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All abstracts by Veronique Le Roux in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Novel Insights into the Volatile Content of Arc Magmas Recorded in the Deep Roots of Kohistan Arc
Urann B, Le Roux V, Jagoutz O, Chin E, Behn M & Müntener O

(2019) Quantifying the Volume Changes during Incipient Serpentinization
Klein F & Le Roux V

(2019) The in situ Halogen Content of MORB-Like Eclogites, Rapas Complex, Ecuador
Urann B, Le Roux V, John T, Barnes J & Beaudoin G

(2018) Generation of Arc-Like Magmas by Mélange-Peridotite Interaction in the Mantle Wedge
Codillo E, Le Roux V & Marschall H

(2018) Interpreting Popping Rocks from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near 14°N
Jones M, Soule A, Kurz M, Wanless D, Brodsky H, Bendanda S, Schwartz D, Peron S, Klein F, Le Roux V, Mittelstaedt E, Fornari D & Curtice J

(2018) Barium Isotope Evidence for Global Sediment Recycling in the Upper Mantle
Nielsen S, Horner T, Pryer H, Blusztajn J, Shu Y, Kurz M & Le Roux V

(2017) X-Ray Microtomography-Based Reconstruction of Total CO2 in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Le Roux V, Klein F, Moore L, Bodnar R & Maclennan J

(2017) Determining Magma Ascent Rates from Diffusive D/H Fractionation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Bucholz C, Le Roux V, Klein F, Wallace P, Sims K & Ghiorso M

(2017) The Fluorine and Chlorine Budget of the Earth’s Peridotite Mantle
Urann B, Le Roux V, Hammond K, Marschall H, Lee C-T & Monteleone B

(2017) Experimental Hybridization of Mantle Wedge by Mélange Rocks, and the Generation of Arc Magmas
Codillo E, Le Roux V & Marschall H

(2017) Arc-Like Magmas and Pyroxenites Generated by Mélange-Peridotite Interaction in the Mantle Wedge
Le Roux V, Codillo E & Marschall H

(2015) F and Cl in Peridotite Minerals: Analytical Development, Partitioning, and Applications to Fluid Cycling in the Earth's Mantle
Le Roux V, Monteleone B, Hammond K & Shimizu N

(2012) Scaling and Nature of Melting Processes in the Mantle Wedge: A Record from the Josephine Peridotite (Klamath Mountains, USA)
Le Roux V, Dick H & Shimizu N

(2011) Copper Systematics in Arc Magmas and Implications for the Origin of Continents, the Pb-Paradox, and Copper Porphyry Deposits
Lee C-T, Chin E, Bouchet R, Luffi P, Dasgupta R, Morton D, le Roux V, Yin Q-Z, Albarède F & Blichert-Toft J

(2011) Mineralogical Heterogeneities in the Earth’s Mantle: Constraints from Mn, Co, Ni and Zn Partitioning during Partial Melting
Le Roux V, Dasgupta R & Lee C-T

(2010) First Series Transition Metals (Zn, Fe, Mn, Co, Sc, V) as Tracers of Mineralogic Heterogeneities in the Mantle
Le Roux V, Dasgupta R & Lee C-TA

(2010) Conservative Tracers of Oxygen Fugacity in Basalts and their Mantle Source Regions
Lee C-T, Luffi P, Le Roux V & Dasgupta R

(2009) Volatility Trends of the Inner Planets Revealed by Ge/Si and Zn/Mn Variations in Solar System Materials
Le Roux V & Lee C-T

(2008) How Primitive is the “Primitive” Mantle?
Alard O, Le Roux V, Bodinier J-L, Lorand J-P, Griffin WL & O'Reilly SY

(2007) Insights into Refertilization Processes in Lithospheric Mantle from Integrated Isotopic Studies in the Lherz Massif
Le Roux V, Bodinier J-L, Alard O, Wieland P & O'Reilly SY

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