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All abstracts by Jeremy B Fein in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) The Stability and Dissolution of Two Uranyl Peroxide Nanoclusters in Aqueous Solutions: U60 and U24P
Flynn S, Szymanowski J, Burns P & Fein J

(2014) Hg2+ Reactions at Bacteria-Water Interfaces: Implications for Hg Speciation in the Environment
Myneni S, Mishra B, Fein J & Shoenfelt E

(2014) Surface Complexation Modeling of Cd Adsorption onto High-Affinity Binding Sites on Shewanella oneidensis Bacterial Cells
Yu Q & Fein JB

(2014) Comparative Study: Metal Adsorption onto Bacillus subtilis and Fe-Oxidizing Leptothrix cholodnii SP-6SL Bacterial Cells
Nell R, Syzmanowski J & Fein J

(2012) Proton and Metal Adsorption onto Oxidized Graphene
Duster T, Na C, Wang H & Fein J

(2012) Using a Surface Precipitation Approach to Model the Continuum between Hg Adsorption and Precipitation onto Bacillus subtilis
Nell R, Szymanowski JES & Fein J

(2012) Uranium Adsorption by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 in the Presence of NaHCO3
Sheng L & Fein J

(2012) Using Surface Complexation Modeling to Quantify Bioavailability of Metals to Bacteria
Fein J

(2012) Neptunium (V) Adsorption to a Halophilic Bacterium at 2 and 4 M Ionic Strength: Surface Complexation Modeling in High Ionic Strength Systems
Ams D, Swanson J, Szymanowski J, Fein J, Richmann M & Reed D

(2011) Reduction of Biogenic Uranyl Phosphate Nanoparticles by Three Metal-Reducing Bacteria
Rui X, Boyanov M, Kwon MJ, O'Loughlin E, Dunham-Cheatham S, Fein J, Bunker B & Kemner K

(2010) Passive Cell Wall Biomineralization: A Universal Phenomenon?
Dunham-Cheatham S & Fein J

(2010) Experimental Study of TiO2 Nanoparticle Adhesion to Silica and Fe(III) Oxide-Coated Silica Surfaces
Seders L, Sahu M, Biswas P & Fein J

(2010) Effect of Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) on Cd Adsorption to Shewanella oneidensis and Pseudomonas putida: X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Study
Rui X, Kenney J, Fein J & Bunker B

(2010) Hg(II) Adsorption and Speciation on Bacterial Surfaces
Mishra B, Fein J, Yee N, Beveridge T & Myneni S

(2010) The Effects of Uranium Speciation on the Rate of U(VI) Reduction by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Sheng L & Fein J

(2010) Gold Adsorption and Reduction by Non-Metabolizing Bacterial Cells
Kenney J, Song Z, Bunker B & Fein J

(2009) The Effects of Bacterial Cell Walls on Precipitation of Uranyl Phosphates
Dunham-Cheatham S, Rui X, Bunker B, Hellman R, Menguy N & Fein J

(2009) Cadmium Adsorption to Mixtures of Geosorbents: Testing the Component Additivity Approach
Alessi D & Fein J

(2009) XAFS Study of Gold Adsorption to Bacillus subtilis Bacterial Cells
Song Z, Kenney J, Fein J & Bunker B

(2009) Surface Reactivity of Acidophilic and Alkaliphilic Bacteria as Determined by Potentiometric Titrations
Kenney J & Fein J

(2009) X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Investigation of Uranyl-Phosphate Biomineralization
Rui X, Bunker B, Dunham-Cheatham S & Fein J

(2009) Experimental Study of the Factors that Influence Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle Adhesion to Mineral Surfaces
Seders L, Biswas P & Fein J

(2009) Au Adsorption to Pseudomonas putida Bacteria – An XAFS Study
Bunker B, Song Z, Kenney J & Fein J

(2008) Experimental Tests of Universal Metal Adsorption Behavior for Bacteria
Fein J

(2008) The Role of Extracellular Polysaccharides in the Adsorption of Metals onto Biofilms
Kenney J, Ginn B & Fein J

(2008) Experimental Study of Ca-Uranyl-Carbonate Surface Complexation on Bacillus subtilis Bacterial Cells
Seders L & Fein J

(2007) Proton and Lead Adsorption onto Roots of the Grass Species Festuca rubra
Ginn B & Fein J

(2007) Bugs with Bling: An Experimental Study of Gold Removal from Solution by Non-Metabolizing Bacterial Cells
Kenney J & Fein J

(2007) Solubility Measurements of Neptunium-Incorporated Soddyite
Alessi D, Fein J, Forbes T, Burns P, Szymanowski J & Almes J

(2005) A Link between Bacterial Surface Adsorption and Chemotactic Response
Borrok D, Borrok J, Fein J & Kiessling L

(2005) Measuring the Enthaply of Proton, Lead, and Cadmium Adsorption onto Bacillus subtilis
Gorman-Lewis D, Jensen M & Fein J

(2005) Bacterial Adsorption Controls on Mineral Solubility
Johnson K & Fein J

(2005) A Derivative Method for Analysis of Surface Potentiometric Titration Data and Model Optimization
Turner B & Fein J

(2005) Reduction of U by Adsorbed vs. Surface-Precipitated Fe(II) at Model Cell Surfaces
Boyanov M, O'Louglin E, Kelly S, Roden E, Fein J & Kemner K

(2005) Metal Adsorption onto Bacterial Cell Walls: Testing Universal Adsorption Behavior over a Wide Range of Bacterial Diversity
Ginn B & Fein J

(2005) Cd Adsorption onto Bacillus subtilis Bacterial Cell Walls: Integrating Isotherm and EXAFS Studies
Mishra B, Kelly S, Fein J, Boyanov M, Kemner K & Bunker B

(2005) Surface Complexation Modeling of U(VI) and Np(V) Adsorption onto the Bacterial Cell Wall of Bacillus subtilis
Fein J, Gorman-Lewis D, Soderholm L, Jensen M & Chiang M

(2004) Can One Set of Modeling Parameters Predict the Extent of Proton and Cd Binding to Bacterial Surfaces in most Environments?
Borrok D & Fein J

(2003) The Effect of Bacterial Cell Wall Adsorption on Mineral Solubilities
Wightman P & Fein J

(2002) Cd Partitioning in Metal-Mineral-Bacteria Systems: Testing the Surface Complexation Approach
Johnson K & Fein JB

(2002) Adsorption and Precipitation of Iron by Bacillus subtilis Bacterial Cell Walls
Wightman PG & Fein JB

(2002) Low pH Protonation of Bacterial Cell Walls: New Data for Bacillus subtilis
Fein JB, Yee N & Boily J-F

(2001) Metal Adsorption onto Bacterial Surfaces: Development of a Predictive Approach
Fein JB, Martin AM & Wightman PG

(2001) Quantifying Metal Adsorption onto Bacteria Consortia: A Test of the Surface Complexation Model
Yee N & Fein JB

(2000) Experimental Study of the Effect of Fe on Si Adsorption by Bacillus subtilis: Insights into Biological Precipitation of Silicate Minerals
Scott S & Fein J

(2000) Cd Adsorption onto Bacterial Surfaces: A Universal Adsorption Edge
Yee N & Fein J

(2000) Non-Metabolic Reduction of Cr(VI) by Bacterial Surfaces Under Nutrient-Absent Conditions
Fein J, Cahill J, Fowle D, Kemnore K, Bunker B & Boyanov M

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