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All abstracts by Cynthia Gilmour in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Resolving the Molecular Mechanisms Essential to Expression of hgcA by Mercury Methylators
Gionfriddo C, Wymore A, Wilpiszeski R, Schwartz G, Gilmour C & Elias D

(2020) Characterization and Validation of a Novel Equilibrium Passive Sampler for Prediction of Porewater Methylmercury
Washburn S, Ghosh U, Damond J & Gilmour C

(2020) A System Biology Approach to Discern the Native Biochemical Function of Hg Methylation Proteins in Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132
Gionfriddo C, Wymore A, Podar M, Gilmour C, Soren A, Wilpiszeski R & Elias D

(2018) A Systems Biology Characterization of Mercury-Methylating Synthetic Model Communities
Wilpiszeski R, Podar M, Wymore A, Wall J, Gilmour C, Gionfriddo C & Elias D

(2018) Advancing Accessible Methods for Hg-Methylating Gene Abundance and Diversity in the Environment
Elias D, Gionfriddo C, Wymore A, Soren A, Podar M, Palumbo A, Wilpiszeski R, Brandt C & Gilmour C

(2018) A Systems Biology Approach to Identifying the Native Function of Hg Methylation Proteins in Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132
Gionfriddo CM, Moon JW, Wymore AM, Podar M, Brandt CC, Wall JD, Gilmour CC, Wilpiszeski R & Elias DA

(2014) Mercury Methylation by hgcAB+ Methanogens
Gilmour C, Bullock A, McBurney A, Podar M & Elias D

(2014) Development of New Tools and Approaches for Determining Mercury Methylation in the Environment
Elias D, Hurt R, Podar M, Somenahally A, Brown S, Brandt C, Palumbo A & Gilmour C

(2012) Dissolved Organic Matter Concentration and Character Influence Hg-S Bioavailability to Hg-Methylating Bacteria
Graham A, Bullock A, Aiken G & Gilmour C

(2012) What We do and Don't Know About Microbial Mercury Methylation
Gilmour C, Wall J, Guyoneaud R & Elias D

(2010) Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132 as a Model for Understanding Bacterial Mercury Methylation
Gilmour C, Elias D, Kucken A, Brown S, Palumbo A & Wall J

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