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All abstracts by Huai Cheng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Gold Contents of Precambrian Metamorphic Crustal Basement in Jiaodong, China and the Contribution to Giant Gold Deposits
Xu Z, Wang Z, Cheng H, He T, Zong K, Hu Z & Guo J

(2020) Gold and PGE Contents of Lamprophyres in Jiaodong Peninsula: Insights into Metal Enrichment and Release from the Metasomatized Mantle Source for Giant Gold Deposits
Wang Z, Wang X, Cheng H, Ma L, Cai Y, Foley S & Xiong L

(2020) Early Cretaceous Lamprophyre Dykes in Jiaodong Peninsula, China and Implications for Subduction-Related Mantle Metasomatism
Wang X, Wang Z, Cheng H, Foley S & Xiong L

(2019) Lithospheric Mantle of North China Craton is Instinctly Rich in Gold?
Wang Z, Cheng H, Zong K, Liu Y, Yang J, Wu F & Foley S

(2019) Exhumed Sub-Continental Arc Lithospheric Mantle and Implication for Continental Subduction during Arc-Continent Collision in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Zong K, Wang Z, Yuan Y, Guo J, Cheng H & Yu Y

(2018) Gold Contents of Meso-Cenozoic Basalts in Eastern China: Implication for Gold Origin of Giant Gold Deposits in the North China Craton
Cheng H, Wang Z & Zong K

(2016) Geochemical Constraint on High-Pressure Mafic Granulite Formation in the Dunhuang Block, Northeastern Tarim Craton
Zong K, Yuan Y, Cheng H, Liu Y & Hu Z

(2016) Melt-Peridotite Interaction: Origin of Garnet Pyroxenite in the Lithosphere Mantle beneath the Eastern China
Cheng H, Zong K, Liu Y & Wang C

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