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All abstracts by Raina M. Maier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Basalt, Granite, Rhyolite, and Schist Weathering as Affected by Plants and Microorganisms
Dontsova K, Zaharescu D, Burghelea C, Chorover J, Maier R & Huxman T

(2013) Plant Establishment in Sulfide Ore-Derived Mine Tailings Stabilizes Arsenic in situ Despite Promoting Arsenopyrite Oxidation
Hammond C, Root R, Maier R & Chorover J

(2012) Weathering of Granular Basalt on a Volcanic Crater Slope: An Electron Microprobe and synchrotron-Xrd Approach
Zaharescu DG, Dontsova K, Perdrial N, Burghelea C, Chorover J, Perdrial J, Maier R & Huxman T

(2011) Bench Scale Experiments Modeling the Effects of a Phytostabilization Strategy for Arsenic and Lead Containing Mine Tailings in the Semi-Arid Southwestern United States
Hammond C, Root R, White S, Maier R & Chorover J

(2009) Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity in Kartchner Caverns, a Carbonate Cave in Southwest of the USA
Legatzki A, Ortiz M, Neilson JW, Pryor BM, Pierson LS & Maier RM

(2009) Intra- and Inter- Speleothem Variability of Bacterial Communities in Kartchner Caverns
Ortiz M, Legatzki A, Neilson JW, Pryor BM, Pierson LS & Maier RM

(2009) Hyperarid Extremophiles: A Comparison of Bacterial Communities from Distinct Locations in the Core of the Atacama Desert
Neilson J, Quade J, Betancourt J & Maier R

(2009) Combined FISH, μ-XRF, and SEM Analysis to Examine Microbe-Metal Interactions on Root Surfaces
Maier RM, Chorover J, Iverson SL & Hayes SM

(2009) Prosopis juliflora and Mycorrhizal Fungi to Revegetate Acidic, Metalliferous Desert Mine Tailings
Solis-Dominguez FA & Maier RM

(2006) Pyrite trace element halos to northern Australian sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag deposits
Mcgoldrick P & Maier R

(2004) Reduction of As(V) in the Aquifer – A Tracer Test at the Cape Cod Site
Isenbeck-Schroeter M, Höhn R, Davis J, Kent D, Scholz C, Maier M & Jakobsen R

(2004) Hydrogeochemical Modeling of Tracer-Tests at Cape Cod, USA
Maier M & Isenbeck-Schröter M

(2002) Biosurfactant-Mediated Metal Behavior in Soil
Maier R & Pemberton J

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