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All abstracts by Guilherme Mallmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) The Unexpected ‘Compatible’ Behavior of W during Mantle Melting: Implications for the W/U Ratio of the Lunar Mantle
Fonseca R, Mallmann G, Sommer J, Sprung P, Speelmanns I & Heuser A

(2011) Redox Variable Trace Elements
O'Neill H, Berry A & Mallmann G

(2011) Complex Al and P Zoning in Pallasite Olivine: Constraints on High-T History
McKibbin S, O'Neill H, Mallmann G & Halfpenny A

(2008) The Solubility of Os and Ir in Sulphide Melts: Implications for Os Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle
Fonseca R, Mallmann G, Campbell I & O'Neill H

(2007) The P/Nd Ratio of Basalt as an Indicator of Pyroxenite in its Source
O'Neill H & Mallmann G

(2006) The Redox Control upon the Rhenium Crystal/Silicate-melt Partitioning
Mallmann G & O'Neill H

(2006) An experimental study of the chalcophile character of Re: the effect of fO2, fS2 and temperature
Fonseca R, Mallmann G, O'Neill H & Campbell I

(2003) Mantle Diversity beneath the Mercaderes Region, Andean Northern Volcanic Zone, Colombia
Koester E, Rodrigues A, Conceição R, Mallmann G, Kawashita K & Weber M

(2003) Andean Subduction-Related Lithospheric Mantle: Growth and Isotopic Evidence of Chemical Exchange in Mantle and Crustal Reservoirs
Mallmann G, Conceicao R & Koester E

(2003) Andean Subduction-Related Mantle Xenoliths: Isotopic Evidence of Sr- N D Decoupling during Metasomatism
Conceicao R, Mallmann G, Koester E & Kawashita K

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