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All abstracts by David McGee in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Spatial Patterns of Terrigenous Fluxes in the Tropical Atlantic Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Rowland GH, Robinson LF, Hendry KR, Ng HC, McGee D & McManus JF

(2019) Future Decline of African Dust: Insights from the Recent Past and Paleo-Records
Yuan T, Yu H, Chin M, Remer L, Evan A & McGee D

(2019) Single-Grain 238U/235U Measurements in Early Earth Zircons
Tissot FLH, Ibanez-Mejia M, Boehnke P, Dauphas N, McGee D, Grove TL & Harrison TM

(2019) Changes in NE Mexico Hydroclimate in Response to Heinrich Events Inferred from a Multi-Proxy Speleothem Record
Wright K, Johnson KR, Lum G, McGee D, Serrato Marks G & Bermendi-Orosco L

(2018) Drivers and Impacts of Saharan Dust Variability over the Last 240 kyr
McGee D, Skonieczny C, Kinsley C, Winckler G, Bradtmiller L, Bory A, Polissar P & deMenocal P

(2018) Isolating the Eolian Component of Japan Sea Sediments (IODP Site U1430) for Radiogenic Isotope Provenance Studies
Kinsley C, McGee D, Anderson C, Dunlea A, Murray R, Giosan L & Tada R

(2018) Resolving the Provenance of Marine Sediment in the Ulleung Basin to Reconstruct the East Asian Monsoon
Anderson C, Murray R, Dunlea A, Giosan L, Kinsley C, McGee D & Tada R

(2018) An Analytical Framework for the Steady-State Impact of Carbonate Compensation on Atmospheric CO2
Omta AW, Ferrari R & McGee D

(2018) Direct U-Pb Age Constraints on Arctic Speleothem Formation and their Implications for Climate Change in Deep Time
Gambino C, McGee D, Ramezani J, Khadivi S, Shakun J & Wong C

(2018) Millennial-Scale Controls on Monsoon Precipitation in Madagascar during the Deglaciation
Scroxton N, Burns S, McGee D, Hardt B, Godfrey L, Ranivoharimanana L & Faina P

(2018) Southern California Hydroclimate over the Last 150 kyrs: New Results from the Searles and Death Valley Basins
McGee D, Olson K, Stroup J, Chen CY, Lowenstein T, Smoot J, Janick J, Lund S, Peaple M, Feakins S, Serrato Marks G & Litwin R

(2018) Quantitative Reconstructions of Past Lake Level Changes from Tufas and Paleoshorelines in the Central Andes
Chen CY, Rao Z, McGee D & Quade J

(2017) Discussion Slot – 17d
McGee D

(2016) Investigating Past Climate-Biosphere Links: Speleothem-Based Climate Reconstructions to Constrain Controls on Late Holocene Forest Expansion in South America
Wong C, Wortham B, McGee D, Silva L, Cruz F & Montanez I

(2016) High Precision Uranium-Thorium Geochronology on the Nu Plasma II-ES
McGee D, Hardt B & Zhao Y

(2014) Merging Lake and Cave Archives of Past Climate Change in the U.S. Great Basin
McGee D, Steponaitis E, Andrews A, Quade J, Edwards L, Broecker W & Cheng H

(2013) Introducing a Comprehensive Data Reduction Algorithm for High-Precision U-Th Geochronology with Isotope Dilution MC-ICP-MS
Pourmand A, Tissot FLH, Arienzo M, McGee D & Sharifi A

(2012) Lacustrine Cave Carbonates: Novel, Absolute-Dated Paleohydrologic Archives in the Bonneville Basin (Utah, USA)
McGee D, Quade J, Edwards RL, Broecker W, Cheng H & Steponaitis E

(2011) Using Opal and Organic Carbon as Proxies for Migration of the North African Monsoon
Bradtmiller L, Awalt M, McGee D & DeMenocal P

(2009) Gustiness: The Driver of Glacial Dustiness?
McGee D, Broecker W & Winckler G

(2008) Testing the Response of xs230Th and Extraterrestrial 3He to Sediment Redistribution at the Blake Ridge, Western North Atlantic
McGee D, Marcantonio F, McManus JF & Winckler G

(2008) Extraterrestrial 3He and Constraints on Eolian Fluxes and Provenance in Sediments from the Shatsky Rise
Marcantonio F, Woodard S, Thomas D, McGee D & Winckler G

(2008) Half a Million Years of Coherent Dust Flux Variations in the Tropical Pacific and Antarctica
Winckler G, Anderson RF, McGee D, Fleisher MQ & Mahowald N

(2006) 232Th-derived dust fluxes as a marker of deglacial changes in ITCZ position and intensity in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific
McGee D, Marcantonio F & Lynch-Stieglitz J

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