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All abstracts by Brandon Mahan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sharks with Frickin’ Laser Beams: Exploring the Use of Elemental and Isotopic Analyses to Understand the Life History and Ecology of Sharks
Lewis H, Grant M, Huang H, Alard O, Kyne P, Blake K & Mahan B

(2023) Automated and Streamlined Strontium Purification of Aqueous Samples for Isotopic Analyses
Manestar GN, Lewis H, McCoy-West AJ, Naidoo N, Makart S, Thompson O & Mahan B

(2023) Impact of Aging on Copper Isotopic Composition in the Brain
Lahoud-Heilbronner E, Moynier F, Mahan B, Rigoussen D & Le Borgne M

(2023) An Isotope Metallomics Characterization of Samples from the Australian Imaging, Biomarker & Lifestyle Flagship Study of Ageing, and ab Initio Calculations of K Isotope Fractionation in Biological Systems
Mahan B, Nestmeyer M, McCoy-West AJ, Moynier F, Lahoud-Heilbronner E, Fowler C, Bush A & Study A

(2022) The K Isotope Composition of Göttingen Minipig Brain Regions and Implication for Alzheimer’s Disease
Mahan B, Tacail T, Lewis J, Elliott T, Turner S, Chung R & Moynier F

(2022) Pressing Vinyl: Building a “Living Inventory” of the Contaminant Fingerprint of Vinyl Gloves and Low-Linting Clean Lab Wipes
Lewis H & Mahan B

(2021) Comparison of High-Throughput Techniques for Metals Purification and Subsequent Isotope Analyses in Modern Applications
Mahan B & Dosseto A

(2021) Using Copper Stable Isotopes in the Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
Moynier F, Creech J, Lahoud E, Dallas J, Hugon J, Paquet C, Mahan B & Le Borgne M

(2021) Earth’s Volatile Accretion as Told by Cd, Bi, Sb and Tl Core–mantle Distribution
Kubik E, Siebert J, Blanchard I, Agranier A, Huang D, Mahan B & Moynier F

(2020) Natural Copper Stable Isotopes in the Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
Moynier F, Creech J, Lahoud E, Dallas J, Hugon J, Paquet C, Mahan B & Le Borgne M

(2020) A Longitudinal Investigation of Metal Accumulation in Brain Regions of Göttingen Minipigs, and a First Glimpse of Ca Isotopes in the Mammalian Brain
Mahan B, Antonelli M, Burckel P, Turner S, Chung R, Jørgensen AL & Moynier F

(2020) Volatilized Extraterrestrial Zn Isotope Signatures in Marine and Terrestrial K-Pg Boundary Sites
Mathur R, Spencer M, Mahan B, Godfrey L, Garb M, E. Oboh-Ikuenobe F & Landman N

(2019) Rapid Ion Exchange Purification of Zn and Cu from Biological Matrices for Isotope Analysis via MC-ICP-MS
Mahan B, Turner S, Dosseto A, Happel S & Chung R

(2019) Tracing Earth's Volatile Delivery with Tin
Kubik E, Siebert J, Mahan B, Blanchard I, Creech J, Shcheka S, Agranier A & Moynier F

(2018) Absence of Ga Isotopic Fractionation during Core Formation
Kato C, Moynier F, Mahan B, Blanchard I, Kubik E, Siebert J & Fujii T

(2017) Pebbles or bam Bam?: Insights into Earth's Source Material, Accretion and Differentiation from Zn Metal-Silicate Partitioning
Mahan B, Siebert J, Blanchard I, Badro J & Moynier F

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