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(2020) The Composition of Late-Accreted Planetesimals

Carter P & Stewart S


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01a: Room 1, Monday 22nd June 22:03 - 22:06

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Submitted by Zhen Tian on Tuesday 23rd June 17:29
Hey Philip, thank you for the talk and very interesting work! I was wondering how similar would Mars be compared to Proto-Earth in terms of compositions, since it is not shown on your result figure. Thank you!
Thanks! In the simulation I showed (at the time I've shown) we don't have a very good Mars-analog. The most Mars-like embryos tend to be somewhat similar to the proto-Earth, with correlation coefficients of ~0.4–0.6. They tend to have more mass coming from the 1.2–2 au region than the proto-Earth does, which is approximately what I would expect. This material would presumably give Mars an appropriately more ordinary-chondrite-like composition.

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