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All abstracts by Weiqiang Li in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Experimental Calibration of Kinetic Isotope Fractionation of Alkaline and Alkaline-Earth Elements during Chemical Diffusion in Aqueous Solutions
Li W, Ji Z & Luo X

(2023) Earth’s Surficial Mg Cycle Evolution over the Past 2 Billion Years: Evidence from Mg Isotopes in Halite and Dolostone
Zhiguang X, Shilei L & Li W

(2023) Variability in Composition of 2.0-Ga Lunar Basalts at Chang'e-5 Landing Site
Boschi S, Wang XL, Hui H, Yin Z, Yue G, Hu H, Zhang W, Chen J & Li W

(2023) Metal Stable Isotopic Perspective on Genetic Relationship between HIMU and EM1 Component
Zhang X, Chen L, Wang X, Hanyu T, Hofmann AW, Zeng G & Li W

(2023) Effects of Secondary Carbonate Precipitation and Dissolution on Changjiang (Yangtze) River Chemistry and Estimates of Silicate Weathering Rates
Li S, Li G, Chen Y, Li W & Chen J

(2023) D2 as the Reaction Gas to Improve Robustness of K Isotope Analysis by Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS
An S, Chen J, Boschi S & Li W

(2022) Sulfide Liquid Evolution is Recorded by Iron Isotopes in the Cu–PGE Mineralization of the Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex, Canada
Brzozowski MJ, Li W, Good D & Wu C

(2022) Cu Isotope Fractionation during the Replacement of Pyrite by Copper-Bearing Sulfides
Zhang Y & Li W

(2022) Behavior of Stable Tungsten Isotopes on the Earth’s Surface
Yang R, Li T, Stubbs D, Chen T, Liu S, Kemp DB, Li W, Yang S, Chen J, Elliott T, Dellwig O, Chen J & Li G

(2022) K Isotope Composition of IODP 376 Drilling Cores: Implications for Hydrothermal Alteration in Submarine Arc Volcanoes
Cao C, Cai Y, Li W, Chen T & Chen J

(2020) An Inverse Correlation between Zn Stable Isotope Fractionation and Zn-O Bond Distances Revealed from Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Li W, Li W, Wang Z & Gou W

(2020) Cu Isotope Fractionation by Cu–PGE Mineralizing Processes in the Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex, Canada
Brzozowski M, Li W, Good D & Wu C

(2019) Apparent Mass-Independent Behavior of Mg Isotopes during Transformation of Amorphous Carbonate to Crystalline Carbonate and its Implications
Liu C & Li W

(2019) K Isotopic Responses to Silicate Weathering and Global K Cycling
Li W, Li S, Beard B, Raymo M, Chen Y & Chen J

(2019) Novel Zn Stable Isotope Method for Probing Soil Chemical Reaction Kinetics
Li W, Gou W & Li W

(2018) Termination of Cryogenian Ironstone Deposition by the Spread of Euxinia: Fe-S-C Isotope Evidence
Li W, Wu C & Yang T

(2018) Mg Isotope Clue for Restriction of the Tethys Ocean during the P-T Transition
Li W, Hu Z, Zhang H, Krainer K, Zheng Q & Shen S

(2018) Glacial Oxygen Delivery in the Neoproterozoic: Fe Isotope Evidence
Lechte M, Wallace M, Hood A, Planavsky N, Li W, Jiang G, McColl S & Asael D

(2017) Mg Isotope Variation of Dolomitization of Limestone: A Case Study of the Carbonate Profile of Middle Triassic Age, South Eastern China
Hu W, Li W, Hu Z & Wang X

(2017) Zn Isotope Fractionation during Sorption onto Al Oxide: Molecular Level Understanding from Zn EXAFS Investigation
Gou W, Li W & Li W

(2017) Tracing Hydrothermal Fluids in Porphyry Systems Using K and Mg Isotopes
Li W, Wang X & Zhao S

(2016) Potassium Isotope Fractionation between K-Salts and Saturated Aqueous Solutions
Li W & Li S

(2014) Experimental Calibration of Mg Isotope Fractionation between Dolomite and Aqueous Mg2+ Ions
Li W, Beard B & Johnson C

(2012) Fe Isotope and U-Th-Pb Evidence for a Reduced 3.4 Ga Archean Ocean
Li W, Johnson C, Beard B & van Kranendonk M

(2012) Iron Isotope Fractionation during Femtosecond Laser Ablation of Magnetite Determined by Aerosol Size Sorting Experiments
Beard B, Czaja A, Li W, Schauer J, Olson M & Johnson C

(2010) Mg Isotope Exchange Rate and Fractionation Factor between Epsomite and Aqueous Solution Constrained by Three Isotope Method
Li W, Beard B & Johnson C

(2008) Cu Isotopic Anomalies Around Porphyry Cu Deposits
Li W, Jackson S & Pearson N

(2007) Cu Isotope Signature of Granites
Li W, Jackson S, Chappell B, Alard O & Pearson N

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