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All abstracts by Jong-Mi Lee in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Redox Cycling of Iron at the Peruvian Margin
Heller M, Croot P, Lam P, Moffett J, Lee J-M, Till C & Wuttig K

(2018) Dissolved Pb Stable Isotopes in the Bay of Bengal
Norisuye K, Obata H, Gamo T, Lee J-M & Boyle EA

(2017) Pb Isotope Evidence for a Small but Detectable Escape of MORB Pb into the East Pacific Rise Hydrothermal Plume
Boyle E, Zurbrick C & Lee J-M

(2017) Surprises in Iron Cycling at the Peru Margin
Lam PJ, Heller MI, Moffett JW, Till CP, John S, Sanial V, Charette M, Lee J-M, Toner BM & Marcus M

(2016) Size Distribution of Particulate Trace Elements in Hydrothermal Plume from the 20┬║S East Pacific Rise
Lee J-M, Heller M & Lam P

(2016) Major Modes of Variation in Particulate Trace Element Distributions in Contrasting Basins
Lam P, Lee J-M, Heller M & Ohnemus D

(2015) Chronology of Lead Concentrations and Isotopes in Coastal Environments Near Rapidly Growing Cities in South and South East Asia, South America, and the Middle East
Carrasco G, Lee J-M, Chen M, Lazzari L, Wagener A, Carreira R, Nurhati I, Zhao N, Gevao B, al-Ghadban AN & Boyle E

(2015) Dissolved Lead in the Deep Southeast Pacific Ocean: Results of the 2013 US GEOTRACES Cruise
Lee J-M, Zubrick C, Till R, Boyle E & Flegal AR

(2014) Pb and Pb Isotopes throughout the Global Ocean, GEOTRACES Style
Boyle E, Noble A, Echegoyen Y, Lee J-M, Norisuye K, Gamo T, Zhang J, Zhao N, Carrasco G & Fornace K

(2012) Distribution of Lead and Lead Isotopes in the Indian Ocean: Data from the Japanese Indian Ocean GEOTRACES Transect
Lee J-M, Echegoyen-Sanz Y, Boyle E, Gamo T, Obata H & Norisuye K

(2012) Dissolved Iron in the Southeast Pacific Ocean: OMZ to the Gyre
Fitzsimmons JN, Lee J-M, Kayser RA & Boyle EA

(2011) Pb in a Deep Sea Coral: Transfer of Anthropogenic Pb to the Deep North Atlantic Ocean over the Last 500 Years
Lee J-M, Eltgroth S, Boyle E & Adkins J

(2011) Lead and Lead Isotopes in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean: GEOTRACES Data
Boyle E, Echegoyen-Sanz Y, Fornace K, Lee J-M, Gamo T, Obata H & Norisuye K

(2009) Iron Distribution in the Surface and Oxygen Minimum Waters of the Tropical North Atlantic
Boyle E, Zhang R, Fitzsimmons J, Lee J-M & Ito T

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