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All abstracts by Thorsten Schäfer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Spider Web Biomonitoring as a Tool to Quantify Sources of Potentially Toxic Elements in Urban Dust
van Laaten N, von Tümpling W, Merten D, Schäfer T & Pirrung M

(2021) A First Look at Colloid-Associated Trace Metals of AMD-Influenced Waters in a Short-Rotation Forestry Field Experiment
Nettemann S, Mirgorodsky D, Lenk K, Kothe E & Schäfer T

(2021) Analytical Investigations to Estimate Phosphorus Re-dissolution Rates in Trace Levels of Selected Topsoils and River Sediments
Hellmann S, Kießling G, Leiterer M, Schäfer T, Schindewolf M & von Tümpling W

(2021) The Fate of (Ultra)trace Elements along a Steep Redox Gradient in Mesoscale Laboratory Lysimeters
Böhm M, Jara-Heredia D, Märten A, Quinto F & Schäfer T

(2021) Benchmarking of a General Speciation Code for Charge Regulated Solid-Liquid Interfaces Interacting on the Nanoscale
Gil-Díaz T, Jara-Heredia D, Heberling F, Luetzenkirchen J, Link J, Sowoidnich T, Ludwig H-M, Haist M & Schäfer T

(2021) Long Term Bentonite Erosion Experiments in an Artificial Fracture: Radionuclides Mobility and Diffusion in FEBEX Bentonite
Kouhail YZ, Rinderknecht F, Quinto F, Metz V, Schäfer T & Geckeis H

(2021) Background Analysis of Actinide and 99Tc Tracers in the Frame of an in situ Bentonite Diffusion Experiment at the Grimsel Test Site
Quinto F, Blechschmidt I, Faestermann T, Hain K, Koll D, Korschinek G, Kraft S, Pitters J, Plaschke M, Rugel G, Schäfer T, Steier P & Geckeis H

(2021) LA-ICP-MS Analysis of Trace and Rare Earth Elements in Carbonate Fracture Fillings from Granitoid Rocks (Sweden)
Kusturica A, van Laaten N, Drake H & Schäfer T

(2020) Conceptual Ideas on Radio-Geochemical Monitoring for Deep Borehole Disposal of HLRW
Bracke G & Schäfer T

(2019) Clay Nanoparticle and RN Release from the Geotechnical Barrier: Insights from the CFM Long-Term in situ Test (LIT) at GTS
Schäfer T, Quinto F, Kraft S, Rinderknecht F, Lanyon B & Blechschmidt I

(2019) Optimized Analysis of Natural Colloidal Phases with Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (fluo-Nta)
Böhm M, Rinderknecht F & Schäfer T

(2019) Determining pH-Gradients and CO2-O2-dynamics in the Capillary Fringe of a Meso-Scaled Lysimeter Approach with Different Soil Types by Planar Optodes
Märten A, Böhm M & Schäfer T

(2017) Scaling Formations in a Geothermal Plant in the Upper Rhine Valley: From Fluid to Solid Composition
Jähnichen S, Degering D, Haas Nüesch R, Heberling F, Schäfer T, Scheiber J & Seibt A

(2016) Dynamic Simulation of Diffusion Controlled Celestite Precipitation in a µCT-generated Pore Space
Hinz C, Enzmann F, Chagneau A, Schäfer T, Glatt E & Kersten M

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