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All abstracts by Manuela Fehr in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Tellurium Stable Isotopes: Constraining the Composition of the BSE and the Late Veneer
Toth ER, Fehr M, König S & Schönbächler M

(2019) Titanium Isotope Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle
Anguelova M, Fehr M, Takazawa E & Schönbächler M

(2019) Silver Isotopes as a Source and Transport Tracer for Gold?
Fehr M, Argapadmi W, Toth E, Schönbächler M & Heinrich C

(2018) The Sn Isotope Composition of Chondrites, the Earth and the Moon
Friebel M, Fehr M & Schönbächler M

(2018) Tellurium Stable Isotopes and the Composition of the Late Veneer
Toth ER, Fehr M, König S & Schönbächler M

(2018) Titanium Stable Isotope Fractionation on the Moon: Evidence for Inter-Mineral Isotopic Fractionation
Mandl M, Fehr M & Schönbächler M

(2016) The Primordial Noble Gas Content of CR and CI Chondrites
Busemann H, Kuga M, Spring N, Schrader D, Holinger S, Maden C & Fehr M

(2016) Terrestrial Titanium Stable Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Processes
Mandl M, Fehr M, Bachmann O & Schönbächler M

(2015) Sn Stable Isotope Analysis: A New Method for Sn Separation for Geological Materials
Friebel M, Schönbächler M & Fehr M

(2014) Lithium Isotope Constraints on Surface Processes on Mars
Magna T, Day JMD, Mezger K, Fehr MA, Chennaoui Aoudjehane H & Agee C

(2013) A Combined Isotopic and XAS Study of Cr Incorporation into Marine Carbonates: Towards Verifying Cr Isotopes as a Palaeoredox Proxy
Dixon S, Peacock C, Parkinson I, Fehr M & James R

(2013) Tellurium Stable Isotope Variations in Chondrites
Fehr M, Hammond S & Parkinson I

(2013) Tracking Changes in Ocean Redox during the PETM Using Cr Isotopes
Parkinson I, Dixon S, Sexton P, Fehr M, James R & Peacock C

(2013) Quality Control for Novel Isotope Analyses
Rehkämper M, Wombacher F, Nielsen S, Schönbächler M, Fehr M, Goldberg T, Larner F, Laycock A, Paul M & van de Flierdt T

(2010) Lithium Isotope Composition of Mars – Corollary of Radial Heterogeneity in the Early Solar System?
Magna T, Mezger K & Fehr M

(2009) Primitive Lithium Isotope Signatures in CR Carbonaceous Chondrites?
Fehr M, James R, Sephton M, Martins Z & Bland P

(2007) Iron Isotope Variations in Holocene Baltic Sea Sediments
Fehr M, Andersson P, Hålenius U & Mörth C-M

(2006) Iron isotopes in sedimentary pyrites from the Baltic Sea
Fehr M, Andersson P & Hålenius U

(2004) Tellurium Isotopes in Archean Sulfides
Fehr M, Rehkämper M, Wiechert U, Halliday A, Ono S & Rumble iii D

(2003) A Search for Nucleosynthetic Tellurium Isotope Anomalies in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Fehr M, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M & Halliday A

(2003) Zirconium Isotopes in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Schönbächler M, Rehkämper M, Fehr M & Halliday A

(2002) Accretion and Accredited Anomalies
Halliday A, Lee D-C, Fehr M, Quitté G, Porcelli D & Rehkämper M

(2002) Tellurium Isotopes and the Origin of the Solar System
Fehr M, Rehkämper M, Halliday AN & Porcelli D

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