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All abstracts by Thorsten Schäfer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Conceptual Ideas on Radio-Geochemical Monitoring for Deep Borehole Disposal of HLRW
Bracke G & Schäfer T

(2019) Optimized Analysis of Natural Colloidal Phases with Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (fluo-Nta)
Böhm M, Rinderknecht F & Schäfer T

(2019) Determining pH-Gradients and CO2-O2-dynamics in the Capillary Fringe of a Meso-Scaled Lysimeter Approach with Different Soil Types by Planar Optodes
Märten A, Böhm M & Schäfer T

(2019) Clay Nanoparticle and RN Release from the Geotechnical Barrier: Insights from the CFM Long-Term in situ Test (LIT) at GTS
Schäfer T, Quinto F, Kraft S, Rinderknecht F, Lanyon B & Blechschmidt I

(2017) Scaling Formations in a Geothermal Plant in the Upper Rhine Valley: From Fluid to Solid Composition
Jähnichen S, Degering D, Haas Nüesch R, Heberling F, Schäfer T, Scheiber J & Seibt A

(2016) Dynamic Simulation of Diffusion Controlled Celestite Precipitation in a µCT-generated Pore Space
Hinz C, Enzmann F, Chagneau A, Schäfer T, Glatt E & Kersten M

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