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All abstracts by Elisabeth Hausrath in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Interpreting Observations of Amorphous and Poorly Crystalline Materials on Mars: A Combined Field, Laboratory, and Modeling Approach
Hausrath E, Ralston SJ, Bamisile T, Luu N, Rampe E, Peretyazhko T & Gainey S

(2018) Mars Brine Attacks! Accelerated Dissolution Rates and Unique Reaction Products in High Salinity Brines
Elwood Madden M, Phillips-Lander C, Elwood Madden A, Cullen M, Hausrath E & Miller K

(2017) Effects of Weathering a Volcanic Rock on Mars 3.7 Billion Years ago
Coleman M, Schieber J, Bish D, Reed M, Hausrath E, Cosgrove J, Gupta S, Minitti M & Malin M

(2014) Detection of of Biological Impacts on Serpentinite Weathering on Earth and Potentially Other Planetary Systems
Olsen A, Taylor A, Hausrath E, Negrich K & Yardley E

(2014) Ca Isotopic Composition Reflects Evapotranspiration and Dust Inputs in Shallow Desert Soil
Hausrath E, Downs B & Holmden C

(2012) Interpreting Phosphate Mobility on Mars and the Implications for Habitability
Hausrath E, Adcock C & Tu V

(2012) Using Laboratory-Derived Mineral Dissolution Rates to Test Biogeochemical Weathering in the Field
Olsen A, Hausrath E, Yardley E, Bodkin M, Baumeister J & Negrich K

(2012) Biogeochemical Weathering of Serpentinite in Field and Laboratory Studies
Negrich K, Baumeister J, Yardley E, MacRae J, Hausrath E & Olsen A

(2010) Fumarolic Alteration and Implications for Mars
Hausrath E

(2008) Phosphate Alteration on Mars
Hausrath E, Golden DC, Morris R & Ming D

(2007) Basalt Weathering Rates on Earth and the Duration of Water on Mars
Hausrath E, Navarre-Sitchler A, Sak P, Steefel C & Brantley S

(2007) Influence of Porosity on Basalt Weathering Rates from the Clast to Watershed Scale
Navarre-Sitchler A, Steefel C, Hausrath E & Brantley S

(2007) The Weathering Engine Conveyor Belt and Corestone Size Distributions
Fletcher R, Hausrath E, Navarre-Sitchler A, Peightal B & Brantley S

(2006) Weathering from the soil profile to the watershed: what controls the weathering advance rate?
Brantley S, Fletcher RC, Buss H, Moore J, Hausrath E, Stichler A, Lebedeva M & White AF

(2005) Basalt and Granite Dissolution Rates in the Presence of Citrate
Hausrath E, Neaman A & Brantley S

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