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All abstracts by Detlef Günther in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Isotopic 238U-234U-232Th-230Th Analysis Using LA-ICPMS for Direct U/Th Dating of Millennium Stalagmites
Wu C-C, Shen C-C, Günther D & Bodo H

(2021) A High-Sensitivity in situ 230Th-232Th-234U-238U Age Determination Approach Using LA-ICPMS
Wu C-C, Shen C-C(, Günther D & Bodo H

(2019) Trace Element Mapping of Garnet by LA-Icp-Tofms
Rubatto D, Burger M, Schwarz G, Keresztes Schmidt P, Neff C, Lanari P, Hermann J, Vho A & Günther D

(2016) High-Resolution Quantitative LA-Icp-Tofms Imaging
Gundlach-Graham A, Burger M, Schwarz G, Hattendorf B, Garofalo P & Günther D

(2016) Exploring the Limit of ICPMS in Space and Time and Mass
Hattendorf B, Burger M, Wu C-C, Shen C-C, Hendriks L, Gundlach-Graham A, Schwarz G & Günther D

(2015) Distribution of S, Se and Te in Chondrites Determined by LA-ICP-MS Using a Nanoparticle Standard
Funk C, Wombacher F, Günther D, Tabersky D, Koch J, Meisel T, Kronz A & Heuser A

(2015) Doubly Charged Argide Ion Interferences in the ICPMS
Hattendorf B, Gusmini B, Dorta L, Houk S, Reiher M & Günther D

(2015) A New ICP-Tofms for the Fast Laser Ablation Analysis Without Compromises
Borovinskaya O, Tanner M, Mercadier J & Günther D

(2015) Accessing 14C Profiles in Carbonate Records Using Laser Ablation
Welte C, Hattendorf B, Wacker L, Christl M, Koch J, Fohlmeister J, Breitenbach SFM, Robinson L, Andrews AH, Synal H-A & Günther D

(2015) Sulfur, Se, and Te Abundances in Chondrites and their Components
Funk C, Wombacher F, Becker H, Bischoff A, Günther D & Münker C

(2013) Element Quantification in Chondritic Components by LA-ICP-MS
Funk C, Wombacher F, Glaus R, Tabersky D, Koch J & Günther D

(2013) Vaporization Studies on Laser-Generated Aerosols as Used in LA-ICPMS
Günther D, Flamigni L, Koch J, Borovinskays O, Hattendorf B & Tanner M

(2013) Compacted Nanoparticles for Quantification in LA-ICPMS
Tabersky D, Lüchinger N, Halim S, Rossier M & Günther D

(2013) Laser Ablation for Spatially Resolved Radiocarbon Measurements with Gas Source-Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Hattendorf B, Münsterer C, Dietiker R, Koch J, Wacker L, Christl M, Synal A & Günther D

(2012) A New Strategy for the Production of Homogeneous Standards for Microbeam Techniques
Gunther D, Tabersky D, Luechinger NA & Halim SC

(2012) Capabilities of LA-Etv-Mc-ICPMS for the Measurement of Sr Isotope Ratios in Rb-Rich Samples
Brogioli R, Dorta L, Hattendorf B & Gunther D

(2011) Towards Past Climate Reconstruction of Speleothems by Atmospheric Sampling LA-ICPMS
Tabersky D, De Maddalena I, Fricker MB, Dietiker R, Fleitmann D & Günther D

(2011) The Rapid Emplacement of the Val Fredda Complex, Adamello Batholith, N. Italy
Broderick C, Schaltegger U, Günther D & Brack P

(2011) Sr Isotope Ratios Determination by LA-MC-ICPMS in Rb Rich Samples: Online Separation of Rb by Electrothermal Aerosol Heating
Brogioli R, Dorta L, Hattendorf B & Günther D

(2011) Investigation of the Precision and Accuracy of Isotope Ratio Measurements for Atmospheric Sampling for Laser Ablation Multi collector-ICPMS
Dorta L, Kovacs R, Koch J & Günther D

(2010) Experimental Element Partitioning between Silicate and Carbonatite Melts and Evidence for Liquid Immiscibility
Martin LHJ, Schmidt MW, Gunther D & Hametner K

(2010) Chemical Composition of Apatite Inclusions in Corundum and Spinel Determined by LA-ICP-MS and its Potential for Authentication and Provenance Determinations
Bieri W, Grobéty B, Peretti A, Hametner K & Günther D

(2010) Chemical Variations in Multicoloured “Paraíba”-Type Tourmalines from Brazil and Mozambique: Implications for Authentication and Provenance Determination
Peretti A, Bieri W, Reusser E, Fontaine G, Hametner K & Günther D

(2009) Pt Solubility in Silicate Melts: Centrifuging Nanonuggets to Decipher Core Formation Processes
Médard E, Schmidt MW, Wälle M & Günther D

(2009) Refractory Lithophile Element Fractionation in Chondritic Meteorites
Stracke A, Bourdon B, Kleine T, Birbaum K & Günther D

(2009) Ion Kinetic Energies’ Influence on Mass Bias in (MC)ICPMS
Hattendorf B, Fontaine GH, Oberli F, Bourdon B & Günther D

(2009) Elemental Analysis of USGS GSE-1 G and BCR-2 G by LA-ICPMS. Quantification Using Different Laser Systems and ICPMS Instrtuments
Günther D & Hattendorf B

(2009) Major Element Analysis of Various Glass Reference Materials by IR- and UV-Fs Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Birbaum K, Wälle M, Koch J, Hametner K & Günther D

(2009) A New Method Integrating ID-TIMS U-Pb Geochronology with Zircon Trace Element Analysis
Schoene B, Schaltegger U, Latkoczy C & Günter D

(2008) Experimental Determination of Ra Partition Coefficients for Leucite, Phlogopite, and Feldspars, and a Re-examination of 226Ra-230Th Disequilibria
Fabbrizio A, Schmidt MW, Günther D & Eikenberg J

(2008) Simultaneous Determinations of U-Pb Age, Trace Element Compositions, and Hf Isotopes of Zircon by LA-Q&MC-ICPMS
Yuan H, Gao S, Dai M, Zong C, Günther D & Fontaine G

(2008) Predicting Solid Metal – Molten Metal Element Partitioning Using Crystal Lattice Strain
Stewart AJ, van Westrenen W, Schmidt MW & Günther D

(2008) Alternative Data Reduction for Precise and Accurate Isotope Ratio Determination via LA-MC-ICP-MS
Fietzke J, Liebetrau V, Günther D, Frische M, Zumholz K, Hansteen TH & Eisenhauer A

(2008) Underneath the Magma Ocean: Element Distribution between Calcium Silicate Perovskite and Sulphur-Bearing Iron Melts
van Westrenen W, Schmidt MW, Günther D & Stewart AJ

(2008) Cold-Seep Carbonates as Marine Isotope Geochemical Archives: New Insights Comparing Chronology and Emplacement Controlling Processes of Circum-Pacific Settings
Liebetrau V, Eisenhauer A, Fietzke J, Kutterolf S, Hammerich T, Günther D & Linke P

(2007) Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry – The Role of the Ion Source for Quantitative Analysis
Hattendorf B, Wang Z & Günther D

(2007) A Depleted Lithosphere Component in the Hawaiian Plume: Noble Gas Evidence from Plume-Related Mantle Xenoliths
Rocholl A, Günther D, Trieloff M & Wirth R

(2006) Trace Element Partitioning Between Iron-Titanium Oxides And Silicate Melts With Implications For The Early Differentiation Of The Moon
Klemme S, Günther D, Hametner K, Prowatke S & Zack T

(2006) The Process of Methane Emanation at Cold Seeps and its Correlation with Sea-Level Changes Throughout the last 210 Thousand Years
Liebetrau V, Eisenhauer A, Fietzke J, Hametner K, Günther D & Linke P

(2005) Trace Element Partitioning between Rutile and Melt with Implications for Element Transfer in Subduction Zones
Klemme S, Prowatke S, Hametner K & Günther D

(2004) Tracing the History of Submarine Hydrothermal Inputs Using Pb Isotopes from Ferromanganese Crusts
Van de Flierdt T, Frank M, Halliday A, Hattendorf B, Günther D, Kubik P & Hein J

(2003) Can Accurate Pb Isotopic Compositions be Determined on Single Fluid Inclusions?
Pettke T, Wiechert U, Audétat A, Günther D & Heinrich C

(2003) Analysis of Forty-Two Major and Trace Elements in USGS and NISTSRM Glasses by LA-ICPMS
Gao S, Liu X, Yuan H, Hattendorf B, Günther D & Chen L

(2002) 92Nb-92Zr Chronometry and Early Lunar Evolution
Schönbächler M, Lee D-C, Halliday AN, Rehkämper M, Hattendorf B & Günther D

(2002) Transport Efficiency and Particle Size Distribution of Laser Induced Aerosols
Horn I & Günther D

(2002) Studies of the Source of Laser-Induced Isotopic Bias in LA-MC-ICP-MS
Jackson SE & Gunther D

(2002) Interference Reduction by Ion-Molecule Reactions in ICP-MS. Chemical Resolution for the Earth Sciences
Hattendorf B, Schönbächler M & Günther D

(2002) Present and Past Export of Southern Ocean Deep Water to the Pacific
van de Flierdt T, Frank M, Lee D-C, Halliday AN, Günther D & Hein JR

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