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All abstracts by Tzu-Hsuan Tu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Sulfur Cycling in Deep Groundwater Hosted by Metamorphic Rocks in a Rapidly Exhumed Catchment
Wang P-L, Tseng J-Y, Chen B-Y, Tsai J-F, Wang L-Y, Tu T-H & Lin L-H

(2019) Abundances of Paired Methane Isotopologues as Evidence for the Origin of Methane from Mud Volcanoes in Taiwan
Lin Y-T, Rumble D, Young ED, Labidi J, Tu T-H, Wang P-L & Lin L-H

(2018) Resolved Analyses of 13CDH3 and 12CD2H2 from Taiwan Mud Volcanoes
Rumble D, Wang P-L, Lin L-H, Lin Y-T, Tu T-H, Labidi J & Young ED

(2017) Trophic Structure and Energy Flow in a Shallow-Water Hydrothermal Vent, Offshore Northeastern Taiwan
Chang N-N, Wang P-L, Lin L-H, Tu T-H & Jeng M-S

(2017) Metabolic Capacity of Anaerobic Methanotrophy and Organic Cycling in a Sulfate-Depleted, Ferruginous Terrestrial Mud Volcano
Lin L-H, Tu T-H & Wang P-L

(2016) Patterns in Microbial Community Composition and Functional Capacity Associated with Methane Cycling in Terrestrial Mud Volcano
Tu T-H, Wang P-L & Lin L-H

(2016) Identifying 2 Km-Deep Methanogenic Community Members Using a Long-Term Bioreactor Cultivation
Imachi H, Tasumi E, Tu T-H, Ijiri A, Morono Y, Ishii S, Meth├ę B, Takai K & Inagaki F

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