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All abstracts by Helen E. King in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Low-Temperature Plate Boundary Serpentinization Post-Dates Subduction Initiation and Facilitates Obduction of an Appalachian Ophiolite
Kotowski AJ, Smit H, van Broekhoven J, Cooperdock EHG, Tarling MS, Hellebrand E, Kirkpatrick J, King HE & Plümper O

(2023) The Role of Silica in the Growth and Stabilisation of Mg-Carbonates
Popa I, Pokharel R & King HE

(2023) Investigating Lithium (Li) Adsorption onto Iron-Oxides (Goethite, Hematite, Wüstite, and Magnetite) at Various pH Conditions
Zhang X(Y, Plümper O & King HE

(2022) The Effect of Cadmium on the Growth and Dissolution of Calcium Carbonate
Julia M, Putnis CV, King HE & Renard F

(2018) In situ Stable Isotope Tracing of Nanoscale Deformation Processes in Earthquake-Prone Crustal Fault Materials
Ohl M, Chen J, Niemeijer A, King H & Pluemper O

(2018) Nanoscale, in situ Investigations of Fluoranthene Surfaces
King HE, Giese C-C, Plümper O, ten Kate IL & Tielens X

(2018) Nanoscale Imaging of Toxic Element Sequestration: Coupled Dissolution and Precipitation Reactions at the Mineral-Fluid Interface
Putnis CV, Ruiz-agudo E, Wang L, Renard F, King HE & Hövelmann J

(2017) Phosphate Interactions with Schwertmannite
King HE & Chang SJ

(2016) Retention of Biosignatures Associated with Phosphate in Fe-Oxide Mineralized Bacterial Mats
King HE, Plümper O, Polerecky L & Blake R

(2016) Element Mobilization Resulting from Mineral Replacement Reactions
Putnis CV, Ruiz-Agudo E, King HE, Hövelmann J & Renard F

(2016) Are Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Carbonaceous Chondrites Altered by Aqueous Alteration?
Giese C-C, ten Kate IL, Plümper O, King HE & Tielens AGGM

(2015) Reactions at Mineral-Fluid Interfaces: Specifically Coupled Dissolution and Precipitation
Putnis CV, Ruiz-Agudo E, Hövelmann J, King HE, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2015) Increased Carbonate Associated with Phosphate Demand in Bioapatite Crystallites
King H & Tommasini S

(2015) Low-Temperature Nanocatalysis of Abiogenic Methane during Peridotite Alteration
Plümper O, King H, de Ruiter L, Verberne R & Liu Y

(2015) The Control of Calcium Silicate Weathering and Climate Evolution by Dissolution-Precipitation Processes at the Mineral-Water Interface
Ruiz-Agudo E, King HE, Patiño-Lopez LD, Putnis CV, Geisler T, Rodriguez-Navarro C & Putnis A

(2014) The Olivine-Water Interface: From Extraterrestrial Environments to the Earth’s Crust
Putnis A & King HE

(2014) Bioapatite, the Mineral Essential to Human Bones and Teeth
Skinner C, King HE & Petermann H

(2014) Textural Re-equilibration during Marble Replacement by Ca-Oxalate
King HE, Mattner D, Plümper O, Geisler T & Putnis A

(2014) Nucleation on a Dissolving Mineral Surface
Putnis CV, Ruiz-Agudo E, Hövelmann J, Renard F, King HE & Putnis A

(2014) The Role of Grain Boundaries and Transient Porosity as Fluid Pathways for Reaction Front Propagation
Jonas L, John T, King HE, Geisler T & Putnis A

(2013) Pseudomorphic Replacement of Diopside during Interaction with (Ni, Mg)Cl<sub>2</sub> Aqueous Solutions
Majumdar AS, King HE, John T, Kusebauch C & Putnis A

(2013) Grain Boundaries and Transient Porosity as Fluid Pathways for Reaction Front Propagation
Jonas L, John T, King H, Geisler T & Putnis A

(2012) Sulphate Inhibition of Magnesite Dissolution: An in situ AFM Study
King HE & Putnis CV

(2011) Interfacial Reactions during Olivine Replacement
King H, Satoh H, Geisler T, Tsukamoto K & Putnis A

(2009) Dissociated Water Adsorption to Stepped Forsterite Surfaces: Implications for Planetary Accretion
King HE, Stimpfl M & de Leeuw NH

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