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All abstracts by Donald Porcelli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Controls on the Cadmium-Isotope Composition of Modern Marine Sediments
Bryan A, Dickson A, Henderson G, Porcelli D, Slomp C, Homoky W, Dowdall F & Van Den Boorn S

(2017) Seasonal Variations in the Sources and Formation of Fe-Bearing Particles in the Lena River Basin; Evidence from Iron Isotopes
Hirst C, Andersson P, Mörth M, Kutscher L, Murphy M, Schmitt M, Petrov R, Maximov T & Porcelli D

(2017) Double De-Oxygenation: Unravelling OAE 2 with U Isotopes
Clarkson M, Stirling C, Jenkyns H, Dickson A, Porcelli D, Pogge von Strandmann P, Moy C, Cooke I & Lenton T

(2017) Barium Isotope Variations Across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Bridgestock L, Hsieh Y-T, Henderson GM & Porcelli D

(2017) Effect of Thermal Alteration on the Preservation of Molybdenum- and Zinc-Isotope Palaeoproxies in Organic-Rich Sediments
Dickson A, Idiz E, van den Boorn S, Sweere T, Ruhl M, Porcelli D, Henderson G, Jenkyns H & Hesselbo S

(2017) Non-Conservative Behaviour of Li Isotopes in a Low Salinity Estuary
Murphy M, Porcelli D, Pogge von Strandmann P, Conrad S, Ingri J, Shaw S & Burke I

(2017) Sediment Cadmium Isotopes as a Proxy for Nutrient Dynamics during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (Late Cretacous)
Sweere T, Dickson A, Jenkyns H, Ruhl M, van den Boorn S, Porcelli D, Henderson G & Idiz E

(2017) Redox-Sensitive Metals in Red Shales: Exploring a New Archive for Palaeoceanographic Reconstruction
Gangl S, Stirling C, Moy C, Jenkyns H, Crampton J, Clarkson M & Porcelli D

(2017) The Mo-Isotopic Composition of Siberian Rivers
Moreras Marti A, Dickson A, Murphy M, Porcelli D & Pokrovksy O

(2017) Out of the Woods – Driftwood Provenance as a Proxy for Holocene Arctic Sea Ice Dynamics
Hole G, Macias-Fauria M & Porcelli D

(2017) Potential of the Earth’s Core as a Reservoir for Noble Gases?
Bouhifd MA, Jephcoat A, Kelley S, Porcelli D & Marty B

(2016) Isotopic Constraints on the Biogeochemical Cycle of Ba in the South Atlantic
Bridgestock L, Hsieh Y-T, Henderson G, Porcelli D, Homoky W & Bryan A

(2016) Cd Isotope Signatures of Seawater, Suspended Particulate Matter, and Surface Sediments from the UK GEOTRACES 40°S Transect
Bryan A, Dowdall F, Henderson G, Porcelli D, Dickson A & Van Den Boorn S

(2016) δ238U Reconstructions of Global Ocean Oxygenation during OAE 2
Murphy M, Hsieh Y-T, Dickson A, Sweere T, Van Den Boorn S, Porcelli D, Jenkyns H, Henderson G & Stirling C

(2016) Monitor Cr Toxicity and Remediation Process – Combining a Whole-Cell Bioreporter and Cr Isotope Techniques
Zhang Q, Song Y, Amor K, Thompson I & Porcelli D

(2016) High-resolution δ13Corg and TOC Records for the palaeo-Pacific Ocean during ‘OAE-2’: Insights into the Global Extent of Ocean Anoxia
Gangl S, Stirling C, Moy C, Jenkyns H, Crampton J, Clarkson M & Porcelli D

(2016) Zn Isotopes from Carbonates as a Tracer for Nutrient Dynamics during OAE-2
Sweere TC, Dickson AJ, Jenkyns HC, Henderson GM, Porcelli D & van den Boorn S

(2016) Unravelling ‘Oceanic Anoxic Events’ Using High-Resolution δ238U
Clarkson M, Stirling C, Jenkyns H, Cooke I, Dickson A, Porcelli D & Moy C

(2016) Molybdenum-Isotope Chemostratigraphy of the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Dickson A, Gill B, Al-Suwaidi A, Ruhl M, Jenkyns H, Porcelli D, Lyons T & van den Boorn S

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