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All abstracts by Ryan McAleer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) A New Paradigm for Pegmatite Formation: Generation of Pegmatitic Textures in a Closed, Isochoric System Implied by the Formation of Miarolitic-Class, Segregation-Type Pegmatites in the Taishanmiao Batholith, China
Yuan Y, Moore LR, McAleer R, Yuan S, Ouyang H, Belkin H, Mao J, Sublett M & Bodnar R

(2021) Optimizing Radium Removal from Produced Water Utilizing the Sr/Ba Molar Ratio and Precipitate Seeding
McDevitt B, Gallegos T, Blondes M, Shelton J, McAleer R, Valentine B, Varonka M, Jolly G, Jubb AM, Jackson J & Chenault J

(2020) Speciation and Mineral Hosts of Germanium in Mine Wastes: Implications for Recovery
White SJ, Piatak N, McAleer R, Hayes S, Seal R, Schaider L & Shine J

(2018) The Biogeochemistry of Indium, Gallium, and Germanium in Mine Wastes
White SJ, Schaider L, Shine J, Piatak N, McAleer R & Seal R

(2018) Photoluminescence Imaging of Zircon by Conventional and Laser Excitation: Geochronologic and Thermochronologic Applications
McAleer R, Jubb A, Hackley P & Casale G

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