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All abstracts by Marguerite Godard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Numerical Modeling of a Seafloor Hydrothermal System during Incipi-Ent Serpentinization
Gouze P, Lods G & Godard M

(2020) Unraveling Carbon Uptake Sequences in Fast Cooling Oceanic Serpentinites (Batin, Oman Ophiolite): Insights from O and C Isotopes
Godard M, Noel J, Martinez I, Williams M, Gouze P & Boudier F

(2019) Linkages between Serpentinization and Carbon Trapping in the Oman Ophiolite: Evidence from the Wadi Dima and Batin Peridotites
Godard M, Noël J, Martinez I, Williams M, Escario S, Oliot E & Boudier F

(2019) Melt Migration and Dunite Formation in the Mantle Section of the Oman Ophiolite: Insights from Lithophile and Highly Siderophile Elements Coupled with Structural Observations
Klaessens D, Reisberg L, Jousselin D & Godard M

(2019) Serpentinization and Potential for Natural Hydrogen in North-Western Pyrenees
Tichadou C, Godard M & Manuel M

(2019) The PGE and Os Isotope Variations in the Mantle Transition Zone from the Samail Ophiolite from the Oman Drilling Project Cores
Senda R, Suzuki K, Morishita T, Takazawa E, Michibayashi K, Kelemen P, Teagle D, Coggon J, Godard M & The Oman Drilling Project SP

(2019) Physical Properties of the MohoTZ: Implications from Recent Drilling Projects
Abe N, Okazaki K, Katayama I, Hatakeyama K, Akamatsu Y, Michibayashi K, Takazawa E, Teagle D, Kelemen P, Godard M, Matter J & Coggon J

(2019) The Role of Melt-Rock Reaction in Creating Enriched-Morb Mantle Sources
Rampone E, Borghini G, Class C, Goldstein SL, Cipriani A, Cai Y, Hofmann AW, Zanetti A, Fumagalli P & Godard M

(2017) Evidence of Polygenic CO2 Trapping in the Oman Ophiolite Peridotites
Noël J, Godard M, Martinez I, Oliot E, Boudier F, Gouze P, Chaduteau C & Rodriguez O

(2016) Formation of Lowermost Oceanic Crust: A Microstructural and Geochemical Study of Troctolites from IODP Site U1415 (Hess Deep)
Akizawa N, Godard M, Ildefonse B & Arai S

(2016) Origin of Orthpyroxene in Primitive Gabbros Generated at East Pacific Rise
Chatterjee S, Python M, Godard M & Akizawa N

(2016) Isotopic Constraints on Subduction Initiation and Evolution: IODP Exp. 352 (Bonin Forearc)
Prytulak J, Li H, Taylor R, Godard M, Ryan J, Mangler M, Shervais J, Reagan M & Pearce J

(2015) Trace Element Budget along a Section of Fast-Spread Oceanic Crust: Results from Drilling at the Hess Deep Rift (ODP Leg 147 and IODP Expedition 345)
Godard M, Falloon T, Gillis K, Akizawa N, Koepke J, Marks N, Saha A, Garbe-Schonberg D & Meyer R

(2014) Multiphase Serpentinization at the Southwest Indian Ridge (62°-65°E)
Roumejon S, Cannat M, Agrinier P, Godard M & Andreani M

(2013) An in situ Trace Element Study of Peridotites from the Gakkel Ridge
D'Errico M, Warren J & Godard M

(2013) CO2 Mineralization in Percolated Olivine-Rich Rocks: Control of Olivine Crystallographic Orientation and Fluid Flux
Peuble S, Andreani M, Godard M, Van De Moortele B & Gouze P

(2013) Meter-Scale Chemical Interaction between Pyroxenite-Derived Melts and Mantle Peridotites in the Northern Apennine Ophiolites (Italy)
Borghini G, Rampone E, Zanetti A, Class C, Cipriani A, Hofmann A, Goldstein S & Godard M

(2013) Heterogeneity of the Uppermost Mantle in Back-Arc Settings: Insights from Trace-Element Compositions and Water Contents in Japanese Peridotite Xenoliths
Satsukawa T, Godard M, Demouchy S & Michibayashi K

(2013) Trace Element Composition of Clinopyroxenes from the Kızıldağ Ophiolite (S-Turkey): Implication for Multi-Stage Fractionational Melting in a SSZ Setting
Sen AD, Uysal I, Godard M, Saka S, Akmaz RM, Kaliwoda M & Bağci U

(2013) The Main MORB Crustal Contaminant: Geochemistry of Magma Chamber Roof Experimental Anatectic Melts, and Residues
France L, Koepke J, Ildefonse B, MacLeod CJ, Godard M & Deloule E

(2013) Geochemistry of Fast-Spreading Lower Crust: Results from IODP Expedition 345 at the Hess Deep Rift
Godard M, Meyer R, Saha A, Gillis K, Snow J, Klaus A & Shipboard Scientific Party IE3

(2013) Melt-Rock Reaction in Oceanic Troctolites (Ligurian Ophiolites, Italy) as Revealed by Trace Element Chemistry of Olivine
Rampone E, Borghini G, Crispini L, Godard M, Ildefonse B & Fumagalli P

(2011) Petrogenesis of Mantle Peridotites from the Kizildağ Ophiolite (SE Turkey): Implications from Mineral Composition
Sen AD, Uysal I, Godard M, Bağcı U & Kaliwoda M

(2011) Pervasive Reactive Melt Migration Though the Lower Oceanic Crust: Implications for the Evolution of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt
Lissenberg CJ, MacLeod CJ, Howard KA & Godard M

(2011) CO2 Sequestration in Olivine Rich Basaltic Aquifers: A Reactive Percolation Experimental Study
Peuble S, Godard M, Gouze P & Luquot L

(2010) Melting the Hydrothermally Altered Sheeted Dike Complex: Chemical Composition of the Main MORB Crustal Contaminant
France L, Ildefonse B, Koepke J, Godard M & MacLeod C

(2009) Experimental Study of Carbon Sequestration Reactions Controlled by the Percolation of CO2-rich Brine Through Peridotites
Andreani M, Luquot L, Gouze P, Godard M, Hoise E & Gibert B

(2009) Migration and Accumulation of Ultra-Depleted Subduction-Related Melts in the Massif du Sud Ophiolite (New Caledonia)
Garrido CJ, Marchesi C, Godard M, Belley F & Ferré E

(2009) Refertilization of Oceanic Mantle by Old Depleted Melts: An in situ Trace Element and Os Isotope Study of ODP Site 1274 Peridotites
Godard M, Alard O, Gréau Y, Lorand J-P, Griffin WL & O'Reilley SY

(2008) An in situ Trace Elements Study of Serpentinites from the MARK Area (ODP Site 920, 23°N)
Andreani M, Godard M & Mével C

(2004) Origin of the Ontong Java Plateau
Fitton G, Godard M, Mahoney J & Herzberg C

(2002) Nb/Ta Geochemical Reservoirs
Bodinier J-L, Kalfoun F, Godard M, Barsczus HG & Sabaté P

(2002) Melt Freezing at the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Interface: Geochemical Evidence from the Oman Peridotites
Godard M, Gerbert-Gaillard L & Bodinier J-L

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