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All abstracts by Abigail Noble in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) The Acceleration of Dissolved Cobalt’s Ecological Stoichiometry due to Biological Uptake, Remineralization, and Scavenging in the North Atlantic Ocean
Saito M, Noble A, Hawco N, Twining B, Ohnemus D, John S, Lam P, Conway T, Johnson R, Moran D & McIlvin M

(2014) Pb and Pb Isotopes throughout the Global Ocean, GEOTRACES Style
Boyle E, Noble A, Echegoyen Y, Lee J-M, Norisuye K, Gamo T, Zhang J, Zhao N, Carrasco G & Fornace K

(2012) Tracing Metal Inputs and Cycles in the South Atlantic with Rare Earth Elements
Zheng X, Noble A, Saito M, Pointing M, Holdship P & Henderson G

(2012) Preliminary Pb and Pb Isotopes from the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic Transect
Noble A, Echegoyen-Sanz Y & Boyle E

(2009) Trace Element Distributions and Phytoplankton Colimitations on a Full Depth Ocean Section in the South Atlantic Ocean
Saito M, Noble A, Cox A & Goepfert T

(2009) Hybrid-Type Metal Biogeochemistry in the South Atlantic: A Full-Depth Zonal Ocean Section of Total Dissolved and Labile Cobalt, and Comparison to Iron and Manganese Vertical Structure
Noble A, Saito M & Goepfert T

(2006) Bioavailability of Cadmium: Stable Isotope Uptake and Toxicity of Cd to Marine Phytoplankton in the Costa Rica Upwelling Dome
Cox A, Noble A & Saito M

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