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All abstracts by Sarah Stewart in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Composition of Late-Accreted Planetesimals
Carter P & Stewart S

(2020) Metal–silicate Equilibration in the Aftermath of Giant Impacts
Chidester B, Lock S, Millot M & Stewart S

(2019) Exploring the Conditions of Metal–silicate Equilibration during and after Giant Impacts
Chidester B, Lock S & Stewart S

(2019) Giant Impacts Stochastically Change the Internal Pressures of Terrestrial Planets
Lock S, Stewart S, Chidester B & Asimow P

(2018) Testing Models of Lunar Origin
Jacobsen S, Petaev M, Stewart S & Lock S

(2016) Mass-Dependent Stable Isotopic Constraints on the Moon Formation Giant Impact Model
Huang S, Petaev M, Wang W, Sedaghatpour F, Lock S, Wu Z, Stewart S & Jacobsen S

(2014) Chemical Heterogeneities Survive Giant Impacts and Mantle Convection
Mukhopadhyay S, Stewart S, Tucker J, Parai R & Lock S

(2002) Records of the Ancient Martian Magnetic Field and Climate in ALH84001
Weiss B, Vali H, Baudenbacher F, Shuster D, Stewart S & Kirschvink J

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