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All abstracts by Carsten Münker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Modelling Constraints Point to the Ancient Formation of the Moon
Thiemens MM, Tusch J, Fonseca ROC, Leitzke FP, Fischer-Gödde M, Debaille V, Sprung P & Münker C

(2021) The Ce and Nd Isotope Inventory of Lunar Basalts – Implications for the Bulk Moon Composition
Hasenstab E, Thiemens MM, Strub E, Sprung P & Münker C

(2021) Redox Control on the Seawater Tungsten Isotope Composition
Kurzweil F, Archer C, Wille M, Schoenberg R, Münker C & Dellwig O

(2021) Combined Stable W and Mo Isotopic Evidence for Increasing Redox-Potentials from the Paleo- to Neoarchean Oceans
Roué L, Kurzweil F, Wille M, Wegwerth A, Dellwig O, Münker C & Schoenberg R

(2021) Ruthenium Isotope Constraints on the Nature of Earth’s Late-Stage Building Blocks
Fischer-Gödde M, Münker C, Becker H, Maier W, Szilas K, Gerritzen C, Van Kranendonk M & Smithies H

(2021) Mineralogical Controls on the Ti Isotope Composition of Subduction Zone Magmas
Kommescher S, Kurzweil F, Fonseca ROC, Rzehak LJA, Sprung P & Münker C

(2021) Recycled Roots of Hadean Protocrust – A Possible OIB Endmember?
Tusch J, Hoffmann JE, Hasenstab E & Münker C

(2021) Eoarchean to Mesoarchean Crustal Evolution of the Northern São Francisco Craton, Brazil: Geochronological and Isotopic Perspectives
Gordilho Barbosa R, Vieira Conceicao R, Leitzke FP, Barbosa J, Tusch J, Münker C & Ferreira ACD

(2021) Carbonatite Metasomatism of the Lithospheric Mantle as a Source for the High CO2 Degassing at Etna Volcano
Bragagni A, Mastroianni F, Avanzinelli R, Conticelli S & Münker C

(2021) Banded Iron Formations – Ancient Proxies for the 182W Composition of the Upper Mantle and Crust
Mundl-Petermeier A, Viehmann S, Tusch J, Bau M & Münker C

(2021) The Effect of Oceanic Crust Alteration on the Global W Budget
Reiferöther R, Münker C & Kurzweil F

(2020) High Precision 182W Systematics in European Intraplate Volcanic Rocks
Jansen M, Tusch J, Münker C, Bragagni A & Avanzinelli R

(2020) Re-Os and Highly Siderophile Element Systematics of Archean Komatiites from Kambalda (W-Australia)
Gerritzen C, Fischer-Gödde M, Becker H, Münker C, Smithies H & Gleißner P

(2020) 138La-138Ce Isotope Systematics of Archean Igneous Rocks
Hasenstab E, Schnabel C, Tusch J, Marien CS, Hoffmann JE, Kranendonk MV & Münker C

(2020) 182W Isotope Systematics in Crustal and Mantle-Derived Rocks from the Kaapvaal Craton, Southern Africa
Tusch J, Münker C, Hoffmann E & Schneider KP

(2020) Solving the Early Earth – Moon Tungsten Riddle
Münker C, Tusch J, Thiemens M & Fischer Gödde M

(2020) Ruthenium Isotopic Evidence for a Missing Late Accretion Component in the Mantle Source of Pilbara Craton
Fischer-Gödde M, Münker C, Becker H, Wolfgang M, Van Kranendonk M & Smithies H

(2020) Analyses of Extraterrestrial Samples Using Quadrupole ICP-MS
Wombacher F, Braukmüller N, Kaufmann L, Abouchami W, Münker C & Bischoff A

(2020) Volatile Elements in Chondrites
Braukmüller N, Funk C, Münker C & Wombacher F

(2020) The Stable Tungsten Isotope Composition of Seawater and Mn-Rich Sediments from the Baltic Sea
Kurzweil F, Archer C, Wille M, Schoenberg R, Münker C & Dellwig O

(2019) The Stable Tungsten Isotope Composition of Some of the Earth’s Oldest Rocks from SW Greenland
Kurzweil F, Münker C, Hoffmann E, Tusch J & Schoenberg R

(2019) Tungsten Stable Isotopes as a Redox-Proxy for the Evolution of the Anoxic Archean Ocean
Roué L, Kurzweil F, Münker C, Wille M, Izon G & Schoenberg R

(2019) The 138La-138Ce Chondritic Reference Parameters
Schnabel C, Hasenstab E, Elfers B-M, Marien CS, Münker C & Strub E

(2019) Distribution of Particle-Reactive Trace Elements and Hf-Nd Isotopes between the Truly Dissolved, Nanoparticulate/Colloidal and Suspended Loads in Rivers
Weimar NE, Schmidt K, Kurahashi E, Münker C & Bau M

(2019) Extreme HFSE Fractionation in Italian Magmas: Metasomatism vs. Different Mantle Domains
Bragagni A, Mastroianni F, Avanzinelli R, Conticelli S & Münker C

(2019) The Subduction Zone Signal in Continental Basalts
Pfänder J, Jung S, Klügel A, Münker C, Romer R, Sperner B & Kroner U

(2019) Early Mantle Heterogeneities in Modern Mantle Plumes – New Insights from 182W Measurements
Jansen M, Tusch J, Münker C, Tordy R & Schmitt V

(2019) Long-Term Preservation of W Isotope Anomalies in Crustal Rocks from the Pilbara Craton, NW Australia
Tusch J, Münker C, Jansen M, Hasenstab E, Marien CS, Kurzweil F & van Kranendonk M

(2019) The Evolution of the Archean Mantle from Combined Isotope Systematics in Pilbara Basalts and Komatiites
Hasenstab E, Tusch J, Schnabel C, Schmitt V, Marien CS, van Kranendonk M & Münker C

(2019) The Ru Isotope Composition of the Earth’s Pre-Late Veneer Mantle
Fischer-Gödde M, Elfers B-M, Münker C, Szilas K, Maier W, Morishita T, Smithies H & Messling N

(2019) A Cosmochemical Perspective on Earth's Volatile Element Budget
Braukmüller N, Wombacher F, Funk C & Münker C

(2019) Tracing the Terrestrial Nb-Ta Paradox at High Analytical Resolution
Münker C

(2019) Isotopic Evidence for the Origin and Fate of the Late Veneer
Steele R, Dale C, Münker C & Schönbächler M

(2019) New Insights into Lunar Basalt Sources from Ti Isotope Variations
Kommescher S, Fonseca R, Kurzweil F, Müller L, Münker C, Thiemens M & Sprung P

(2019) Assessing the Potential of 230Th/U Dating of Gypsum and Other Evaporites
Obert C, Münker C, Staubwasser M & Herwartz D

(2018) The Stable Tungsten Isotope Composition of Modern Igneous Reservoirs
Kurzweil F, Münker C & Schoenberg R

(2018) Ruthenium Isotope Constraints on the Timing of Volatile Element Accretion
Fischer-Gödde M, Elfers B-M, Münker C, Maier W, Szilas K & Morishita T

(2018) Lu-Hf Dating of Lunar Gabbro NWA 6950 – A Young Manifestation of KREEP
Thiemens M, Sprung P & Münker C

(2018) Tungsten Isotope Patterns of Rocks from the Pilbara Craton, Australia
Tusch J, Jansen M, Marien CS, van Kranendonk M & Münker C

(2018) The Inventory of High Field Strength Elements in CAIs and its Implications for Short-Lived Chronometers
Münker C, Pfeifer M & Sprung P

(2017) Revisiting the Ti Isotope Inventory of the Moon
Kommescher S, Thiemens M, Sprung P & Münker C

(2017) Tantalum Isotope Anomalies in CAIs: A Vestige of Irradiation in the Early Solar System
Pfeifer M, Münker C, Peters STM & Lloyd NS

(2017) Cerium Isotope Measurement of Rock Samples by MC-ICPMS
Schnabel C, Münker C & Strub E

(2017) Coupled Nucleosynthetic Zr and Hf Isotope Inventory in Chondrites
Elfers B-M, Sprung P, Messling N, Womacher F, Pfeifer M & Münker C

(2017) Hf-Nd Isotope and Platinum Group Element Patterns of >3.8 Ga Mantle Peridotites from SW Greenland
van de Löcht J, Münker C, Hoffmann JE, Li C, Wang Z, Becker H & Rosing MT

(2017) Evidence for Tungsten Mobility during Alteration of the Oceanic Crust
Reifenröther R, Scheibner B & Münker C

(2017) Tonalites from Fiji: A Probe of Archean Continental Crust Growth?
Marien CS, Drewes EK, Hoffmann JE, Gill JB & Münker C

(2017) The Genesis of High Nb-Ta Signatures at the Northern Tongan Islands of Tafahi and Niuatoputapu
Beier C, Turner S, Haase K, Pearce J, Münker C & Regelous M

(2017) 182W Anomalies in Archean Rocks: A Vestige of Variable Late Accretion?
Münker C, Tusch J, van de Löcht J, Thiemens M, Sprung P & Hoffmann E

(2017) Evidence for a Primitive Terrestrial Mo/W of the Bulk-Silicate Moon
Leitzke FP, Fonseca ROC, Sprung P, Mallmann G, Lagos M, Michely LT & Münker C

(2017) HSE and Stable Fe and V Isotope Systematics of Mafic Lavas from the Solomon Island Arc – A Complex Mantle History
Schuth S, Luguet A, Brügmann G, Ballahus C, Weyer S & Münker C

(2017) Lu-Hf Garnet Geochronology of Peak-Metamorphism in the Tromsø Nappe, Northern Norway
Martinet I, Froitzheim N, Miladinova I, Fassmer K, Münker C & Fonseca ROC

(2017) High-Precision Tungsten Stable Isotope Measurements Using a 180W-183W Double-Spike
Kurzweil F, Münker C, Tusch J & Schoenberg R

(2017) Trace Elemental and Hf-Isotope Data for Felsic-Mafic Mingling Zone of the Isua Supracrustal Belt
Boyd AJ, Rosing MT & Münker C

(2017) The Lunar Hf/W Budget and the Age of the Moon
Thiemens M, Sprung P & Münker C

(2017) A Comprehensive Formation Model of the Lower Onverwacht Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt
Hoffmann JE, Schneider KP, Münker C, Sprung P, Patyniak M & Kröner A

(2017) Reworking of Enriched 142Nd Signatures in Early Archean Crustal Rocks from the Eastern Kaapvaal Craton (South Africa)
Schneider KP, Hoffmann JE, Boyet M, Münker C & Kröner A

(2017) Early Silicate Differentiation of the Isua Mantle? Insights from Tungsten Isotopes and HSE Abundances
Tusch J, van de Löcht J, Sprung P, Hoffmann JE & Münker C

(2017) The Bulk Chemical Composition of Carbonaceous Chondrites Determined by SF-ICP-MS
Braukmüller N, Wombacher F & Münker C

(2017) Barium Isotope Fractionation during Subduction Zone Processes
Siebert C & Münker C

(2016) Hf and Nd Isotope Systematics in the Particulate, Nanoparticulate and Truly Dissolved Load of Amazonian Rivers
Merschel G, Bau M, Schmidt K, Münker C & Dantas EL

(2016) Hf and Nd Isotopic Composition of (Nano)particles and Ultrafiltrates of Temperate Streams and Rivers
Schmidt K, Bau M, Münker C & Merschel G

(2015) Cerium Isotope Measurements by MC-ICPMS
Schnabel C, Münker C & Strub E

(2015) Cretaceous Lamprophyres in New Zealand: Melting of Continental Lithospheric Mantle during Continental Break-Up
van der Meer QHA, Waight TE, Scott JM & Münker C

(2015) The Hf and W Isotope Inventory of Sequentially Leached Chondrites
Elfers B-M, Peters S, Sprung P, Wombacher F & Münker C

(2015) Tantalum Isotope Compositions in Terrestrial and Meteoritic Materials
Pfeifer M, Münker C & Lloyd NS

(2015) Continental Thickening vs. Flat Subduction – The Cause for Cretaceous Magmatism in the Pamir
Malz N, Pfänder JA, Ratschbacher L, Münker C, Mezger K, Jung S, Garbe-Schönberg D & Hauff F

(2015) Combined Lu-Hf & Sm-Nd Garnet Constraints on Archean Crustal Growth at the SE-Greenland Margin
Tusch J, Naeraa T, Hoffmann JE & Münker C

(2015) Mesoarchaean Andesites in SW Greenland – Evidence for Archaean Subduction Zones?
Szilas K, Tusch J, Hoffmann E & Münker C

(2015) Tracing the Thermal State of the Archean Mantle: Insights from Coupled Eu-εNd(t) Patterns of BIFs
Viehmann S, Bau M, Hoffmann JE & Münker C

(2015) The Origin of > 3, 8 Ga Peridotites, South of Isua Region, SW Greenland
van de Löcht J, Münker C, Hoffmann JE, Kleinschrodt R, Garbe-Schönberg D & Rosing MT

(2015) Fractionation of Cd Isotopes during Evaporation and Condensation at Atmospheric Pressure
Kremser V, Wombacher F, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell DB & Münker C

(2015) Evidence of Crustal Recycling in the Troodos Ophiolite (Cyprus): Insights from B-Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb Isotopes
Fonseca R, Kirchenbaur M, Ballhaus C, Münker C, Gerdes A, Heuser A & Zirner A

(2015) The Lunar Magma Ocean Hypothesis Under Siege
Sprung P, Fonseca ROC, Münker C & Thiemens MM

(2015) Are Oceanic Plagiogranites from Cyprus Archean TTG Analogues?
Marien CS, Münker C, Hoffmann JE & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2015) Pro- and Retrograde Igneous Activity during the Neoarchaean Skjoldungen Orogeny in the SE Greenland
Næraa T, Bagas L, Tusch J, Kokfelt TF & Münker C

(2015) An Improved Understanding of Martian Hf-W Geochronology
Münker C, Elfers BM, Schulz T & Garbe Schönberg D

(2015) A Felsic Basement beneath the Barberton Greenstone Belt? – Constraints from Hf-Nd Isotope and Trace Element Data
Schneider KP, Hoffmann JE, Münker C & Kröner A

(2015) Sulfur, Se, and Te Abundances in Chondrites and their Components
Funk C, Wombacher F, Becker H, Bischoff A, Günther D & Münker C

(2014) Hf–Os Isotopes in Cenozoic Alkaline Basalts from the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
Kochergina Y, Magna T, Ackerman L, Erban V, Rapprich V, Münker C & Marien C

(2013) Hf-Nd Isotope Decoupling in Early Precambrian Seawater
Viehmann S, Hoffmann JE, Münker C & Bau M

(2013) Combined Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd Garnet-Geochronology of Lower Crustal Rocks from Val Strona, Ivrea Zone, Italy
van de Löcht J, Schüngel M, Kleinschrodt R, Münker C, Kirchenbaur M & Fonseca R

(2013) P-T Modelling and Geochronology of the Barberton Granite Greenstone Belt, South Africa: Rates of Tectonic Processes in the Archaean
Cutts K, Stevens G, Hoffmann E, Buick I, Frei D & Münker C

(2013) Anorthosite Dikes from Cyprus: Phase Relations in the System CaAl2Si2O8 – CaMgSi2O6 – Mg2SiO4 at 5 Wt.% H2O
Zirner A, Ballhaus C, Münker C & Marien C

(2013) High-Precision Tantalum Isotope Measurements by MC-ICPMS
Pfeifer M, Münker C & Peters STM

(2013) What Causes the Rapid Change of Cenozoic Magma Sources in the Pamir?
Malz N, Ratschbacher L, Pfänder JA & Münker C

(2013) Component Specific Hf-W Dating of Allende and Vigarano CV3 Chondrites
Becker M, Krahner K, Hezel D, Schulz T & Münker C

(2013) 184Os-180W Decay: A New Chronometer in Geocosmochemistry
Peters S, Münker C, Becker H & Schulz T

(2013) The Olympic Dam Giant Ore Deposit – A Fossil Nuclear Reactor?
Kirchenbaur M, Ehrig K, Maas R, Kamenetsky V, Ballhaus C & Münker C

(2013) Fractionation of Cd Isotopes during Evaporation and Re-condensation
Kremser V, Wombacher F, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell DB & Münker C

(2013) An Extraterrestrial Cause for the Silicate Earth’s Nb Paradox?
Münker C, Fonseca R & Schulz T

(2012) Is the Bulk Earth Nb/Ta Chondritic?
Munker C, Stracke A, Bendel V, Palme H & Pack A

(2012) Pb and Hf Isotope Composition of Hornblende-Bearing Lavas (Central European Volcanic Province): A Lithospheric Mantle Source?
Mayer B, Jung S, Romer RL & Munker C

(2012) Building Eoarchean Crust: The Arc Tholeiite TTG Connection
Hoffmann JE, Munker C, Nagel TJ, Naeraa T, Polat A & Rosing MT

(2012) Experimental Investigation of Mass-(in)dependent Cadmium Isotope Fractionation during Evaporation
Wombacher F, Kremser V, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell DB, Munker C & Heuser A

(2012) Uniform Distribution of P-Process 174Hf in Extraterrestrial Materials
Peters S & Munker C

(2011) Seawater-Derived REY and HFSE Systematics in Archean BIFs
Viehmann S, Hoffmann JE, Münker C, Alexander BW & Bau M

(2011) Recycling of Subducted Sediments Traced by HFSE and W Systematics of K-Rich Mafic Aegean Lavas
Kirchenbaur M & Münker C

(2011) Eoarchean TTG Formation by Melting of Thickened Mafic Arc Crust
Hoffmann JE, Nagel TJ & Münker C

(2011) The Cause of High Nb/Ta in K-Rich Lavas from the Sunda Arc System
Barth AR, Kirchenbaur M, König S, Schuth S, Luguet A, Idrus A & Münker C

(2011) Geochemical Evolution of Lavas of the Rabaul Caldera – Fractionation of Fe Isotopes and HFSE Ratios during Fractional Crystallisation
Hohl S, König S, Münker C, Schuth S & Kuduon J

(2011) Indistinguishable Hf/W in the Silicate Earth and the Silicate Moon
Münker C, König S & Schulz T

(2011) Timing of Early Solar System Homogenization from P-Process 180W Heterogeneities
Schulz T & Münker C

(2010) The Bulk Silicate Earth’s W Budget Revised: Implications for the Timing of Core Formation
König S, Münker C, Hohl S, Paulick H & Köhler A

(2009) Lu-Hf Dating of Biogenic Phosphates – Prospects and Pitfalls
Herwartz D, Tütken T, Münker C & Sander PM

(2009) The HFSE Budget of Post-Collisional High-K Basalts and Shoshonites
Kirchenbaur M, Münker C & Marchev P

(2009) Iron Isotope Fractionation in Soil Suspensions at Controlled Redox Conditions
Schuth S, Mansfeldt T, Overesch M, Greef K, Hindersmann I & Münker C

(2009) Boninites as Monitors of Subarc Enrichment Processes in Subduction Zones
König S, Münker C, Schuth S, Luguet A, Hoffmann J-E & Kuduon J

(2009) Lead in the Core – The Petrologic Perspective
Ballhaus C & Münker C

(2009) The Elemental Budget of W during Mantle Melting and Crust Formation
Münker C, König S, Kirchenbaur M & Paulick H

(2009) The Origin of TTGs Inferred from High-Precision HFSE Measurements
Hoffmann JE, Münker C, Rosing MT, Næraa T, Garde AA & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2008) Formation of the Lunar Magma Ocean Constrained from High Field Strength Element Systematics in Lunar Rocks
Munker C

(2008) Concentration Profiles of Trace Elements in Fossil Dinosaur Bone
Herwartz D, Tütken T, Münker C, Sander M, Jochum K-P & Stoll B

(2008) PGE and Re Systematics of Arc Picrites from the Solomon Islands: The Effects of Mantle Wedge Depletion and Refertilisation
Schuth S, Brügmann G, Münker C & Ballhaus C

(2008) Fractionation of Zr/Hf and Nb/Ta in Aqueous Systems – The Role of Marine Fe-Mn Oxides
Schmidt K, Bau M, Münker C & Koschinsky A

(2008) The Geochemical Behaviour of Sb, Mo and W in Subduction Zones
Konig S, Munker C, Schuth S & Garbe-Schonberg D

(2008) Highly Depleted Mantle Sources of ~3.75 Ga Mafic Rocks in the Early Archean from Isua, SW-Greenland
Hoffmann JE, Münker C, Polat A, König S & Mezger K

(2007) Sub-Segment Scale Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near Ascension Island from Combined Hf-Nd-Sr Isotope Evidence
Paulick H, Münker C & Haase K

(2007) Plate-Tectonic Controls on Intraplate Volcanism in New Zealand
Sprung P, Schuth S & Münker C

(2007) Tracing Earth's First Crust with Hf Isotopes in Zircons from the Narryer Gneiss Complex, Australia
Nebel-Jacobsen Y, Münker C, Mezger K, Nebel O, Gerdes A & Nelson D

(2007) The First Lu-Hf Garnet Ages of North Penninic Alpine Eclogites
Herwartz D, Münker C, Scherer E, Nagel T, Pleuger J & Froitzheim N

(2007) High-Field Strength Elements (Nb, Ta, Zr, Hf) in Continental Basalts from the CEVP – Implications for the HFSE Budget of the Lithospheric Mantle and the Global Nb Budget
Pfänder J, Jung S, Münker C & Mezger K

(2007) The Lu-Hf Systematics of Meteorites: Consistent or Not?
Scherer E, Münker C & Mezger K

(2007) New Insights into the Geochemical Behaviour of W by High Precision Isotope Dilution Measurements
König S, Münker C & Schuth S

(2007) The Origin of Tertiary Intraplate Volcanism in the Siebengebirge Volcanic Field, Germany
Moll M, Münker C & Paulick H

(2007) High-Precision Pb Isotope Measurements Discriminate Different Subduction Components along the Solomon Island Arc
Schuth S, Münker C, Scherer EE & König S

(2007) Evidence for Hadean Mantle Depletion in the Sources of ~3.75 Ga Subduction-Related Rocks, Isua, SW Greenland
Hoffmann JE, Münker C, Polat A & Mezger K

(2007) The Geochemical Behaviour of Pb during Core Formation and Accretion
Lagos M, Ballhaus C, Münker C & Berndt J

(2007) Neutron Capture-Induced 150Sm Anomalies in IAB Iron Meteorites and Winonaites
Schulz T, Upadhyay D, Mezger K, Münker C & Palme H

(2007) The Geochemical Behaviour of W, Nb-Ta, and Zr-Hf during Mid Ocean Ridge Melting
Münker C, Paulick H & König S

(2006) High Field Strength Element Systematics in Iron Meteorites
Munker C, Schulz T & Mezger K

(2006) High precision Pb and Sr-Nd-Hf isotope constraints on mantle source variations along the Solomon arc
Schuth S, Münker C, König S, Basi S, Qopoto C & Ballhaus C

(2006) Petrogenesis of high-Mg andesites, Simbo Volcano, Solomon Islands: evidence for slab melt contributions
König S, Schuth S, Münker C & Qopoto C

(2005) Magmatic Zoisite from High-Pressure Pegmatites, Münchberg Massif, Germany: A Potential P, T, t, x Indicator
Liebscher A, Franz G, Frei D & Münker C

(2004) HF-Nd-Sr-Pb Isotope Evidence for Relict Indian Mantle beneath Pacific Crust at the Solomon Island Arc
Schuth S, Rohrbach A, Münker C & Ballhaus C

(2004) The Influence of Slab Melting Processes on the Global Nb-Ta Budget
Münker C, Polat A & Yogodzinski G

(2004) The 176Lu Decay Constant Revisited
Scherer E, Mezger K & Münker C

(2004) 182Hf-182W Dating of the Thermal Metamorphism of Eucrites
Kleine T, Mezger K, Palme H & Münker C

(2004) Iron Isotope Variations in the Earth’s Mantle and the Terrestrial Planets
Weyer S, Woodland A, Münker C, Arnold G, Chakrabarti R & Anbar A

(2004) The 182W Record of Earth’s Accretion and Core Formation
Mezger K, Kleine T, Palme H & Münker C

(2002) In Search of a Superchondritic Nb/Ta Reservoir: High-Precision Nb/Ta and Zr/Hf Ratios in Ocean Island and Intraplate Basalts
Pf‰nder J, M¸nker C, Mezger K & Hofmann AW

(2002) High-Precision Nb/Ta and Zr/Hf Ratios in Global MORB
Büchl A, Münker C, Mezger K & Hofmann AW

(2002) The Influence of Core Formation on Nb-Ta Budgets of Terrestrial Planets
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