining the Sr Isotopes Signature in Surface Waters Draining Granite-Gneiss by Atmospheric and Anthropic Inputs Correction
Petelet-Giraud E, Negrel P & Casanova J

(2001) Surficial and Ground Water Relations in the Loire Catchment (France). An Isotopic Characterization Focuses on a Wetland in the Upper Basin
Petelet-Giraud E, Négrel P, Barbier J & Gautier E

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