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All abstracts by Peter Linke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2009) Benthic Respiration and Energy Transfer in Cold Seep Habitats
Sommer S, Linke P, Pfannkuche O, Niemann H, Treude T & Haeckel M

(2008) Cold-Seep Carbonates as Marine Isotope Geochemical Archives: New Insights Comparing Chronology and Emplacement Controlling Processes of Circum-Pacific Settings
Liebetrau V, Eisenhauer A, Fietzke J, Kutterolf S, Hammerich T, Günther D & Linke P

(2007) Stable Strontium (<delta>88/86Sr) and U-Th Systematics of Cold-Water Corals as New Proxy for Holocene Changes of the Mediterranean Outflow
Liebetrau V, Rüggeberg A, Fietzke J, Eisenhauer A, Flögel S, Linke P & Schönfeld J

(2007) High Sea Bed Methane Emission Rates at Hikurangi Margin (New Zealand) Associated with Extremely Dense Populations of Ampharetid Polychaetes
Sommer S, Linke P, Pfannkuche O, Bowden DA, Greinert J & Haeckel M

(2007) Genesis and Rates of Fluid Flow at the Mercator Mud Volcano, Gulf of Cadiz
Haeckel M, Berndt C, Liebetrau V, Linke P, Reitz A, Schönfeld J & Vanneste H

(2006) The Process of Methane Emanation at Cold Seeps and its Correlation with Sea-Level Changes Throughout the last 210 Thousand Years
Liebetrau V, Eisenhauer A, Fietzke J, Hametner K, Günther D & Linke P

(2004) Diet of Creteceous Crocodile; Revealed from Carbon Isotopic Analysis of Teeth Using UV Laser System
Ghosh P, Linke P, Brand W & Prasad G

(2000) Bacterial Sulfate Reduction and Sulfur Isotope Discrimination in the Hypersaline and Hypersulfidic Water Column of the Urania Basin (Mediterranean Sea)
Ziebis W, Böttcher ME, Weber A, Miquel J, Sievert S & Linke P

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