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All abstracts by Augusto Mangini in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Growth Rate Variations of FeMn Crusts – O2 Concentrations in the Deep Pacific over the Last 30 ka
Hemsing F, Mangini A, Wirsig C & Frank N

(2015) Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Around Heinrich-Stadials 1 & 2
Antz B, Lippold J, Schulz H, Frank N & Mangini A

(2013) Reconstruction of Humid Phases in the Caribbean during the Late Pleistocene
Winterhalder S, Scholz D, Mangini A, Spötl C, Miller TE, Winter A, Jochum KP & Pajón JM

(2012) Stable Isotope and Trace Element Records in Holocene Stalagmites from Java: Paleoarchive of Climate Change and Human Activity?
Hartmann A, Eiche E, Neumann T, Fohlmeister J, Schroder-Ritzrau A & Mangini A

(2012) Reconstruction of the North Atlantic Circulation Back to the Last Interglacial by a Combined Proxy Approach
Boehm E, Lippold J, Gutjahr M, Gruetzner J & Mangini A

(2011) Intermediate Water Δ14C off Brazil between 3-40 ka BP
Ruckelshausen M, Kowsmann R, Godoy JM, Santos GM & Mangini A

(2011) Reconstruction of the Atlantic Circulation Back to the Last Interglacial by a Combined Proxy Approach
Böhm E, Lippold J, Weyer S, Gutjahr M & Mangini A

(2011) Mn-Crusts Record Deep Ocean Ventilation Changes
Mangini A

(2011) Biological Precipitation of Calcite in Stalagmites
Kumar A, Routh J, Mangini A, Baskar S & Patnaik JK

(2011) Megadroughts at the Dawn of Islam Recorded in a Stalagmite from Northern Oman
Fleitmann D, Bradley RS, Burns SJ, Mudelsee M, Cheng H, Edwards LR, Mangini A & Matter A

(2011) Variation in Contribution of Bay of Bengal Moisture Source Derived from Stable Isotopic Composition of Cave Carbonates in Meghalaya, India
Rangarajan R, Routh J, Ghosh P, Mangini A, Fohlmeister J, Baskar S, Baskar R & Holzkamper S

(2011) Decoupled Evolution of Temperature and Precipitation in Western Germany during the Last Interglacial Reconstructed from a Precisely Dated Speleothem
Scholz D, Hoffmann D, Spötl C, Hopcroft P, Mangini A & Richter D

(2009) Deep Sea Corals off Brazil Verify a Reduction of NADW Formation during H3, H1 and the YD
Mangini A, Godoy JM, Godoy ML, Kowsmann R, Santos G, Ruckelshausen M, Schroeder-Ritzrau A & Wacker L

(2009) The Response of Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th on Particle Flux – Findings from the African Margin
Lippold J, Christl M, Hofmann A, Mollenhauer G, Mulitza S, Weyer S & Mangini A

(2009) Water Mass Properties and Circulation in the Cape Basin – A Multi Proxy Approach
Christl M & Mangini A

(2009) Noble Gas Temperatures from Speleothems
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kluge T, Marx T, Scholz D, Spötl C, Niggemann S & Mangini A

(2008) Display Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th Ratios the Strength of Atlantic Deep Water Circulation? – An Approach for the Past 30, 000 Years
Lippold J, Christl M, Gruetzner J, Lahaye Y, Winter D & Mangini A

(2008) 14C Variability in Two Late Holocene Stalagmites and the Implications for Climate Forcing Mechanisms
McDermott F, Jackson A, Mangini A, Mattey D & Frisia S

(2007) Comparison of Laser Ablation and Micromill Sampling Techniques for MC-ICPMS 230Th-234U-238U Measurements on Speleothems
Hoffmann D, Spoetl C & Mangini A

(2004) Uranium (VI) Uptake by Calcium Carbonate and Lake Sediments
Koroleva M & Mangini A

(2002) Stalagmites Indicate a Link between Earth's Magnetic Field and Climate during the Past 200, 000 Years
Mangini A

(2002) Granite Alteration Processes Determined by Sr- Pb-Isotopes and Th/U Disequilibria
Marbach T, Kober B & Mangini A

(2002) Seasonal and Spatial Controls of 230Th/231Pa Ratios in the Arabian Sea
Scholten J, Fietzke J, Mangini A, Stoffers P & Ittekkot V

(2002) Distribution of 230Th and 231Pa off SW-Africa
Fietzke J, Scholten J, Mangini A, Reuter S & Stoffers P

(2002) Distribution and Sedimentary Flux of 10Beryllium, 230Thorium, and 231Protactinium in the South Atlantic Ocean on a Glacial / Interglacial Timescale; A Multibox Model Approach
Christl M, Siegle S, Strobl C, Reuter S & Mangini A

(2002) Redox Driven Cycling of Uranium between Sediment and Water in a Seasonal Anoxic and Sulfidic Lake
Laukenmann S, Wild V, Christl M, Mangini A, Isenbeck-Schröter M & Ilmberger J

(2000) Deep Sea Corals Evidence Periodic Reduced Ventilation of the N. Atlantic during the LGM/Holocene Transition
Mangini A & Lomitschka M

(2000) Evidence for Solar Forcing of the Indian Ocean Monsoon in a High-Resolution Speleothem Record from Oman
Burns S, Neff U, Mudelsee M, Fleitmann D, Mangini A & Matter A

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