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All abstracts by Sæmundur Ari Halldórsson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Hydration of the Icelandic Crust Traced by Hydrogen Isotopes – Implications for the Water Budget of the Oceanic Crust
Kleine BI, Stefánsson A, Halldórsson SA & Barnes JD

(2019) Contrasting Old and Young Volcanism at Aitutaki, Cook Inlands: Evidence for a Distinct Rarotonga Hotspot?
Jackson M, Halldorsson S, Price A, Kurz M, Konter J, Koppers A & Day J

(2019) Mg and Fe Isotopes in Primitive Icelandic Olivine – What do They Reveal?
Rasmussen MB, Williams HM, Tipper ET & Halldórsson SA

(2019) Multi Isotopic (δ56Fe, δ34S, Δ33S) Constraints on the Origin and Mineralization of Sulfide in the Oceanic Crust
Stefansson A, Kleinie B, Gunnarsson-Robin J, Ono S, Halldorsson SA, Whitehouse MJ & Jonasson K

(2019) The Roles of Source and Process in Generating Fe-Isotope Variability in Basaltic Suites: A Combined Empirical and Theoretical Approach
Matthews S, Williams H, Shorttle O, Soderman C, Maclennan J & Halldórsson S

(2019) A Chalcophile Element Perspective on Mantle Heterogeneity Under Iceland
Reekie C, Jenner F, Hauri E, Bullock E, Halldórsson S & Williams H

(2019) Geochemical Characterization of Subglacial Pillow Lavas from Vicinity and the Base of the Bárðarbunga Volcano
Repczyńska MM, Halldórsson SA, Bali E, Anczkiewicz R, Sala D, Matyszczak M, Einarsson P, Hjartardóttir ÁR & Koleszar MT

(2019) Halogen Heterogeneity in the Icelandic Mantle Source
Waters E, Hartley M, Street K, Burgess R, Pawley A, Halldórsson SA & Shorttle O

(2019) Tracing Geothermal Fluid Interactions in Iceland Using Noble Gases
Byrne DJ, Barry PH, Halldórsson SA, Broadley MW, Stefánsson A & Ballentine CJ

(2019) Petrological Evidence for Magma Supply from Multiple Reservoirs during the 1975-1984 Krafla Fires, NE Iceland
Carroll K, Halldórsson S, Bali E & Grönvold K

(2019) Origin of Large Chlorine Isotope Variability in Icelandic Rhyolites
Ranta E, Halldórsson SA, Barnes JD & Jónasson K

(2019) Sustained Role of a Mantle Plume in Ethiopia and Afar
House B, Hammond J, Keir D, Gallacher R, Hilton D, Scarsi P, Abebe T, Halldorsson S & Castillo P

(2017) Constraints on Quartz Formation Processes in the Icelandic Crust: A Coupled δ18O and δ30Si Approach
Kleine BI, Stefánsson A, Halldórsson SA, Whitehouse MJ & Jónasson K

(2017) Resolving Water Sources in Icelandic Basalts: Insights from Hydrogen Isotopes
Halldórsson S, Kleine B, Barnes J, Stefánsson A, Hilton D, Hauri E & Hallis L

(2017) Re-evaluating the Sulfur Isotope Characteristics of the Iceland Hotspot
Gunnarsson-Robin J, Halldórsson SA, Stefánsson A, Ono S, Whitehouse MJ, Hilton DR & Hauri EH

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