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All abstracts by Franco Marcantonio in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Dynamics of Biological Productivity and Carbon Export in the Easternmost Equatorial Pacific Ocean over the Last 25, 000 Years
Schimmenti D(, Marcantonio F, Hayes CT, Hertzberg J & Schmidt MW

(2020) Tracking the Source of High Pb Levels in Children’s Blood
Marcantonio F, Becker F, Wichterich C, Datta S, Cizmas L, Surber J, Kennedy K & Bowles E

(2017) Iron Fertilization of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Linked to Heinrich Stadial Events
Marcantonio F, Loveley M, Wisler M, Hertzberg J, Schmidt M & Lyle M

(2011) 230Th Inventories in New Sediment Cores from the Eastern Equatorial Pacific: Constraints on the 230Th Constant-Flux Proxy
Marcantonio F, Ibrahim R, Singh A & Lyle M

(2011) Response of Antarctic Intermediate Water to Weaker Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation during the Last Deglaciation
Xie R, Marcantonio F & Schmidt MW

(2011) Testing Boundary Exchange of Nd Isotopes in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean
Woodard S, Marcantonio F, Thomas D & Lyle M

(2011) Centennial-Scale Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity Change in the Florida Straits during the Early Holocene
Schmidt M, Weinlein W, Marcantonio F & Lynch-Stieglitz J

(2011) Dissolved 230Th-232Th Dynamics in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean
Singh A, Marcantonio F & Lyle M

(2008) Testing the Response of xs230Th and Extraterrestrial 3He to Sediment Redistribution at the Blake Ridge, Western North Atlantic
McGee D, Marcantonio F, McManus JF & Winckler G

(2008) Extraterrestrial 3He and Constraints on Eolian Fluxes and Provenance in Sediments from the Shatsky Rise
Marcantonio F, Woodard S, Thomas D, McGee D & Winckler G

(2006) 232Th-derived dust fluxes as a marker of deglacial changes in ITCZ position and intensity in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific
McGee D, Marcantonio F & Lynch-Stieglitz J

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