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All abstracts by Jenny Roberts in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Iron in Low Resolution? Removing Molecular Interferences with the Neoma MS/MS MC-ICP-MS
Craig G, Pfeifer M, Roberts J, Bouman C, Lloyd NS & Schwieters J

(2022) Evolution of in situ Rb/Sr by LA-MC-ICP-MS/MS: From Proteus to Neoma MS/MS
Craig G, Bevan D, Roberts J, Bouman C, Lloyd N, Wehrs H, Elliott T & Schwieters J

(2022) The Breakthrough is in What you Don’t See: Thermo Scientific™ Neoma MS/MS™ MC-ICP-MS
Bouman C, Craig G, Roberts J, Lloyd N, Pfeifer M, Wehrs H, Tollstrup D & Schwieters J

(2022) Detecting Low Levels of Radioactive Sr in Environmental Samples Using RPQ-Tims
Wakaki S, Aoki J, Suzuki K, Miyazaki T, Roberts J, Vollstaedt H, Takagai Y, Tollstrup D & Sasaki S

(2022) Emission Suppression Technology: Revolutionizing Noble Gas Isotope Analysis
Kohl IE, Stoebener N, Roberts J, Graham T, Hamilton D & Schwieters J

(2021) Maximizing Precision and Accuracy of TIMS Nd Isotope Measurements for Small Sample Sizes
Ackerman L, Rejšek J, Roberts J, Bracciali L, Vollstaedt H, Scheiner F & Holcová K

(2020) ID-TIMS U-Pb Geochronology at the 0.1 ‰ Level Using the Triton XT with 1013 Ω Resistors
Roberts J, Wotzlaw JF, Vollstaedt H, Castellanos Melendez MP, Bouman C, Chelle-Michou C & Lloyd N

(2020) Productivity and Dissolved Oxygen Controls on the Southern Ocean Deep-Sea Benthos during the Antarctic Cold Reversal
Stewart J, Spooner P, Burke A, Chen T, Li T, Rae J, Roberts J, Peck V, Liu Q & Robinson L

(2019) Carbonate Chemsitry Evolution in the Deep South Pacific and the Deglacial Release of CO2
Roberts J, Misra S, Rae J, Skinner L, Butzin M, Grotheer H, Shuttleworth R, Mollenhauer G, Bijma J, Tiedemann R & Lamy F

(2019) Tracking Deep Ocean Carbon Release over the Last Deglaciation
Shuttleworth R, Foster G, Chalk T, De La Vega E, Roberts J, Greenop R, Bostock H, Burke A, Bijma J & Lamy F

(2018) Lithium Isotopic Composition of Benthic Foraminifera: A New Proxy for paleo-Ph Reconstruction
Roberts J, Kaczmarek K, Langer G, Skinner L, Bijma J, Bradbury H, Turchyn A, Lamy F & Misra S

(2017) Evolution of Atmospheric pCO2 from the Late Oligocene to Present
Misra S, Bokkerink M, Roberts J, Vautravers M & Greaves M

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