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All abstracts by James Scott in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Unravelling the Hydrocarbon Charge History of a Field Using Noble Gases
Scott J, Pujol M & Gilfillan S

(2019) In situ Split Stream Sm-Nd Dating and Trace Element Analysis of Scheelite via LA-ICPMS
Palmer M, Scott J, Pearson G, Luo Y, Turnbull R & Reid M

(2019) Gold, Noble & Crucial Metals of the Mantle; A Zealandia Peridotite Study
Junior S, Scott J, Luo Y, Pearson G & Paterson D

(2019) Zircon Megacrysts in Alkaline Basalts Record Low-δ18O Domains in Zealandia´s Lithospheric Mantle
van der Meer Q, Scott J, Serre S, Whitehouse M, Kristoffersen M, Le Roux P & Pope E

(2017) Origin of the Kakanui Mineral Breccia Nephelinite and its Megacryst and Xenolith Suites
van der Meer Q, Harris C, Le Roux P, Hansen Serre S, Scott J & Waight T

(2017) Investigating Reservoir Connectivity Using Nobles Gases in a West of Shetland Hydrocarbon Reservoir
Scott J, Gilfillan S & Pujol M

(2016) The Longevity of Archean Mantle Residues in the Convecting Upper Mantle and their Role in Young Continent Formation
Liu J, Scott J, Martin C & Pearson G

(2016) Continent Formation by Accretion of Sub-Arc Lithosphere
Scott J, Liu J, Pearson G & Czertowicz T

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