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All abstracts by Yingwei Fei in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Carbon Diffusion in Solid Iron Metal at Conditions of the Earth's Upper Mantle
Stagno V, Crispin K & Fei Y

(2013) High-Pressure Stability of Synthetic Al<sub>63</sub>Cu<sub>24</sub>Fe<sub>13</sub> Icosahedral Quasicrystal
Stagno V, Bindi L, Murphy C, Fei Y & Steinhardt P

(2013) The Baric Behaviour of Bloedite at Low and High T: A Contribution to the Study of Icy Satellites
Comodi P, Stagno V, Zucchini A, Fei Y & Prakapenka V

(2013) The Stability of Carbonate Melt in Eclogite Rocks with Respect to Oxygen Fugacity
Frost D, Stagno V, McCammon C & Fei Y

(2012) The Stability of Carbon and Carbonate within Eclogites
Stagno V, Fei Y, McCammon CA & Frost DJ

(2011) Efficient Carbon Leaching in Silicate Through Fluid/Melt Migration and Implications for Diamond Formation
Fei Y, Zhang C & Tao R

(2011) Crystal Chemistry of Fe3+ in (Mg, Fe)SiO3 Perovskite and Implications for Lower Mantle Properties
Hummer D & Fei Y

(2011) High Pressure and Temperature Silicon Isotope Fractionation between Metal and Silicate
Shahar A, Hillgren V, Young E, Deng L, Fei Y, Macris C & Georg RB

(2009) Sulfur Isotopic Fractionation during the Differentiation of Mars
Shahar A, Fei Y, Liu M-C & Wang J

(2008) New Constraints on the Pyrolitic Model Under Lower Mantle Conditions
Ricolleau A, Fei Y, Cottrell E, Watson H, Zhang L, Fiquet G, Auzende A-L, Roskosz M, Morard G & Prakapenka V

(2008) Obtaining D<sub>Ni</sub><sup Style="margin-Left: -2ex;">met/Sil</Sup> in the LHDAC
Cottrell E, Fei Y, Ricolleau A & Prakapenka V

(2008) Experimental Evidence for Silicon Isotope Fractionation between Silicate and Si in Fe Metal
Shahar A, Ziegler K, Young E, Ricolleau A, Schauble E & Fei Y

(2008) Constraints on Deep Earth Heterogeneities from Mineral Physics Data
Fei Y & Ricolleau A

(2007) Aluminum Diffusion and Al-Vacancy Association in MgO
Van Orman J, Li C, Crispin K & Fei Y

(2007) New Metal-Silicate Partition Coefficients and Constraints on Core Composition and Oxygen Fugacity during Earth Accretion
Corgne A, Wood B, McDonough W, Keshav S & Fei Y

(2003) Direct Observation of Immiscible Fluids Using X-Ray Radiography
Mibe K, Kanzaki M, Kawamoto T, Matsukage K, Fei Y & Ono S

(2003) Structure and Disorder of Silicate Melts at High-Pressure: 17O 3QMAS NMR, Quantum Calculations & Thermodynamic Modeling
Lee S, Fei Y, Cody G & Mysen B

(2003) Tholeiitic to Alkalic Transition in Basaltic Liquids: Some Inferences from Highpressure Garnet Pyroxenite Melting
Keshav S, Gudfinnsson G, Sen G, Presnall D & Fei Y

(2001) Spinel and Post-Spinel Transitions in the Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4 Binary Using in situ Pressure Determinations: Implications for the Earth’s Mantle
Minarik WG, Fei Y, Hirose K, Li J, Van Orman J, Walter M & Funakoshi K

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