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All abstracts by Eric Giffaut in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Interest of Large Scale Experiments to Strengthen Upscaling Approach
Dagnelie RVH & Giffaut E

(2014) A Selection of Thermodynamic Properties for Zeolites: Application to the Cement/Clay Interactions
Blanc P, Vieillard P, Gaboreau S, Gailhanou H, Claret F, Made B & Giffaut E

(2013) Chemical Homologue Speciation in Natural Systems: A Key to Understand the Anthropogenic RN Fate
Claret F, Lerouge C, Grangeon S, Sato T, Schäfer T, Giffaut E & Tournassat C

(2013) Interaction of Eu(III) with Calcium Carbonate: Spectroscopic Characterization
Sabau A, Jordan N, Lomenech C, Marmier N, Brendler V, Barkleit A, Toulhoat N, Pipon Y, Surble S, Giffaut E & Moncoffre N

(2013) Thermodynamics of Hydration of MX80 Smectite Derived from Hydration Isotherms
Gailhanou H, Blanc P, Lassin A, Vieillard P, Denoyel R, Bloch E, Made B & Giffaut E

(2011) Hydrogen Sorption by Synthetic Montmorillonites and Clayrock at High Temperature
Didier M, Bardelli F, Giffaut E & Charlet L

(2009) Redox Reactions Induced by Hydrogen in Nuclear Waste Repository: An Experimental Study
Truche L, Berger G, Destrigneville C, Guillaume D & Giffaut E

(2007) The Effect of LMW Organic Ligands on Plutonium and Uranium Solubility Under Hyperalkaline Conditions
Montoya V, Grivé M, Gaona X, Duro L & Giffaut E

(2007) The Building-Up Exercise of a Thermodynamic Data Set on ISA-Actinide System
Gaona X, Montoya V, Colas E, Grivé M, Duro L & Giffaut E

(2004) Evaluation of Current Zr(IV) Solubility Data and their Influence on the Stability of Aqueous and Solid Hydroxides
Domènech C, Duro L, Ripoll S, Bruno J & Giffaut E

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